To Lead Is Human
In this podcast, executive coach Sharon Richmond interviews successful leaders who have applied their professional and personal growth to produce tangible business outcomes. They discuss challenges, lessons learned, and what has helped them guide their organizations to success. Sharon helps listeners supercharge their own leadership with coaching tips on how to apply the lessons learned from our guests.
Leadership Success Is Situational (Arjun Moorthy)
November 29, 2023 • 38 MIN
With a wealth of wisdom from having been an employee in IPO-bound startups and then CEO of his own startup, Arjun Moorthy brings blunt-force candor to the show. He shares his key leadership principles and emphasizes the need for rigorous self-honesty.
Season Two Finale: Leading Large (Sharon Richmond)
November 15, 2023 • 45 MIN
In the Season Two finale, guest host Ari Iny interviews Sharon to discover more of her background and her perspectives on many of the topics the show has covered. After that, Sharon reflects on Season Two and shares her key takeaways.
A Journey of Intention (Eliana Hassen)
November 1, 2023 • 42 MIN
As an executive, executive consultant, and woman of color who ascended from front-line service, Eliana Hassen brings diversity to the table and a superpower for connecting at all levels. Her guiding principles? Transparency, intention, and empathy.
More Women in the Innovation Economy (Sharon Vosmek)
October 18, 2023 • 59 MIN
Bringing the mindset of an economist to inclusion, Sharon Vosmek leverages her leadership to help female entrepreneurs gain greater access to venture capital.
Always Curious, Always Learning (Dev Basu)
October 4, 2023 • 50 MIN
Although he enjoyed significant business success at a young age, Dev Basu realized there’s never perfection — only another level. So he maintains an ever-curious mind as a leader, learning all he can from mentors, books, and everything around him.
Culture Is All About People (Doug Camplejohn)
September 20, 2023 • 37 MIN
When two decades of tech leadership collided with the pandemic in 2020, Doug Camplejohn saw and filled a gap in the corporate world. By fostering strong employee connections, he’s fulfilling his philosophy: You lead best by creating a vibrant culture.
Leading from Every Seat (Dr. Geetha Murali)
September 6, 2023 • 49 MIN
Her mother escaped being a child bride and immigrated to the U.S. — and Geetha Murali still honors that journey as CEO. It informs her mission and her leadership philosophy with a firm belief that transformation and leadership can come through anyone.
Leading While Teaching (Miranda Lievers)
August 23, 2023 • 60 MIN
In co-founding and building one of the world’s largest online course platforms, Miranda Lievers brought her strong doer energy to the mix. But she also brought a highly humanistic leadership perspective that has landed the company top workplace awards.
Leading Remote Teams (Liam Martin)
August 9, 2023 • 50 MIN
A longtime advocate of remote work, Liam Martin practices what he preaches. His successful company and conference have 100+ staff distributed across 31 countries — and his mission is to help workers and leaders seamlessly collaborate from anywhere.
Leadership Through Culture (Tim Lupinacci)
July 26, 2023 • 43 MIN
In contrast to what you might expect of the CEO of a top-100 U.S. law firm, Tim Lupinacci leads in a distinctly humble and humanistic way. He shares his leadership philosophy, one which has helped the firm foster extremely high employee satisfaction.
Sharing Leadership (Maureen O'Connor)
July 12, 2023 • 49 MIN
Dr. Maureen O’Connor transformed her experience as a marginalized woman early in her academic career into a philosophy of human-centric leadership — building and fostering an authentic culture of inclusion, diversity, and ownership.
Who Takes Care of the Leader? (Andy Levitt)
June 28, 2023 • 46 MIN
Having launched three first-to-market mission-driven companies, Andy Levitt believes in leading as a pioneer while looking out for others. But along the way, he unexpectedly discovered that there can be a price to pay for not looking out for yourself.
Host Choice: Supportive Leadership (Dart Lindsley)
June 14, 2023 • 40 MIN
Host Sharon Richmond picks a favorite Season 1 episode to run again: Dart Lindsley. Dart shares his progressive and very human ideas about his role as a leader in a major corporation — plus why he values a hands-off approach and outcomes over hours.
From Ashes to Buddhism (Spencer Sherman)
May 31, 2023 • 58 MIN
In the Season 1 finale, we hear the story of how Spencer Sherman bounced back from a devastating event to build a highly successful financial firm. And equally fascinating, he did so using Buddhist principles that still guide the business to this day.
Pioneering Public Media (Jon Abbott)
May 17, 2023 • 49 MIN
An innovator in American public media, Jon Abbott transformed the landscape of his field while transforming leadership. Never forgetting “the golden rule,” he built relationships and coached his teams through a human-centric lens of empathy.
Leading by Mastermind (Mitch Joel)
May 3, 2023 • 43 MIN
Mitch Joel uses his three decades in digital media as a backdrop for sharing his leadership perspective. In particular, he sees a successful leadership team as a mastermind group that takes a relentlessly cooperative approach toward a common goal.
Great Leadership Is Paramount (Rachel Maceiras)
April 19, 2023 • 54 MIN
Rising from an entry position to vice president of a major media platform during 15 years of the digital revolution, Rachel Maceiras has seen it all. She built teams that helped make it happen and discovered her own brand of leadership along the way.
The Winning Recipe (Marisa Murray)
April 5, 2023 • 45 MIN
Leaderley CEO Marisa Murray and Sharon discuss what Marisa learned from corporate consulting and then applied to her executive coaching. Among the many topics: learning from wins and the importance of understanding what's precious in any new culture.
Scaling Through People (Tito Hubert)
March 22, 2023 • 44 MIN
Working in leadership at both Amazon and a much smaller company, Tito Hubert gained a wealth of diverse experience, which he shares in this lively conversation. We learn in particular how culture affected his empathy and candor — and vice versa.
Presenting Behind the Launch
March 15, 2023 • 19 MIN
Mirasee FM writer Andrew Chapman introduces Behind the Launch, a new podcast hosted by Cynthia Lamb. In this bonus episode, we take a ride from the elation of a million-dollar launch to disappointment when the next launch falls short.
Bringing Your Self (Amanda Tucker)
March 8, 2023 • 45 MIN
Amanda Tucker’s leadership perspective is as atypical as her career. Built on cross-cultural experience from leading teams in many countries, her style leans on empathy and being personal.
Presenting For Better or For Work (Meg & Gary Hirshberg)
March 1, 2023 • 34 MIN
Sharon Richmond presents For Better or For Work, the Mirasee FM podcast network’s new show hosted by Bhoomi Pathak and Danny Iny. In this bonus episode, guest couple Meg and Gary Hirshberg candidly talk about their early business conflicts and choices at Stonyfield Farms, now a very successful organic yogurt company.
Be Who You Are (Joel Jewitt)
February 22, 2023 • 50 MIN
Joel Jewitt takes us on his journey in co-creating many companies, including Palm Computing (the Palm Pilot), that have helped make Silicon Valley what it is today. Along the way, we learn the importance of authenticity in who you are and your interactions.
Leading with Intention (Bhoomi Pathak and Danny Iny)
February 8, 2023 • 45 MIN
In this episode, Bhoomi Pathak and Danny Iny get candid about their contrasting leadership styles and how they have changed over the years. Despite their different approach, they both agree that leadership should be intentional and focused on growth.
Presenting Blowing Up (Danny Iny)
February 1, 2023 • 27 MIN
Host Sharon Richmond introduces Blowing Up, a new podcast in the Mirasee FM podcast network. In this bonus episode, hosts Linda Claire Puig and Ari Iny talk with Danny Iny about the massive impact that guaranteeing results can have on sales, program quality, and the strength of your team.
Influential Leadership (Dr. Ann Weinacker)
January 25, 2023 • 49 MIN
In this episode, Dr. Ann Weinacker highlights the difference between influential and authoritative leadership. She opens up about her struggles with Imposter Syndrome and shares insight on graciously accepting and applying feedback from those you lead.
Servant Leadership (Ajay Varia)
January 11, 2023 • 49 MIN
In this episode, Ajay Varia talks with Sharon about his new startup, having a growth mindset, and what it really means to hire the right people. The two also discuss embracing failure and creating an interactive culture document (link in the show notes).
Better Together (Jeff Griffiths)
December 21, 2022 • 43 MIN
In this episode, Jeff Griffiths talks about the value of not only knowing but trusting the capabilities of your team members. He and Sharon discuss the evolution from an autocratic and mechanical approach to leadership to more cooperation and collaboration.
Self-Aware Leadership (Shalini Verma)
December 6, 2022 • 52 MIN
In this fascinating episode, Shalini Verma shares how she transformed her leadership and results by tuning in to her body and emotions, and how she's helping others do the same. She and Sharon discuss the business benefits of conscious leadership and the science behind it.
Will, Hope, Fortitude (Eric Edelson)
December 6, 2022 • 53 MIN
Eric Edelson talks about reshaping a small, deteriorating tile manufacturing company into a profitable, vertically-integrated B-Corp. He discusses honestly evaluating your company’s need for change, even when it's you that needs to change.
Being Vulnerable (Matthew Louchheim)
December 6, 2022 • 34 MIN
Matthew Louchheim demonstrates the value of vulnerability. It’s not a weakness; it’s a characteristic of strength and courage that builds trust and invites collaboration. He also covers the importance of leading from personal values.
Critical Culture Shift (Igor Seletskiy)
November 30, 2022 • 44 MIN
In this candid and surprising episode, Igor Seletskiy shares his courageous leadership transformation from being unapproachable to being empowering. He credits the company’s recent growth to transparency and transferring more ownership of decisions to employees.
Supportive Leadership (Dart Lindsley)
November 29, 2022 • 40 MIN
Dart Lindsley shares his progressive and very human ideas about his role as a leader in a major corporation. He explains why he values outcomes over hours worked and why he gets better results with a hands-off approach.
Trailer for To Lead Is Human
November 29, 2022 • 3 MIN
In this new Mirasee FM podcast, executive coach Sharon Richmond and her guests combine in-depth advice with inspiring real-world success stories. Guests share hard-won lessons that teach and inspire other leaders.