The Women Who Code Podcast
Women Who Code’s mission is to inspire diverse women to excel in technology careers. In this podcast, we talk with technology leaders from around the world about their journies in the industry, their love of technology, trending innovations, the future of work, and ways that we can improve diversity, equality, and inclusion.
Talks Tech #40: The Future of Digital Fashion in the Metaverse
May 24, 2023 • 47 MIN
Gabby Hall, Social Media Manager at Women Who Code, interviews Katherine Manuel, Chief Operating Officer and a Board Director of House of Blueberry. They discuss the importance of networking for beginning, changing, or expanding your career path. Katherine shares how the pandemic influenced her drive to enter the gaming industry, leading to Blueberry Entertainment.
Career Nav #46: Going from Engineering Management to Founder/CTO
May 23, 2023 • 46 MIN
Shanna Gregory, Chief Program Officer at Women Who Code, sits down with Pamela Martinez, co-founder and CTO at Snowball Wealth. They discuss going from engineering management to founder and CTO and stories about jumping into entrepreneurship, as well as the importance of financial literacy and the contrast of different economic positions.
WWCode Conversations #80: Mansi Shah, Chief Technologist at VMware
May 17, 2023 • 34 MIN
Rashmi Muralidharan, Technical Staff Member at VMware and Leadership Fellow at the Women Who Code Cloud Track, sits down with Mansi Shah, Senior Staff Engineer at VMware and Women Who Code Advisory Board Member. They discuss the importance of bringing your authentic self to the table so that you can play to your strengths and how leadership comes in more forms than management. Mansi also shares that she flies planes and races cars.
Career Nav #45: Mock Behavioral Interview Program
May 15, 2023 • 18 MIN
Bhawana Haritwal, Senior Software Engineer (Quant Platform) @ T. Rowe Price and Lead at Women Who Code London, shares strategies for successful behavioral interviews, reminding you that the interview should remain a dialogue versus a monolog and structuring your answers using the STAR method. She also shares how to participate in Women Who Code’s Mock Behavioral Interview Program.
Talks Tech #39: Lightning Talks - Raka Khushu, Vice President of Analytics at EXL
May 11, 2023 • 27 MIN
Raka Khushu, Vice President of Analytics at EXL, discusses the importance of analytics, how to use them to improve processes, the best way to interpret raw data, practical applications, why its important, and how to practically implement data in a company’s strategy.
Career Nav #44: 3 Mindsets That Hold You Back From Being a Competent Speaker
May 8, 2023 • 22 MIN
Sammie Walker Herrera, Founder of Speak Y'ALL, a public speaking coaching and career confidence training organization, shares her talk, “Three Mindsets that May be Holding You Back from Confident Speaking.” She discusses limiting beliefs around public speaking and shares exercises that you can practice to grow past those beliefs.
Conversations #79: Working Moms in Tech
May 3, 2023 • 64 MIN
Natalia Daies, Senior Director of Communications and Marketing at Women Who Code, has a conversation with Odette Nemes, Head of Growth at Onramp, Madona Wambua, Author, Keynote Speaker, Senior Android Engineer, and Google Developer Expert for Android, Valarie Regas, DevOps fanatic, accomplished speaker and Melissa Hong, CEO and Owner of OMG Code. This is a group of diverse, exceptional technologists. They discuss their different career paths and how they balance it all with parenting.
Career Nav #43: Entering Tech for Pay and Innovation
May 1, 2023 • 50 MIN
Sarah Healy, Digital Design Manager at Women Who Code, interviews Katherine Cuellar, JavaScript Implementation Manager at AudioEye. They discuss why accessibility is important to Katherine, the experience of moving from a contracted position to an employee in management, and the benefits of creating an LLC if you are a contracted employee.
Talks Tech #38: Scaling Federated Tech Stack: Managing Overly Diverse Technology
April 26, 2023 • 34 MIN
Lulu Cheng, Software Engineer, Fintech, Data/AI/ML @ Block, shares her talk, “Scaling Federated Tech Stack: Managing Overly Diverse Technology.” She discusses the consequences of having too many or too few tools configured into your stack and how to find the balance for optimal performance.
Career Nav #42: Encouraging People From Underrepresented Groups to Speak Up
April 24, 2023 • 37 MIN
Sarah Healy, Digital Design Manager at Women Who Code, sits down with Emy Jamalian, QA Engineer at Staffbase. They talk about encouraging people from underrepresented groups to speak up for their rights. They also discuss Emy’s definition of advocacy and advocating specifically for Middle Eastern women and the LGBTQIA plus community who are affected by the laws of sanctions.
Conversations #78: Supporting Social Impact & Sustainability as a Female Leader
April 19, 2023 • 31 MIN
Joey Rosenberg, President, Product & Communications at Women Who Code, sits down with Angela Baker, Chief Sustainability Officer at Qualcomm. They discuss sustainability challenges, the reality of climate change, and the need for companies to integrate sustainability goals into their operations regardless of size.
Career Nav #41 Sarah Masud - Biases That Exist in Toxicity Detection Systems Developed for the Web
April 17, 2023 • 44 MIN
Sarah Masud, PhD student and member at Laboratory for Computational Social Systems, shares her talk, “Biases That Exist in Toxicity Detection Systems Developed for the Web.” She talks about bias and the intersection of gender bias, as well as racial bias. She discusses ways that communities can be harmed if there isn’t knowledge of cultural groups, slurs, and context of the terms being examined for hate speech.
Talks Tech #37: Building an Effective Data Strategy
April 13, 2023 • 18 MIN
Shailvi Wakhlu (she/her), Head of Data | Angel Investor, shares her talk, “Building an Effective Data Strategy.” She discusses the pieces that help you effectively leverage your data in support of your business, ways to support buy-in of data strategy, and how education is a critical component of success.
Career Nav #40: Transitioning to Management From Being an Individual Contributor
April 11, 2023 • 58 MIN
Faith Pueneh, Front-end Engineer at CAD Consulting Limited and Lead at Women Who Code Front End track, sits down with Helen Mary Labao Barrameda, Quality Assurance Manager at an intentional non-profit organization. They discuss Helen’s portfolio career, her love of the creative aspects of working in tech, and the differences in her work environments.
Conversations #77: Nandini Srinivasan, Vice President of Quality Assurance at Motive
April 5, 2023 • 44 MIN
Alma Negrete Shen, Software Engineer and Director at Women Who Code Santiago, speaks with Nandini Srinivasan, Vice President of Quality Assurance at Motive. They discuss aspects of QA, such as, the daily life of a VP, automation’s role, and the importance of diversity.
Career Nav #39: Nurture Your Brand by Building Influential Technical Content
April 3, 2023 • 24 MIN
Priyanka Vergadia, Staff Developer Advocate at Google and Board Advisor at Women Who Code, shares her talk, “Nurture Your Personal Brand by Building Influential Technical Content.” She discusses creating a personal brand and how being a content creator can support and grow your brand. She shares tips on how to remain consistent and committed to having successful content.
Talks Tech #36: Build Resilient Environment Through Cloud Disaster Recovery
March 29, 2023 • 21 MIN
Ramya Victor, Staff Engineer, VMWare, Shwetha Lakshman Rao, R&D Manager at VMware, and Ranjani Swaminathan, Manager R&D, VMWare Software India Private Limited, sit down for a conversation, “Build Resilient Environment Through Cloud Disaster Recovery.” They discuss the importance of a disaster recovery plan and how to pick the right one based on a company's needs, budget, and flexibility.
Career Nav #38: Tech Education for Software Engineers and Data Scientists
March 27, 2023 • 34 MIN
Anna Shur-Wilson, Program Manager for Career Navigation at Women Who Code, interviews Florien Pickering, Partnerships Manager at Academy. They discuss finding potential employees by looking in non-traditional places, Academy’s unique assessment, and the differences between a traditional boot camp and an incubator learning environment.
Conversations #76: Calli Rogers, Director, Data Engineering, CapTech Ventures
March 22, 2023 • 25 MIN
Calli Rogers, Director at CapTech talks about her career journey, her transition from Java services to Data Engineering, how she remains competitive by constantly learning new things, and how she overcame the bias against her from being not only one of the few women in tech on her teams, but also in her rise to leadership roles.
Career Nav #37: Looking for a Path Between Computer Science and Urban Planning
March 20, 2023 • 26 MIN
Cat Liao, Social media and Content Coordinator for Women Who Code, speaks with Valeria Belén Cerpa Salas, LEED for Communities Intern, U.S. Green Building Council. They discuss the trajectory of Valeria’s career, her experiences in the industry that led her to work in the urban planning field, and a recently completed project that looked at initiatives that would employ computer science to create more sustainable industries.
Talks Tech #35: Measuring and Remediating Open Source Software Risks
March 16, 2023 • 27 MIN
Nirvi Badyal, Research Engineer, Scantist and Founder & President at HeForShe-NTU, shares her talk, “Nirvi Badyal, Software Engineer at Scantist and Founder & President at HeForShe-NTU, shares her talk, “Measuring and Remediating Open Source Software Risks.” She talks about the convenience of using open source, as well as the risks. She discusses was to measure vulnerabilities in dependency trees.
Career Nav #36: The Importance of Philanthropy in Technology With Proton
March 13, 2023 • 39 MIN
Molly Devine, Individual Giving Manager at Women Who Code, interviews Irina Marcopol, Brand and Community Lead at Proton, and Patricia Egger, Security Co-lead at Proton and Co-founder and Vice President of the Women in Cyber Association in Switzerland. Out of 600 potential charities, Women Who Code was chosen as one of 10 to receive a donation from the Proton Lifetime Account Fundraiser. The 2022 raffle raised a record-breaking $784,670, of which Proton donated $71,800 to Women Who Code.
Conversations #75: Sijing Zhu, Senior Manager Data Science at The Home Depot
March 8, 2023 • 27 MIN
Akshita Korwar, Software Developer at Hulu and Network Director of Women Who Code Seattle, interviews Sijing Zhu, Senior Data Science Manager at The Home Depot. They discuss the importance of continued learning, listening skills being a priority for success, and time management being key in accomplishing goals.
Career Nav #35: How To Balance Between Professional and Personal Groups
March 6, 2023 • 13 MIN
Priyal Jain, Development Engineer at Calsoft and Women Techmakers Ambassador, shares her talk, “How To Balance Between Professional and Personal Groups.” She discusses the importance of being involved in community, even if you don’t feel that you can contribute. She also shares her views on being straightforward and accurate to your priorities.
Talks Tech #34: AI in Mixed Reality Series - Introduction to Extended Reality
March 1, 2023 • 26 MIN
Manorama Jha, Software Development Engineer, AI, and Computer Vision, 3DAI at GridRaster Inc., shares her talk entitled “Introduction to Extended Reality.” In it, she discusses the challenges of developing immersive extended-reality experiences while explaining the fundamentals of building the Metaverse.
Career Nav #34: The Power of Communities for Self-Taught Developers
February 27, 2023 • 54 MIN
Noelle Notermann, Senior Engineer at Target, interviews Ayu Adiati, Software Engineer. They discuss balancing learning, life, and being a mom. They also talk about staying motivated and accountable while becoming a self-taught developer.
Conversations #74: WWCode Leaders: Black Women in Tech Corporate America
February 22, 2023 • 33 MIN
Natalia Daies, Director of Communications at Women Who Code, and Samaria Rooks, Chief People and Inclusion Officer at Women Who Code sit down for a conversation about Black women in technology. They discuss Black women showing up boldly in corporate spaces, ways to measure a company’s commitment to DEI, and the importance of applying for positions without having every single qualification.
Career Nav #33: Navigating a Heavily White-Dominated Field as a Latina in Stem/Data Science
February 20, 2023 • 22 MIN
Faith Pueneh, Front End DeveloEngineer per at CAD Consulting Limited and Lead at the Women Who Code front-end track, interviews Monica Puerto, Analytics Associate Manager at Essential Federal Services. They discuss Monica’s path to tech, who inspires her to persevere, and how Universities can contribute to more diverse work forces.
Talks Tech #33: Blockchain Regulations and Security
February 16, 2023 • 24 MIN
Bhavya Batra, Product Manager at XponentsVentures and Blockchain Fellow at Women Who Code, interviews Neha Jain, Founder & CEO at IntelliBlock Technologies. They discuss the security risks and benefits of Web3 applications. Neha also shares the many opportunities available in blockchain technology.
Career Nav #32: Demanding More: Why Diversity and Inclusion Don't Happen and What You Can Do About It
February 14, 2023 • 11 MIN
Sheree Atcheson, Group Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion at Valtech, Women Who Code Advisory Board Member, and author of "Demanding More: Why Diversity and Inclusion Don't Happen and What You Can Do About It,” shares her talk, “Leading From Every Level: Demanding More Now, Not Later.” She discusses leadership at every level and how you should always practice leading for the position that you want in the future.
Conversations #73: Martina Mickos, Senior Principal Software Engineer, Workday
February 8, 2023 • 32 MIN
Eliza Sarobhasa, Leadership Fellow at Women Who Code Python, interviews Martina Mickos, Technical Architect at Workday. They discuss Martina’s roles at Workday, what the day-to-day for an architect looks like, what skills are important for the role, and her thoughts on leadership and career goals.
Career Nav #31: What Is the Future of the Community in an Always Evolving World?
February 6, 2023 • 40 MIN
Madona Wambua, Senior Android Engineer at Western Governors University, shares her talk, “What Is the Future of the Community In An Always Evolving World.” She discusses the importance of community to her, the benefits of community for everyone, and ways to get involved at different levels of action.
Talks Tech #32: Leading Technical Transformations at Projects - While Releasing New Features Regularly
February 1, 2023 • 26 MIN
Anastasiya Meishutovich, Senior Engineer and Technical Lead of Reconciliation at Duco, shares her talk, “Leading Technical Transformation at Projects While Releasing New Features Regularly.” She discusses how her team used traffic mirroring between their existing and new service, keeping their transition seamless to the user, and the importance of transparency between teams.
Career Nav #30: How to Know if a Job is Right for You
January 30, 2023 • 17 MIN
Christine Liu, Senior Innovation Editor at Harvard Business Publishing, shares her talk, “How to Know if a Job is Right for You.” She discusses some important questions to consider when deciding on your next career move. She talks about trusting your gut, how to get a realistic picture of company culture, and the value of asking for what you need.
Conversations #72: Maura Hart, VP of Technology - Merchandising, The Home Depot
January 25, 2023 • 15 MIN
Jessica Koubi, Senior Software Engineer at Pipeline and Women Who Code Python Evangelist, sits down with Maura Hart, Vice President of Technology at The Home Depot. They discuss Maura’s education and career paths, how technology impacts The Home Depot, and the challenges you face when working for such a large company.
Career Nav #29 Tech Career Progression, From Start to Transition and Beyond
January 23, 2023 • 24 MIN
Tammy Miller, Software Quality Assurance Tester / Business Analyst, Eagle Technologies, Inc., and Deepali Chouhan, Product Owner at Ping Identity, and WWCode Vancouver Network Director, sit down for a discussion, “Tech Career Progression, From Start to Transition and Beyond.” They share how they each got into their journey in tech and talk about the importance of continued learning in the field.
Talks Tech #31: Accessibility Is Never Done
January 19, 2023 • 38 MIN
AmyJune Hineline, CPACC, Senior Community manager at, shares, “Accessibility is a Moving Target.” She discusses types of disabilities, agents for accessibility, and the importance of testing for accessibility in every phase of web development.
WWCode Career Nav #28: One Should Always be Unfinished
January 16, 2023 • 10 MIN
Shrishti Vaish - Data Analyst at Numerator and Women Who Code Python Track Lead, shares her talk, “One Should Always be Unfinished.” She discusses pushing yourself to be better and wanting more. She also discussed the importance of being adaptable, and her desire to see the world and life from a different perspective.
Conversations #71: Donna Hart, Chief Information Security Officer at Ally
January 11, 2023 • 27 MIN
Deepali Chouhan, Product Owner at Ping and Women Who Code Vancouver Director, sits down to speak with Donna Hart, Chief Information Security Officer at Ally. They discuss Donna’s work in cybersecurity, the mindset she’s used to navigating her career, her philosophy on leadership, and some of her work experiences at Ally.
WWCode Career Nav #27: Tips To Boost Your Research Career
January 9, 2023 • 9 MIN
Dr. Houda CHIHI, Senior Researcher at Innov'COM Laboratory of Sup'COM, Tunisia, shares, “Tips To Boost Your Research Career.” She discusses the questions to consider when trying to decide if a career in research is right for you and goes through the steps of successful research.
Talks Tech #30: Fun with Feature Flags
January 5, 2023 • 19 MIN
Desy Kristianti (she/her), Senior Frontend Engineer at Prolific, presents her talk entitled “Fun with (Feature) Flags.” She discusses what they are, why would we use them, and how we can implement them successfully within a company.
Career Nav #26: How to be a 360 Degree Growth Enabler
January 2, 2023 • 21 MIN
Pragati Ogal Rai, Head of Developer Relations, APJ Twilio and CEO of ISSA India Chapter, shares her talk, “How to be a 360 Degree Growth Enabler.” Pragati is also the chair at Women in Cybersecurity India Chapter. She's the author of a book called "Android Application Security Essentials" and the winner of the 2014 Zinnov Thought Leadership Award. She shares a few experiences on her career journey that she resonated with when reading John C. Maxwell, regarding leading by influencing those around you.
Talks Tech #29: Quick Guide to Product Management in Web3
December 28, 2022 • 18 MIN
Mara Matosic, Product Strategist and Recovering Co-founder and Legacy Director of Women Who Code Mexico City, shares “Product Management in Web3.” She talks about her insights into how Web3 is changing the face of product management and how it allows for real-time feedback and interactions with users.
WWCode Career Nav #25: Energize Your Virtual Meetings
December 26, 2022 • 17 MIN
Kelly Anlas, Engineering Manager at Twitter and a Woman Who Code NYC Director, shares, “Energize Your Virtual Meetings.” She discusses how bringing energy to meetings is strategic, proactive, and generous. She gives tips on engaging others and talks about the importance of contributing and receiving value in meetings.
Stories of Inspiration and Hope From the Past Year
December 21, 2022 • 23 MIN
In this special edition of the Women Who Code Podcast, we have collected the most inspiring, insightful and important things that our guests have said over the past year. Women Who Code has accomplished so much as a community over the past twelve months. We’ve hosted more than 1,900 events, uploaded over 700 educational videos, and we’ve grown to a community of 320,00 members in 147 countries. The Women Who Code Podcast has also grown, posting 125 episodes in 2022, and expanding to have three shows Women Who Code Conversations, Women Who Code Talks Tech, and Women Who Code Career Nav covering distinct and important topics.. For now we’d like to celebrate by remembering some of the best and most inspirational moments from the podcast over the past year. Thank you so much for being a listener, and for being a part of the Women Who Code community.
Talks Tech #28: Blending Art and Science to Identify Actionable Drivers of Shrink in Stores
December 20, 2022 • 19 MIN
Priyanka Khare, Data Science Manager at The Home Depot, shares her talk, “Blending Art and Science to Identify Actionable Drivers of Shrink in Stores.” She defines shrink and discusses examples that are controllable versus uncontrollable at the store level. She shares the process of designing a system to improve shrink and the importance of speaking the language of your target audience when creating and implementing new processes.
Women Who Code Talks Tech 27: The ABCs of Automating Tests for Software Applications
December 12, 2022 • 24 MIN
Spreeha Dutta, Software Engineer at Shell, Blogger, and Spotify podcast producer of A Walk Through Changing Times, shares the “ABCs of Automating Tests for Software Applications.” She shares the benefits of automation, with the understanding that it is not practical to always use automation as a tool. She also discusses Chrome extensions versus writing your own automation.
WWCode Career Nav #24: Be Your Inspiration
December 9, 2022 • 25 MIN
Anita Vijaykrishnan, Vice President and General Manager Enterprise Operations Group at Intel IT, shares her talk, “Be Your Inspiration.” She shares her career journey and experience that have brought her to her current role. She also discusses the importance of connecting with your team on a personal and professional level to support them in succeeding. She explains that team success is management success.
Conversations #70: Career Panel: Exploring Different Paths in IT
December 8, 2022 • 47 MIN
A career panel where you can learn about the various jobs that are available in the tech industry other than being a developer/engineer. Featuring our panelists: Phoebe Kim, Senior Manager for the Multi-Cloud Solutions Architecture (MCA) team at VMware Bohyun Kim, Product Line Manager at VMware Marjorie Abdelkrime, Senior Leader Migration Success at AWS
WWCode Talks Tech #26: An Overview of Artificial Intelligence
December 6, 2022 • 14 MIN
Elizabeth Addo, Women Who Code Accra Lead, shares her talk, “An Overview of Artificial Intelligence.” She shares the history of AI, the different types of AI that exist, and the many education and career opportunities available in this field.
WWCode Career Nav #23: Emerging Careers: Data Platform Engineering
December 2, 2022 • 25 MIN
Karina Pangaro, Senior Engineering Manager with Eventbrite, joins Women Who Code in an interview, “Emerging Careers: Data Platform Engineering.” She discusses Eventbrite, a data platform, how this platform handles data, and how they analyze user interactions and make decisions based on that.
WWCode Talks Tech #25: Intro to Kubernetes & GKE
November 29, 2022 • 30 MIN
Kaslin Fields, Developer Advocate at Google and CNCF Ambassador, shares her talk, “Intro to Kubernetes & GKE.” She explains containers, Kubernetes, GKE, and how they work on the Google Cloud Platform. She also discusses the difference between GKE Standard and Autopilot.
WWCode Career Nav #22: How to Tackle Global Poverty with a Scalable Movement
November 28, 2022 • 26 MIN
Carol Rossborough, Co-founder and CEO of ESTHER, shares her talk, “How to Tackle Global Poverty with a Scalable Tech Movement.” She takes us on the journey of ESTHER from an idea to a global organization. She shares how they help people, especially women at a local level, and provide the tools to connect people with resources.
Conversations #69: Jodi Loar, Molly Devine, Kelly Braud - The Impact of WWCode
November 24, 2022 • 22 MIN
Kelly Braud, Partnerships Development Manager, Jodi Loar, Senior User Happiness Manager and Job Board Product Owner, and Molly Divine, Individual Giving Manager, all at Women Who Code, sit down to discuss the relationships between partners, job board supporters, donors, and members. They discuss how everyone can keep contributing to moving the Women Who Code mission forward.
WWCode Talks Tech #24: Intro to GraphQL
November 21, 2022 • 11 MIN
Farzaneh Orak, Senior Software Engineer at CoStar Group presents an Intro to GraphQL. She talks about its uses, its advantages over many other systems, and some of the applications that it can be applied to.
WWCode Career Nav #21: Technical Growth as a Startup CTO: From 0 to 100k+ Users
November 18, 2022 • 26 MIN
Kathy Zhou, Chief Technology Officer, and Co-Founder at Queenly, shares her talk, “Technical Growth as a Startup CTO: From 0 to 100k+ Users.” She talks about the benefits of using out-of-the-box tools, applying for startup credits for cloud space, and taking accountability for tech debt.
Conversations #68: Craigslist Founder Craig Newmark Talks Tech Disruption, Philanthropy, and Early Web
November 16, 2022 • 37 MIN
Tara Hernandez, Vice President of Developer Productivity Engineering at MongoDB and Board Member for Women Who Code, interviews Craig Newmark, Founder of Craigslist and board member and advisor for dozens of organizations. They discuss Craigslist's beginning and continued simplicity from a technical perspective and Craig’s shift from manager to customer service and then into philanthropy.
WWCode Talks Tech #23: WordPress, The Future of Business Management
November 14, 2022 • 30 MIN
Yasha Sterling, Business Coach, Founder & CEO Yasha Sterling Management Agency shares, “WordPress, The Future of Business Management.” She helps business owners create profitable done-for-you technology solutions. Yasha is a coach, consultant, and speaker. She is the two time bestselling author of the Complete Web Business Blueprint and the Complete Web Business Blueprint Workshop. She is also the proud owner of four businesses.
WWCode Career Nav #20: Recycle Ninja - Innovating Environmentalism
November 11, 2022 • 12 MIN
Maggie (Meichi) Yun, Product Manager, discusses her Women Who Code Hackathon for Good 2022 experience. She talks about her team and building their project, “Recycled Ninja.” She shares her inspiration for the project, a breakdown of the roles and responsibilities of her team, and her most memorable moments.
WWCode Conversations #67: Non-Technical Roles in High-Tech Companies
November 9, 2022 • 22 MIN
Marilyn Tyfting. Chief Corporate Officer at TELUS International discusses her role as a non-technologist working in a highly technical field, the importance of building workplaces of choice, and her methods for ensuring that teams are driven, on task, and effective.
WWCode Talks Tech #22: Best Practices When Learning a New Coding Language
November 7, 2022 • 8 MIN
Anjali Bajaj shares “Best Practices When Learning a New Coding Language.” She discusses some steps to follow in learning a new language, how to pick the appropriate online courses and ideas for practicing and improving.
WWCode Career Nav #19: Educational Solutions From The Hackathon for Social Good
November 4, 2022 • 13 MIN
Jaclyn Brothers, Software Engineer at 100Devs, shares her experience with Women Who Code’s Hackathon for Good 2022. She shares her background and inspiration for her project, “Prep and Step.” She discusses the steps involved in building her demo and some challenges she faced along the way.
WWCode Conversations #66: Payments and Capital product offerings for a Cannabis Industry B2B platform
November 3, 2022 • 5 MIN
Jesse Barnes, Software Engineer at InMoment and Women Who Code NYC Lead, and Stevie Palmateer, Sr. Director of Engineering at LeafLink, sit down for a fireside chat. They discuss engineering at LeafLink and current projects that Stevie’s team is responsible for. Stevie also shares their commitment to DEI being a priority in any company they work for.
WWCode Talks Tech #21: Insights Into Decentralized Storage
October 31, 2022 • 14 MIN
I am Shrishti Singh, the Co-Founder and Web3 Lead at UnicusOne. I'm going to share some insights into decentralized storage. The world around us is progressing rapidly, and so is technology. The best part is that we are becoming conscious of our actions and virtual privacy.
WWCode Career Nav #18: Creating the Hackathon for Social Good
October 28, 2022 • 7 MIN
Stephanie Rideout, Leadership Fellow for the Python Track at Women Who Code, talks about the Women Who Code Hackathon for Social Good 2022. She explains how the idea came to life and highlights some of her favorite things about the event.
WWCode Conversations #65: Setting Yourself up for Success: Fireside Chat with an Android Expert
October 26, 2022 • 28 MIN
Madona Wambua, Senior Android Engineer at Western Governors University and Lead at Women Who Code, sits down for a Fireside chat with Moyinoluwa Adeyemi, Moyin for short, Senior Software Engineer at Twitter focused on Android development, and Google Developer Expert for Android. They discuss aspects of working at a startup versus a big tech company, the value of community, and the importance of a brag document.
WWCode Talks Tech #20: Animating Your Way Into Jetpack Compose
October 24, 2022 • 29 MIN
Aida Issayeva, Software Engineer and Google Developer Expert for Android, shares her talk, “Animating Your Way Into Jetpack Compose.” She explains how animation improves the user experience and breaks down the different components of animation for Android.
WWCode Career Nav #17: You Don't Have to Be a Manager
October 21, 2022 • 30 MIN
Stacy Devino, Senior Principal Engineer at Stitch Fix, shares, "You Don't Have to Be a Manager." She discusses career growth opportunities in tech that expand beyond “people management.” She also outlines the responsibilities of staff, principal, and distinguished engineers in key areas like coding, leadership, and technical skills.
WWCode Conversations #64: Cybersecurity, Thought Leadership, and Evangelism
October 19, 2022 • 27 MIN
Women Who Code Taipei Director Olivia Lin interviews Lucy Kerner, the Director of Security Global Strategy and Evangelism at Red Hat. They discuss Lucy’s first professional exposure to engineering, how her tech journey led her to security, and how having a dog helps her help others.
WWCode Talks Tech #19: Statistics For Machine Learning
October 17, 2022 • 29 MIN
Anjali Menon, Solutions Consultant at AsiaPac and Leadership Fellow at Women Who Code , Runjhun Ratawal, Senior Lead at Women Who Code, and Sneha Saxena, Data Scientist at Grubhub and Data Science Lead at Women Who Code, share,”Statistics For Machine Learning.” They discuss descriptive and inferential statistics, when to use mean, median, or mode when analyzing data, and explain how to get the best results when sampling a population.
WWCode Career Nav #16: Social Media Feeds and Bias
October 14, 2022 • 12 MIN
Aishwarya Nair, Data Scientist at Trivago, shares her talk, “Social Media Feeds and Bias.” She shares her ideas as to what constitutes social media and discusses some differences in the motivations behind online ads. She also explains how following the crowd can change the type of ads you will see.
WWCode Conversations #63: How to Transition Into a Tech Career
October 13, 2022 • 17 MIN
Charlotte Jackson, Product Analytics at Meta, Director at Women Who Code DC, and Traffic Safety Advocate at Data Driven Streets, Shanna Gregory, Chief Program Officer at Women Who Code, Stephanie Nguyen, Python Leadership Fellow at Women Who Code, Nadya Primak Front End Developer at Pluribus Digital, Stephanie Sydorko, Senior Data Engineer at Color, Lisa Smith, Engineering Manager at Netflix, Founding Director at Women Who Code Raleigh-Durham, and Advisor at Strategio, and Amanda Brown, Senior Software Engineer at Test Double have a conversation about How to Transition Into a Tech Career. They share their backgrounds and how they ended up on the tech journey, the challenges of being a woman in a male-dominated industry, and their thoughts on bootcamps.
WWCode Talks Tech #18: How to get started with Web3
October 10, 2022 • 19 MIN
Anam Ansari hosts a session for beginners looking to start their journey in Blockchain and Web3. This is designed to help you understand the basic concepts and provide you with resources to start your journey in learning.
WWCode Career Nav #15: You Need a Break
October 7, 2022 • 13 MIN
Ellen Shapiro, iOS Engineer at Gusto, shares her thoughts about the importance of stepping back from work from time to time. She discusses her experiences with burnout and depression and talks about signs to look for that might indicate it’s time for you to take a break.
WWCode Conversations #62: Traditional Educational Paths to Tech
October 5, 2022 • 47 MIN
Bhavya Batra, Blockchain Leadership Fellow at Women Who Code and Product Manager for Google Startups, and Archana Vaidheeswaran, Data Product Manager at Women Who Code, chat about education and women in tech. They discuss bridging the gap between business and tech, how communities can support career growth, and the importance of trying an array of things to know where your interests and talents meet.
Talks Tech #17: Web Security Basics
October 3, 2022 • 17 MIN
In this web security walkthrough, Angela Saccone, Community Manager at MetaCTF, discusses cross-site scripting (XSS) and web security methods, such as HMTL entity encoding, using JavaScript to protect websites from cyber-attacks.
Career Nav #14: How Conflict Can Have Value: When Handled Right
September 30, 2022 • 25 MIN
Noelle Notermann, Senior Engineer at Target, discusses the benefits of conflict if managed properly. She shares examples of conflict strategies and outlines the different methods that can be used to mindfully interrupt it.
Conversations #61: Meet the Creator and Producers of the WWCode Podcast
September 28, 2022 • 38 MIN
In celebration of the one-year anniversary of the relaunch of the Women Who Code Podcast, those most involved in its creation, vision, and production sit down to discuss their inspiration for the work and the progress of the show over time.
Talks Tech #16: Optimizing Python Code
September 26, 2022 • 16 MIN
In this episode, Women Who Code Boston Director Anna Astori explains options to speed up your python data processing operations. Valuable for those who are just starting in data science and Python development and an excellent refresher for those who are already experienced with that.
Career Nav #13: Using Conflict Fluency Skills to Create Inclusive Workplaces
September 23, 2022 • 17 MIN
Noelle Notermann, Senior Engineer at Target, shares her knowledge of what is known as Imposter Syndrome. She discusses the origins of imposter “phenomenon,” what it means to women working today, and how redefining the perceptions of what tech looks like could allow women to feel more authentic working in the industry.
Conversations #60: CONNECT LATAM - WWCODE's First Spanish-Language Tech Conference
September 21, 2022 • 23 MIN
Anna Shur-Wilson, Program Manager for the Career Navigation Track at Women Who Code, and Grecia Castaldi, Program Manager, Digital Community at Women Who Code, discuss CONNECT LATAM. They share their previous experiences, why language accessibility is important, and tips on managing networking information.
Talks Tech #15: Front End Developer and Blockchain: My Journey at Shopify
September 19, 2022 • 26 MIN
Five years ago, Carolina got rejected from Shopify after graduating from university in Colombia. She never thought she would end up working in that company as a Senior Developer pursuing one of her passions with Blockchain. In this talk, Carolina will share her journey from the past years, hoping that her failures and learnings will help someone else's journey.
Career Nav #12: Accelerate Your Learning Journey with a Coding Buddy
September 16, 2022 • 27 MIN
Teaching yourself to code can be extremely lonely and inefficient! Shifting into tech and staying up-to-date in tech requires you to constantly learn new things, no matter how far along you are in your coding journey. A coding buddy can help! In this episode, Isabella Hoesch, the Founder of, shows you how to effectively work together with your coding buddy to reach your learning goals.
Conversations #59: Treating Your Tech Team Like Your Family
September 14, 2022 • 17 MIN
Luz de Leon, Leadership Fellow for the Front End track at Women Who Code, interviews Shermila Lemos-Martina, IT Director of Engagement at Kforce. They discuss women in leadership, management approaches, ways to grow in your career, and the technical aspects of Shermila's work.
Talks Tech #14: How to Build Inclusive Technology
September 12, 2022 • 27 MIN
Join Women Who Code Program Manager, Digital Community, Grecia Castaldi as she discusses how to broaden your perspective, and start empathizing with every kind of user in order to create inclusive technology that can enrich the lives of everyone, not just the norm.
Career Nav #11: How to Build Your Data Engineering Portfolio
September 9, 2022 • 26 MIN
Anju Mercian, Data Engineering Consultant @ Meta teaches the technical skills and actions needed to complete a portfolio with a tour of their own portfolio project to gain ideas on how to get started with your project.
Conversations #58: Growing Together: The Impact of Community on Career
September 7, 2022 • 25 MIN
A distinguished panel of technologists come together to discuss the importance of community and networking in their careers. They touch on topics of support, inspiration, and mentorship, and how having a tech community outside of your daily job can broaden your perspective.
Talks Tech #13: Blockchain Alternative Currencies for Informal Economies in LatAm
September 5, 2022 • 14 MIN
Viviana Siless, CTO & co-founder, Quipu Market explores the history of alternative currencies and ways to increase liquidity. She also analyzes challenges and factors to keep in mind for designing digital alternative currencies.
Career Nav #10: Self-Upscaling 101
September 2, 2022 • 27 MIN
Anu Mittal, Senior Software Engineer at Circles.Life, talks about the process of self-upscaling. How can one be an advocate for oneself, how can one stand-out in any role, and what all the self-upscaling process will take.
Conversations #57: DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering
August 31, 2022 • 29 MIN
Deepali Chouhan, Network Director for Women Who Code, Vancouver Canada, interviews Pooneh Mokariasl, Site Reliability Engineer at Criteo in Paris, France. They discuss the differences and similarities of Pooneh’s engineering roles. They also discuss Criteo’s Voyageurs program and the unique opportunity to explore working with other teams within the company.
Talks Tech #12: Let’s Get Fired Up: Getting started with Firebase Firestore
August 29, 2022 • 33 MIN
Navati Jain (she/her), iOS Developer @ Loblaw Digital, in Toronto and Evangelist at Women Who Code Mobile Track, shares “Let’s Get Fired Up: Getting started with Firebase Firestore.” She discusses some ways to use Firebase, compares relational and SQL databases, and gives examples of building these databases.
Career Nav #9: How To Craft Your Pitch and Get Funded for Your Next Big Idea
August 26, 2022 • 22 MIN
A talk on pitching and fundraising by Kinjal Shah, Partner at Blockchain Capital that covers the elements of a VC pitch and the types of questions you'll get, nailing your technical pitch, developing a pitch deck, and tips on the fundraising process itself.
Conversations #56: How Leading a Community Creates Opportunity in Tech
August 24, 2022 • 33 MIN
Women Who Code volunteer leaders gather to discuss how their contributions to the community have helped their careers, elevated their professional profiles, and helped the tech industry and their fellow engineers.
Talks Tech #11: Digging Ourselves Out of Code Debt
August 22, 2022 • 31 MIN
In this session, Rachel Church, Senior Software Engineer at Airtable, looks at the research behind code smells, how they affect large development teams, and strategies to address the most critical issues from an objective perspective.
Career Nav #8: Startup Life
August 19, 2022 • 33 MIN
Ever wondered what it’s like working at a startup? Or maybe you work in a startup now and are curious about how other startups operate? Hallie Million talks about what it’s like to be one of the first employees, the differences from working in larger organizations, and the various phases of an early-stage startup!
Conversations #55: Women Who Code Leaders Discuss Venture Capital
August 17, 2022 • 39 MIN
Alaina Percival, CEO and Co-founder of Women Who Code, sits down with Candice Morgan, board member with Women Who Code and Lead Equity Diversity and Inclusion at Google Ventures. They discuss options around starting capital, the differences between networks and community, and the importance of them both.
Talks Tech #10: Mistakes to Avoid as an AI Practitioner in the Industry
August 15, 2022 • 39 MIN
Zarreen Reza AI Research Scientist at Volta Charging and Leadership Fellow at Women Who Code shares Mistakes to Avoid as an AI Practitioner in the Industry. She discusses the importance of knowing when AI is actually the appropriate solution, the value of domain expertise on a project, and other key factors in successful AI applications.
Career Nav #7: How to Start a Technology Business from Inception to Fundraising
August 12, 2022 • 25 MIN
Activator SheEo Naomi Freeman sits down as moderator with Claire Schmidt, Founder, and CEO of AllVoices, and Shadiah Sigala, Co-founder & CEO, Kinside to discuss -How to come up with an idea for your startup, how you crystallize that into a product/company, the realities of fundraising, and the challenges of running a company.
Conversations #54: Technology Returnship Programs with The Home Depot
August 11, 2022 • 19 MIN
Rachel Mondugno, Director of Technology at The Home Depot, joins Stephanie Rideout, Leadership Fellow at Women Who Code for a Fireside Chat about Technology Returnship Programs with The Home Depot. They discuss Rachel’s path from GED to Director of Technology. They also discuss the importance of having programs to get people back on their career path after resume gaps, especially after covid.
Talks Tech #9: Design and Dev: Partnering to Create Living Prototypes
August 8, 2022 • 27 MIN
In this talk, you’ll learn more about how design and development partner together to build great mobile and front-end solutions -- living prototypes that are continuously monitored and improved. Through an iterative process, all functions come together to understand the what and how before jumping into release.
Career Nav #6: Advice From a Developer Educator and Single Mom in Tech
August 5, 2022 • 12 MIN
Learn from Lyn Muldrow, Maintainer Advocate, Tidelift, about how to solve the world's problems through developer education, how organizations like WWCode impacted her career, and her experience being a single mom in tech.
Conversations #53: Finding Passion in Tech After Two Decades in Finance
August 3, 2022 • 22 MIN
Briana Augenreich, Women Who Code Leadership Fellow, interviews Velia Carboni, Chief Digital and Technology Officer at VF Corp. They discuss Velia finding her passion in tech after two decades in finance, the benefits of empowering your people, and the corporate culture at VFC.
Talks Tech #8: The Web3 World: An Equitable Internet for All
August 1, 2022 • 13 MIN
Sanaya Mirpuri, Software Engineer at Warby Parker, gives a talk entitled The Web3 World: An Equitable Internet for All. She talks about the beginning and the evolution of the world wide web, how ledger technology actually works, the opportunity to build a true peer-to-peer internet, and how Web3 is closer to the original vision from Tim Berners-Lee.
Career Nav #5: Developing Emotionally Intelligent Teams in Tech
July 29, 2022 • 34 MIN
In this talk, Natalya Shelburne (she/her), Staff Manager of Design Infrastructure @ GitHub, shares what happens when the often invisible work that engineers do to build teams and facilitate contributions, is not only made visible, but is encouraged, rewarded, and celebrated.
Conversations #52: The Role of Technology in Connecting People
July 27, 2022 • 30 MIN
Faith Pueneh, Women Who Code Frontend Track Lead and Frontend Developer at CAD Consulting Limited, Nigeria, and Silvia Recinos, Women Who Code Guatemala Evangelist and UI Designer at PayPal, sit down to discuss the importance of community and their individual involvement at Women Who Code, as well as the role of technology in connecting people.
Talks Tech #7: Engineering and Banking
July 25, 2022 • 32 MIN
Join Divya Kaggere Siddalingaiah, Lead Architect, US Payments, @HSBC, for an exciting conversation about software, engineering, and tech careers in the banking sector. Recommended for attendees interested in exploring new fields, making connections in banking, and learning about new roles in the industry.
Career Nav #4: Take the Stress Out of Negotiation
July 22, 2022 • 27 MIN
In her talk Take the Stress Out Of Negotiation, Kelly May (she/her), Director of Product @ Help Scout, covers the core mistakes people make, knowing your value, how to ask for what you deserve, and the long-term effects of powerful, healthy negotiation.
Conversations #51: Women Leadership in AI
July 20, 2022 • 41 MIN
Women Leadership in AI is a discussion on the state of the industry for women, ways it can be improved, and the role of artificial intelligence in our daily lives. Featuring Cristina Conati, Professor of Computer Science at the University of British Columbia, Holly Peck, Vice President of Special Projects at Soul Machines, and Founding Director of WWCode Vancouver, Bethany Edmunds, PHD, Director of Computer Science and Teaching Professor at Northeastern University, and Margery Moore, Chief Executive Officer, ehsAI.
Women Who Code Talks Tech 6 - Emoji Predictor with Machine Learning
July 18, 2022 • 28 MIN
Alex Gamez, Jr Software Engineer, mPulse Mobile at gives a talk entitled “Emoji Predictor with Machine Learning” in which she discusses using data science and data mining to build a program that can predict which emojis will be used in context.
Women Who Code Career Nav 3 - Key Tips for Tech Entrepreneurs To Overcome Roadblocks
July 15, 2022 • 21 MIN
Teresa Morcho, CEO/Marketing Director at MOPAO and Founder of Stud Model Project talks about her transition from taking contract tech jobs to seeing opportunities to serve the unique needs of small businesses, how to approach growing a business like nurturing a child, and her tips to keep building and growing her business when things get difficult.
Conversations #50: The Importance of Mentorship in Leadership - Sara Jacks, Software Engineering Manager at Capital One
July 13, 2022 • 22 MIN
Camille Clayton, Women Who Code DC Director, interviews Sara Jacks, Software Engineering Manager at Capital One. They discuss Sara’s tech journey, her role at Capital One, the challenges she’s overcome, and the role that mentorship plays in her leadership.
Women Who Code Talks Tech 5 - Creative Coding to Inspire
July 11, 2022 • 25 MIN
In Creative Coding to Inspire, Ann Kilzer, Senior Software Engineer @ Mercari, describes an approach to programming that celebrates innovation, experimentation, humor, and learning from failure.
Women Who Code Career Nav - Episode 2 - Changing Careers Into Tech From Opera Singer or Psychologist
July 8, 2022 • 23 MIN
Margaret Bridge and Guiomar Jiménez Vista discuss their unique experiences of changing careers into tech from their different backgrounds in opera singing and psychology respectively, as well as the challenges they faced, and the advantages of training in something different first.
Conversations 49: The Benefits of Cloud for Machine Learning - Priyanka Vergadia, Staff Developer Advocate at Google
July 6, 2022 • 20 MIN
Stephanie Rideout, Leadership Fellow at Women Who Code for the Python Track, interviews Priyanka Vergadia, Staff Developer Advocate at Google. They discuss the power of being a generalist when working in technology, the benefits of Cloud for machine learning, and Priyanka’s passion for color and visual storytelling.
Women Who Code Talks Tech - Episode 4 - The Must-Haves for an Accessible Application
July 4, 2022 • 34 MIN
Nivedita Aggarwal, Senior Engineering Manager at Google, gives a talk entitled “The Must-Haves for an Accessible Application.” She discusses the different needs for modified accessibility, the proper way to measure this as a metric, and steps for implementing greater accessibility.
Women Who Code Career Nav - Episode 1 - Decoding Financial Literacy
July 1, 2022 • 22 MIN
Neha Misra, Co-Founder & CEO of The Fin Lit Project discusses the importance of financial literacy, especially for women, and ways to better understand and manage your finances.
Women Who Code Talks Tech - Episode 3 - Using Research to Increase Workplace Diversity
June 29, 2022 • 29 MIN
UInclude Co-Founders Toshe Ayo-Ariyo, Danielle Ho, and Sonal Patel discuss using research and data-driven solutions to increase workplace diversity. Moderated by Dianne Jardinez, US West Regional Implementation Analyst at Marken and Lead at WWCode Silicon Valley
Episode 48: Inspiration in Technology
June 22, 2022 • 25 MIN
This week we’re celebrating some of the amazing and powerful things that our guests have shared over the past year, with clips highlighting their thoughts on leadership, career growth, meaning, and more.
Women Who Code Talks Tech - Episode 2 - Squeaky Clean Code: How to Develop & Adopt Better Coding Practices
June 15, 2022 • 21 MIN
Clean Code is defined as code that is easy to understand, easy to change, and follows good standards. But what exactly are “good standards”? What does this look like in practice? How do we achieve this as a developer community? Kristi will answer these questions and more by discussing what makes for clean code, starting with establishing team coding standards and setting up a development environment, cultivating thorough and living documentation, and ending with best practices and approaches in peer code reviews.
Episode 47: Founder of Ladies Get Paid - Mental Health in Tech
June 15, 2022 • 52 MIN
Women Who Cooe Conversations: Shanna Gregory, Chief Program Officer at Women Who Code, sits down with Claire Wasserman, Author and Founder of Ladies Get Paid. They discuss the prep work that is needed for negotiating a new position's salary or a raise, how people can better show up for themselves, and how you can get involved in the community at Ladies Get Paid.
Women Who Code Talks Tech - Episode 1 - Getting Into Quantum Computing Today
June 8, 2022 • 38 MIN
Women Who Code Talks Tech is where we deep dive into highly technical subjects with talks by leaders in the industry. This week we have ‘Getting Into Quantum Computing Today’, with Keico University Quantum Computing Ph.D. Candidate, Sara A. Metwalli.
Episode 46: How a Technologist Can Make a Difference in Wildlife Coordination and the Power of DEI
June 8, 2022 • 45 MIN
Women Who Code Conversations: Michi DeWitt Woman Who Code San Diego Director, interviews Christy Caragol, SVP of Talent Management and Diversity and Inclusion at Arch Capital Group. They discuss how Christy’s background in social work contributes to her work today. They also talk about the importance of inclusion and diversity in the workplace, and ways the companies can turn good intentions into real impact. Women Who Code Career Nav: This week we’re celebrating World Environment Day, which was Sunday, June 5th, by highlighting a talk about different ways that technologists can make a difference in wildlife conservation. Given by Public Speaker & Science Communicator, Gracie Ermi
Episode 45: Multi-Chain Data With a Unified API - What Bootcamp Didn’t Teach Me - Moving to Silicon Valley
June 1, 2022 • 65 MIN
Talks Tech: Leilani Ledingham, Product Marketing Manager - API at Covalent, gave a talk entitled Accessing Multi-Chain Data with One Unified API. Enjoy! Career Nav: This week we have a talk entitled What My Coding Bootcamp Didn’t Teach Me with Jennifer Diaz, Junior Software Engineer at The Wanderlust Group. Conversations: Valerie Aguilar, Senior Software Engineer at Motive talks about her move to Silicon Valley, the career challenges that came with that move, her advice for finding the courage to speak, and her ongoing commitment to mental health.
Episode 44: Public Speaking in Career Growth - Object Oriented Programming - Accenture’s Black Founders Development Program
May 25, 2022 • 73 MIN
Career Nav: The role of public speaking in career growth is discussed by a panel of Women Who Code Leadership Fellows including Sierra OBryan, Senior Software Engineer at Twitter, Zarreen Reza, AI Research Scientist at Volta Charging, Jiaqi Liu, Senior Engineering Manager at GitHub, and Anjali Menon, Solutions Consultant at AsiaPac. Talks Tech: Object Oriented Programming: An Introduction. OOP concepts allow breaking the program into bite-sized problems that are easy to solve. The approach promises greater programmer productivity! You can achieve a better quality of software and lesser maintenance cost! Systems designed by these concepts are straightforward to upgrade from small to large scale. Given by Jamica Ortiz, Engineering Manager at Thought Machine. Conversations: Grecia Castaldi, Program Manager, Digital Community at Women Who Code interviews Kathryn Ross, Partner, Managing Director, and Black Founders Development Program Lead at Accenture. They discuss the company culture at Accenture, what drives Kathryn’s passions, and the positive impact that her work with the Black Founders Development Program has had on the community it serves.
Episode 43: Training AI For Games - LGBTQIA+ Inclusion - Data Analytics to Boost Revenue
May 18, 2022 • 69 MIN
Conversations: Damilola Olukoju, Software Engineer at Inlaks Nigeria and Director at Women Who Code Lagos interviews Garima Saxena, Assistant Vice President at EXL. They discuss Garima’s 13 years of experience in furnishing data insights, analytics, and visualization, to drive business and boost revenue in a number of health-related fields, as well as her role at EXl, the challenges she’s faced, and the importance of diversity in tech. Career Nav: A talk entitled Bystander to Upstander, and LGBTQIA Inclusion, with Casey Watts, Founder of Happy and Effective. Talks Tech: In Women Who Code Talks Tech, we have Hina Sakazaki, Software Engineer, Dialogflow NLU at Google, talking about Adapting ML Research to Make Training AI For Games Fun.
Episode 42: Restoring Your Mental Health - Balancing Kids and Code - Mom’s Talk Tech
May 11, 2022 • 121 MIN
Women Who Code Talks Tech: May 10th was Mental Health Day, and we want to encourage everyone to prioritize looking after their mental health. In this edition of Women Who Code Talks Tech we have Courtney Shelby, Owner of the Thrive Wellness Group, talking about different techniques that engineers can use to restore their mental health and create a resilient mindset. Women Who Code Conversations: For this weeks Women Who Code Conversations we’re celebrating Mother’s Day, with a conversation between two amazing Mothers who are leaders in the technology industry; Joey Rosenberg, President of Product and Communications at Women Who Code, and Ivonne Aldana, Director of Engineering at Toptal.They discuss how motherhood has affected their careers and how they’ve managed to find a healthy work-life balance while pursuing their dreams. Enjoy! Women Who Code Career Nav: For Women Who Code Career Nav this week we’re highlighting a discussion entitled Mothers in Tech: Balancing Kids and Code, with Eileen Cerny, retired Master Software Engineer at Capital One, Alison Meehan, Security Operations Center Analyst at Binary Defense, and Hayley Ortega, Head of Product at Ippon Technologies.
Episode 41: Implementing Security Architecture - System Design Interviews - Supporting LatinX Talent at Microsoft
May 4, 2022 • 81 MIN
Women Who Code Talks Tech: In honor of World Password Day on May 5th, Ashwini Vasanth, Builder at DevRev, talks about why security architecture is important and how to implement it. Women Who Code Career Nav: Prachi Shah, Senior Software Engineer at Metromile, and Elaine Laguerta, Security Engineer at New Relic, talk about how to prepare for a system design interview. Women Who Code Conversations: Sabrina Vega, Software Engineer 2 at Microsoft talks about her career experiences at Microsoft, how her passion for DEI led to co-founding SOMOS, and her advice for achieving a healthy work-life balance.
Episode 40 - The Benefits of Volunteering - Big Data and DevOps in Clinical Genetics Applications - The Role of Public Speaking in Career Growth
April 27, 2022 • 100 MIN
In this week’s podcast, we wrap up our celebration of National Volunteer Month by highlighting some of the amazing people who dedicate their time and talents to making Women Who Code the amazing global community it is. Women Who Code Conversations: Sierra OBryan, Senior Software Engineer at Twitter and WWCode Mobile Leadership Fellow, and Vui Nguyen, Senior iOS Consultant at Atomic Robot, and WWCode Mobile Track Lead, discuss their experiences volunteering for Women Who Code, and how it has enriched their lives and careers. Women Who Code Talks Tech: How to Translate Big Data and DevOps Into Clinical Genetics Applications In celebration of DNA Day on April 25th, we have a discussion on How to Translate Big Data and DevOps Into Clinical Genetics Applications, given by Angelina Uno-Antonison, Software Architect, Genomics, at the UAB School of Medicine. This talk was featured at CONNECT Digital 2020, and remember, the next Women Who Code CONNECT conference is right around the corner and is taking place on May 26th, 2022. Women Who Code Career Nav: A panel featuring Women Who Code Leaders talking about how YOU can become a Women Who Code volunteer. Learn how to come up with a topic, submit a talk, and elevate your professional profile while sharing your expertise with our global community. Featuring WWCode Mobile Fellow Sierra OBryan, WWCode Data Science Fellow Zareen Naowal, and WWCode Python Fellow Anjali Menon, and moderated by WWCode Community Manager Sapphire Duffy.
WWCode Podcast #39 - Encouragement Management - Women Who Code Volunteers - Code to Reduce Methane Gas
April 20, 2022 • 80 MIN
WWCode Conversations: Nia Cortes, Network Director at Women Who Code Monterrey interviews Crystal Goade, Creative Director, User Experience at Shutterstock. They discuss Crystal’s management experience, improving hiring, promotion, and retention of women in tech, and the role of designers as technology evolves. WWCode Career Nav: April is National Volunteer Month in the US so in this week’s Women Who Code Career Nav segment we’re highlighting some of the volunteers that are at the heart of our community, with a Women Who Code Asia Director Panel featuring WWCode Taipei Director Jane Shih, WWCode Tokyo Legacy Director Kate Gamo, WWCode Beijing Director YiQun Yun, WWCode Bangalore Director Shwetha Lakshman Rao, and WWCode Seoul Director Yujin Chung. Moderated by WWCode Chief Program Officer Shanna Gregory. WWCode Talks Tech: Friday is Earth Day! So let’s get our green on in this week’s Women Who Code Talks Tech segment about using code to reduce greenhouse gasses, with Rose Fenwick, a Data Scientist at OMD EMEA.
WWCode Podcast #38 - Talent Acquisition Insights | The Agile Inclusion Paradox
April 13, 2022 • 79 MIN
Women Who Code Conversations: Pamela Rodas, Senior Director of Global Talent Acquisition at TELUS International is interviewed by Navati Jain, an iOS Developer at Loblaw Digital and a WWCode Mobile Evangelist. They discuss transitioning into technology, resume gaps, the importance of anti-bias training, and pro tips for standing out as a job candidate. Women Who Code Talks Tech: In Women Who Code Talks Tech we’re highlighting a talk given by Jo Stansfield, the Founder and Director of Inclusioneering, entitled Investigating the Agile Inclusion Paradox, Lessons for Diversity in Tech.
WWCode Podcast #37 B - Career Navigation - Natasha Hendrick, Principal Geophysicist at Santos
April 6, 2022 • 49 MIN
WWCode Career Nav: In celebration of Geologists Day on April 3, we’re featuring Natasha Hendrick, Development Geoscience Manager and Principal Geophysicist at Santos Ltd. She’ll be discussing her career journey and the path she took to geophysics, as well as details about her work and profession. WWCode Career Nav: In celebration of Geologists Day on April 3, we’re featuring Natasha Hendrick, Development Geoscience Manager and Principal Geophysicist at Santos Ltd. She’ll be discussing her career journey and the path she took to geophysics, as well as details about her work and profession.
WWCode Podcast #37 - Customer Success at Tigergraph, A Career in Geophysics, Designing Accessible Systems
April 6, 2022 • 80 MIN
WWCode Conversations: Sneha Saxena, Data Scientist at Grubhub and Data Science Lead at Women Who Code, interviews Tish Looper, VP of Customer Success at TigerGraph. They discuss ways to ensure diversity in hiring, her work with customers and the importance of relationship building, her thoughts on mentorship, and how she found success in leadership. Episode Page Here. WWCode Career Nav: In celebration of Geologists Day on April 3, we’re featuring Natasha Hendrick, Development Geoscience Manager and Principal Geophysicist at Santos Ltd. She’ll be discussing her career journey and the path she took to geophysics, as well as details about her work and profession. Episode Page Here. WWCode Talks Tech: We’re highlighting our Cloud Technical Track with a talk by Dana Black, Senior Product Design and Strategy Consultant at Greyshore, who will be discussing ways to build design systems while keeping accessibility in mind.
WWCode Podcast #36 - Women’s History Month, Think Like a Founder, Using Neuroscience to Build Teams
March 30, 2022 • 57 MIN
Women Who Code Conversations: Mackenzie Bryant, Senior Program Project Manager at Women Who Code sits down with Sapphire Duffy, Community Manager at Women Who Code to celebrate Women's History Month and Women Who Code's 10 year anniversary. Women Who Code Career Nav: Marie Roker-Jones, the Co-CEO of Esteem, discusses how to think like a founder, and create inclusion within a company's DNA. Women Who Code Talks Tech: Sabrina Macpherson, Senior Product Manager at Morningstar, tells us how leaders can learn from psychology and neuroscience in order to build successful teams.
WWCode Podcast #35 - Nonlinear Paths to Leadership, Machine Learning for Gesture Recognition, Thinking About Career Goals
March 23, 2022 • 88 MIN
WWCode Conversations: Sonakshi Pandey, Data Analytics at Google and Cloud Track Lead at Women Who Code interviews Tieisha Smith, Chief Administration Officer for Infrastructure Technology at Marsh & McLennan. Tieisha talks about her non-linear path to leadership, how her time at Marsh & McLennan has helped her achieve her goals and her advice for future leaders. WWCode Career Nav: Winna Bridgewater, Senior Software Engineering Manager at Cazoo talks about career goals and simple approaches you can use to think about them. WWCode Talks Tech: Machine Learning for Gesture Recognition in a talk given by Ying LIU, a Research Associate of Machine Learning at the University of Leicester and TG0, who is also a Machine Learning Lead for Women Who Code London.
WWCode Podcast #34 - From Bootcamp to Shopify, Culture for Employee Happiness, Intro to Enterprise Blockchain
March 16, 2022 • 56 MIN
On Women Who Code Conversations we have an interview with Jessica Joly, Senior Software Developer at Shopify. She discusses her passion for product development, the use of collaborative problem solving, her work at Shopify, and the story of how she first moved into project management. For Women Who Code Career Nav we have Lily Change, VP of Finance, Strategic Ecosystems & Industry at VMware, sharing her thoughts about building a culture for employee happiness and retention. On Women Who Code Talks Tech we have Pratima Rao Gluckman, Engineering Lead for VMware, with an introduction to Enterprise Blockchain.
WWCode Podcast #33 - Cloud Marketing at IONOS, Blockchain for LatAm, Building Inclusive Tech
March 9, 2022 • 67 MIN
In WWCode Conversations, Princiya Sequeira, leadership fellow for Women Who Code Front End Track, interviews Elisabeth Kurek, VP of Cloud Marketing at IONOS. They discuss Elisabeth’s journey to VP in a technical role, the importance of inclusion and diversity, and her approach to leadership. For the Women Who Code Career Nav segment of the show we feature Viviana Siless, CTO & co-founder, Quipu Market who speaks about alternative blockchain currencies that can be used for informal economies in Latin America. On Women Who Code Talks Tech we have Grecia Castaldi, the Digital Community Program Manager for Women Who Code who is giving a talk entitled How to Build Inclusive Technology.
WWCode Podcast #32 - Inspiration on International Women's Day
March 8, 2022 • 17 MIN
In honor of International Women's Day, we’re putting out a special, bonus edition of the show that will feature inspirational quotes from women in tech, taken from a variety of International Women’s Day events that we have held over the years. You can check the show notes to find the names of all of these speakers. We hope you enjoy it, and if you do please rate, like, and review!
WWCode Podcast #31 - Data Science at The Home Depot - JavaScript Encryption - The Art of Storytelling
March 2, 2022 • 73 MIN
Stephanie Rideout, Python Leadership Fellow at Women Who Code, interviews Jinzhou Huang, Director of Data Science at The Home Depot. They discuss work and diversity at The Home Depot, the social responsibilities of a data scientist, and Jinzhou gives advice on advancing and maintaining a successful career. In the Women Who Code Talks Tech segment, we’ll hear from Jen Schreiber, a Senior Software Engineer at Workday in Boulder Colorado. She’ll be talking about encryption for Javascript Developers in a talk entitled The Art of Writing Secrets. In this week’s Women Who Code Career Nav segment we’ll be listening to a talk entitled Storytelling to get “Yes” or: How to Engage Your Stakeholders, given by Aastha Thakkar, Senior Analyst for JustAnswer, Navneet Gill, CEO of Naavics, and Silvija Skemaite, Product Manager at ADP.
WWCode Podcast #30 - Tech Leaders talk BHM - Building an advocate network - Jetpack Compose in Android development
February 23, 2022 • 84 MIN
Kim Bennett, Chief Legal Officer and brand strategist at Women Who Code, and Temitope Adediran, software engineer at Women Who Code, are celebrating Women Who Code turning 10 and Black History Month. They discuss their individual, unique paths into tech and how virtual working is changing the industry.
WWCode Podcast #29 - Black History Month With WWCode Leaders, Machine Learning for Public Health, and the Power of Representation
February 16, 2022 • 66 MIN
Part One: Samaria Rooks, WWCode’s Chief People and Inclusion Officer, and Lise Robinson WWCode’s Chief Financial Officer discuss Black History Month and WWCode Turns 10. Part Two: Database Administrator & Tech Event Organizer Lauren Murphy talks about the power of representation and hearing diverse tech career stories. Part Three: Kesha Williams, AWS Training Architect at A Cloud Guru discusses methods to use machine learning to battle COVID and promote public health.
WWCode Podcast #28 - Leadership at Mercer, Empowering Black Women in Tech, and Provisioning Application Environments
February 9, 2022 • 62 MIN
Part One: Gail Evans, Chief Digital Officer at Mercer talks about her career journey, leadership at Mercer, and the future of women in tech. Part Two: Camille Eddy, Senior Product Engineer at Sector Software discusses how to create systems to empower black women in tech. Part Three: Briana Augenreich, Senior Software Engineer at Capital One explains the use of Packer, Ansible, and Terraform for provisioning an Application Environment.
WWCode Podcast #27 - Jazmine Livingston, Head of Technical Program Management at Cash App
February 2, 2022 • 57 MIN
Sneha Saxena, Data Scientist at Grubhub and Evangelist at Women Who Code, interviews Jazmine Livingston, Head of Technical Program Management at Cash App. They discuss Jazmine’s career journey, the wisdom she has learned along the way, how she overcame imposter syndrome, and methods she’s developed for handling conflict resolution.
Women Who Code Podcast - 26 - Shanna Gregory and Grecia Castaldi Talk WWCode Turns 10
January 26, 2022 • 17 MIN
In this episode two Women Who Code Leaders discuss the organization's ten-year anniversary, their history within it over the years, what the community means to them, and what they see coming for the future. Featuring WWCode WWCode Chief Program Officer Shanna Gregory and WWCode Digital Community Product Manager Grevia Castaldi.
Women Who Code Podcast - 25 - Hannah Mace, Software Engineer, Bugcrowd
January 19, 2022 • 28 MIN
Sandy Ritter, Staff Software Engineer in Mobile Development at P&G and co-director of the Cincinnati Chapter of Women Who Code, interviews Hannah Mace, Software Engineer at Bugcrowd. They discuss Hannah’s path to tech, her boot camp experiences, the importance of mentorship, and ways to maintain the right professional mindset.
Women Who Code Podcast - 24 - Tami Tillman, Director of Product at Macy's
January 12, 2022 • 13 MIN
Grecia Castaldi, Program Manager of the Digital Communities at Women Who Code, interviews Tami Tillman, Director of Product for Supply Chain at Macy's Technology. They discuss Tami’s career journey, her views on management and leadership, the company culture at Macy's, and what she believes every woman can do to become invaluable to companies, co-workers, and clients.
Women Who Code Podcast - 23 - If you want to move forward in your career, start doing the job you want
January 5, 2022 • 18 MIN
Paula Paul, Distinguished Engineer with Greyshore Associates and volunteer and former Track Lead at Women Who Code, interviews Maria Arkelatyan, Senior Developer and Developer Manager with PokerStars. They discuss Maria’s work at PokerStars, her move from mathematics into computer science, and then into a tech management role, and what she sees for the future.
The Women Who Code Podcast - Episode 22 B - Recap
December 29, 2021 • 14 MIN
In the second episode of this special recap edition of the Women Who Code podcast, we continue to revisit some of the most powerful and inspirational moments that arose this year from the conversations between tech leaders on the show.
The Women Who Code Podcast - Episode 22 A - Recap
December 22, 2021 • 15 MIN
In this special edition of the Women Who Code podcast, we look back at some past episodes and revisit the incredible advice, stories, and inspirations that have played on the show over the past few months since our re-launch. New episodes return the first week of January!
The Women Who Code Podcast - Episode 21 B
December 15, 2021 • 19 MIN
In part two of this interview, Tara Hernandez talks about the future of tech, what companies can do to be better, and her personal views on leadership.
The Women Who Code Podcast - Episode 21 A
December 8, 2021 • 19 MIN
In part one of this interview, Tara Hernandez discusses her dreams of becoming a history major, the reality of her technology career, her views on the importance of diversity in companies, and what her professional life is like working at Google.
The Women Who Code Podcast - Episode 20 B
December 1, 2021 • 25 MIN
In the second part of this special Women Who Code 10th Anniversary episode, WWCode CEO Alaina Percival and WWCode CPO Joey Rosenberg discuss how the organization handled its expansion to the global community it is today, as well as some of the more memorable moments they experienced along the way.
The Women Who Code Podcast - Episode 20 A
December 1, 2021 • 32 MIN
In the first part of this special, Women Who Code 10th Anniversary episode, WWCode CEO Alaina Percival and WWCode CPO Joey Rosenberg discuss the start of WWCode, its mission, its early days, and how the company started to grow.
The Women Who Code Podcast - Episode 19
November 23, 2021 • 20 MIN
In this Teal Carpet interview, Manik talks about her journey to leadership, the importance of certifications, her methods for keeping up with tech, as well as some exciting projects she's working on at Accenture.
The Women Who Code Podcast - Episode 18
November 16, 2021 • 25 MIN
Warby Parker software engineer Alex Fox discusses the path to professional happiness, the importance of challenges to growth in tech, and ways to continue developing in your career over time.
The Women Who Code Podcast - Episode 17
November 10, 2021 • 28 MIN
Learn about how Erica Lockheimer, Vice President of Engineering at LinkedIn Learning handles work-life balance, career progress, and her views on the importance of interviewing.
The Women Who Code Podcast - Episode 16
November 3, 2021 • 21 MIN
Vaidheeswaran Archana, Artificial Intelligence Engineer at Continental and WWCode Senior Leadership Fellow interviews Honey Williams, Senior Director of Technology at Liberty Mutual, about code, career, and the path to leadership.
The Women Who Code Podcast - Episode 15
October 27, 2021 • 23 MIN
In this episode of the Women Who Code Podcast, WWCode Chief Product Officer Joey Rosenberg Interviews Anusha Rutnam, Technical Support Engineer at Adyen. Learn about Anusha's journey in tech, her transition from web dev to technical support, her approach to documentation, and how she learned never to settle in her career.
Women Who Code Podcast - Alaina Percival and Monica Blaylock
October 4, 2021 • 23 MIN
In this edition of the Women Who Code Podcast Alaina Percival, CEO of WWCode, interviews Monica Blaylock, Engineering Manager at DoorDash. They discuss her professional journey, her experiences in the industry, and what it takes to be a good leader.
The Women Who Code Podcast - Episode 13 - RELAUNCH
September 30, 2021 • 3 MIN
The Women Who Code Podcast is relaunching with a new format, sound, and content.
The Women Who Code Podcast - Episode 12
May 26, 2020 • 27 MIN
From piano keys to computer keyboards, two women's paths to a high tech career change.
Women Who Code Podcast - Episode 11
April 28, 2020 • 39 MIN
Interview with Lisa Smith, Women Who Code Network Director for Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina
Women Who Code Radio - Episode 10
December 8, 2019 • 30 MIN
Interview with Clare Bayley, Director of Product for the US Digiga
Women Who Code Radio - Episode 9
November 20, 2019 • 45 MIN
Interview with Akanksha Lonhair, Anju Mercian, and Michelle Ho
Women Who Code Radio - Episode 8
September 15, 2019 • 35 MIN
Interview with Kara Sprague, executive at F5 and board member for Girls Who Code
Women Who Code Radio - Episode 7
April 15, 2018 • 13 MIN
A flyby of the Lesbians Who Tech SF vendor expo to meet the companies who are committed to diversity and inclusion, and more encouragement to get out there and get networking...
Women Who Code Radio - Episode 6
December 20, 2017 • 22 MIN
Precocious youth as teen entrepeneurs: an interview with Emma Yang, a 13 year old who's started a tech company based around development of a mobile app designed to help Alzheimer's patients.
Women Who Code Radio - Episode 5
October 25, 2017 • 41 MIN
A discussion on engineering leadership and corporate culture with two Directors of Engineering at Microsoft: Sarah Kaplan and Karen Leonard
Women Who Code Radio - Episode 4
July 23, 2017 • 90 MIN
Discussions with WWC network directors and corporate sponsors, and all the cool things we do to build a network of support for women in high tech industry!
Women Who Code Radio - Episode 3
February 2, 2017 • 17 MIN
Topic: Interviews with a wide assortment of women attendees at AWS Re:invent Show notes: Employees from the following companies were included in spot interviews (their participation is hugely appreciated):
Women Who Code Radio - Episode 2
December 2, 2016 • 40 MIN
A dedicated technologist with decades of experience talks about her take on high tech industry and women's participation within it
Women Who Code Radio
August 6, 2016 • 32 MIN
A discussion with Susan Salituro and Amanda Peterson on transitioning into a software engineering career/management roles