The Women Who Code Podcast
WWCode Conversations #63: How to Transition Into a Tech Career
October 13, 2022
Charlotte Jackson, Product Analytics at Meta, Director at Women Who Code DC, and Traffic Safety Advocate at Data Driven Streets, Shanna Gregory, Chief Program Officer at Women Who Code, Stephanie Nguyen, Python Leadership Fellow at Women Who Code, Nadya Primak Front End Developer at Pluribus Digital, Stephanie Sydorko, Senior Data Engineer at Color, Lisa Smith, Engineering Manager at Netflix, Founding Director at Women Who Code Raleigh-Durham, and Advisor at Strategio, and Amanda Brown, Senior Software Engineer at Test Double have a conversation about How to Transition Into a Tech Career. They share their backgrounds and how they ended up on the tech journey, the challenges of being a woman in a male-dominated industry, and their thoughts on bootcamps.
Charlotte Jackson
Stephanie Nguyen
Nadya Primak
Stephanie Sydorko
Lisa Smith