The Women Who Code Podcast
WWCode Podcast #31 - Data Science at The Home Depot - JavaScript Encryption - The Art of Storytelling
March 2, 2022
Stephanie Rideout, Python Leadership Fellow at Women Who Code, interviews Jinzhou Huang, Director of Data Science at The Home Depot. They discuss work and diversity at The Home Depot, the social responsibilities of a data scientist, and Jinzhou gives advice on advancing and maintaining a successful career. In the Women Who Code Talks Tech segment, we’ll hear from Jen Schreiber, a Senior Software Engineer at Workday in Boulder Colorado. She’ll be talking about encryption for Javascript Developers in a talk entitled The Art of Writing Secrets. In this week’s Women Who Code Career Nav segment we’ll be listening to a talk entitled Storytelling to get “Yes” or: How to Engage Your Stakeholders, given by Aastha Thakkar, Senior Analyst for JustAnswer, Navneet Gill, CEO of Naavics, and Silvija Skemaite, Product Manager at ADP.