The Big Question: an IDEO Podcast
We live and work in a world of interlocking systems, where many of the problems we face are dynamic, multifaceted, and inherently human. We believe that design thinking can help solve these problems… to provide answers, but big answers can only be found by asking big questions. Welcome to The Big Question: an IDEO podcast.
How Might We Tap InTo Latin America’s Future Digital Designers? with Alejandra Dancuart, Colectivo23 Product Owner, and Nathan Paterson, IDEO Director
March 1, 2022 • 29 MIN
COVID-19 hit the entire world hard, but it has been detrimental to certain communities in a very specific way: The isolation and educational interruption widened pre-existing skills gaps, making it tougher to stay competitive. That is the case in Latin America, which has seen its digital skills gap expand. The global issues we face require global solutions, making it more important than ever to cultivate the next generation of designers and their unique perspectives from all corners of the globe. Latin America is no exception: It’s home to a wealth of potential digital design talent that needs to be nurtured and directed. In this episode, we talk with Alejandra Dancuart—Product Owner at Colectivo 23, part of Intercorp Group and an online learning hub for professionals who want to develop their digital skills—and IDEO Director Nathan Paterson to ask The Big Question: How might we tap into Latin America’s future digital designers? Alejandra and Nathan discuss how their two organizations partnered to explore and confront that question, the course they brought to life together, and the global-local learning that resulted.
How Might We Lead The Way In Designing For A New Socially Responsible Generation? With Pamela Gill Alabaster, Mattel Head of Global Sustainability & Michelle Lee, IDEO Managing Director Play Lab
February 15, 2022 • 38 MIN
In this episode of The Big Question, we ask Pamela Gill Alabaster, Mattel Head of Global Sustainability, and Michelle Lee, IDEO Play Lab Managing Director… How might we lead the way in designing for a new socially responsible generation? We’re exploring how we can implement sustainability in a heritage brand with over 70 years of history – one that has produced some of the most iconic toys in the world. How can we shift consumer behaviors, overcome organizational blockers and empower us to take action? Pamela and Michelle discuss how their shared passions for the health of the environment and the joy that can be expressed through play, creates a radical new field of design that can lead the industry forward to a better future.
How Might Health-System Incumbents Treat Patients More Like Consumers? With Ramon Soto, Northwell Health Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer & Timothy Peck, IDEO Executive Portfolio Director of Health
February 1, 2022 • 36 MIN
In this episode of The Big Question, Detria Williamson, IDEO CMO, asks Ramon Soto, Northwell Health Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing and Communications Office, and Timothy Peck, IDEO Executive Portfolio Director of Health… how might health-system incumbents treat patients more like consumers? And how might we use digital platforms to enhance visibility & choice in healthcare? Ramon and Timothy discuss how design solutions and marketing have created a new design ecosystem for patients.
How Might We Embark On A Journey Of Diversity, Inclusion And Transformation In A Radically Transparent And Collaborative Way? With Frances Frei, Harvard Business School Professor & Lauren Collins, IDEO Chief Of Staff
January 18, 2022 • 35 MIN
Diversity and inclusion are more than just buzzwords. They are fundamental to an ever shifting societal landscape, with open discourse around these themes becoming increasingly more widespread in day to day life. How do we measure how diverse or inclusive a workforce is? And how do we ensure this data is transparent and self-evident? Diversity for diversity’s sake can be just an exercise in checking a box to fit a quota. It’s the inclusion of a wider pool of diverse talent that allows businesses to thrive, create, and innovate. In this episode of The Big Question, Detria Williamson asks Frances Frei, Harvard Business School Professor of Technology and Operations Management and Lauren Collins, Chief of Staff, office of the CEO, IDEO… how might we, as leaders, embark on a journey of diversity, inclusion, and transformation in a radically transparent and collaborative way? Frances and Lauren talk about how not only inclusivity of a more diverse workforce, but transparency on the methods used for integration and inclusion, can be achieved through design.
How Might We Empower Society To Move Rapidly Towards A Cleaner Future? With Constantin Schwaab, Wirelane CEO & Franz Blach, IDEO Alum
January 4, 2022 • 50 MIN
One of the most pressing questions of our time is surely, how might we protect the planet for future generations? What can we do, not just as individuals, but as a society to move to a more sustainable future that will preserve our home? The world is shifting towards more sustainable practices. Renewable energy sources and packaging are a start, but progress is too slow. The linear economy model that has been the staple of business and society to date… is a model that no longer suits. A more circular system needs to be adopted not just by large businesses and governments, but by everyone in their day to day lives. In this episode of The Big Question, Detria Williamson asks Constantin Schwaab, Wirelane CEO and Franz Blach, IDEO Alum… How might we empower society to move rapidly towards a cleaner future? Constantin and Franz discuss how we might implement not only service and design solutions to help shift society’s mindset on a tangible level, but also on a psychological level for the betterment of our future.
How Might We Build A Food System That Is Healthy For People & The Planet? With Sudhanshu Sarronwala, INFARM Chief Impact Officer & Axel Unger, IDEO Partner
December 21, 2021 • 38 MIN
The current food system cannot meet the needs of the growing urban population. In fact, producing food the way we currently do would require an extra planet’s worth of resources to feed the 7B people living in cities by 2050. It’s also unsustainable, causing 17% of global carbon emissions and leads to soil degradation, food waste and nutritional loss. It’s clear that radical change is needed to create a more sustainable and resilient food system in terms of climate, biodiversity impact and supply chain issues. But how can the food industry thrive economically while being positive for the planet and people’s health? Essentially how can you do well and do good at the same time? In this episode of The Big Question, Detria Williamson asks Sudhanshu Sarronwala, Chief Impact Officer at INFARM, and Axel Unger, a Partner at IDEO… How might we build a food system that is healthy for both people and the planet? Sudhanshu and Axel discuss how vertical farming technologies, already in effect close to cities, could be the start of a new, more sustainable movement in food production globally, and the conscious, collective shifts we need to get there.
How Might We Bring Change To An Industry Giant With A Heavy Legacy? With Usha Raghavachari, D-Ford Global Innovation Lab Director & Luis Zunzunegui, IDEO Executive Director
December 7, 2021 • 41 MIN
In 1924, Henry Ford released his first print ad, making the bold claim that Ford would “open the highways to all mankind”. And for the next eighty years or so, they achieved this... However with the ever increasing shift in public focus towards how legacy organizations can adapt to the challenges that people and the planet face, it takes a large cultural shift within a business to make the change. In this episode of The Big Question, we’re joined by Usha Raghavachari, D-Ford Global Innovation Lab Director and Luis Zunzunegui, IDEO Executive Director to explore The Big Question: How Might We Bring Change & New Ways Of Working To An Industry Giant With A Heavy Legacy? Usha and Luis share how Ford has adopted a more inclusive and diverse approach to their company philosophy, and how connection between their people is at the heart of driving this change for the benefit of all.
How Might We Design A Radically Different Restorative & Regenerative Business Model? With Joe Iles, Ellen MacArthur Foundation Circular Design Programme Lead & Chris Grantham, IDEO Circular Economy Executive Director
November 23, 2021 • 44 MIN
The linear economy’s, “take, make, waste” approach has been the dominant business model on which our current economy has run since the industrial revolution in the 18th century. And it’s worked... billions of people have been empowered throughout the past few hundred years to live incredible lives with a roof over their head, warm clothes, medicine and now, more luxury products. But in recent years, the core limitation of this model is starting to become clear: the resources on this planet, consumed relentlessly by the linear economy are finite. We now know that if we degrade, pollute and extract continuously... we can't run from the consequences. In this episode of The Big Question, Detria Williamson asks Joe Iles, Ellen MacArthur Foundation Circular Design Programme Lead and Chris Grantham, IDEO Circular Economy Executive Director… how might we create the conditions for designing a radically different restorative and regenerative business model? Joe and Chris share how your businesses can get started with becoming more regenerative and restorative, how brands like Tesco, H&M and Zalando are making this shift and why businesses should prioritize delivering services over selling products.
How Might We Enable Businesses To Be More Responsible? With Carlos Rodriguez-Pastor, Intercorp Chairman & Sandy Speicher, IDEO CEO
November 9, 2021 • 42 MIN
A few years ago, Intercorp Chairman, Carlos Rodriguez-Pastor read a Harvard Business Review essay called “Creating Shared Value” by Mark Kramer and Michael Porter, that changed the trajectory of their business. Carlos immediately refocused Intercorp’s priorities towards the people they interact with and the communities in which they operate. In this episode of The Big Question, Detria Williamson asks Carlos and Sandy Speicher, IDEO CEO… how might we build businesses with purpose at the heart? Carlos and Sandy discuss how Intercorp creates shared value for itself and its communities, the power of a diverse workforce and why innovation is too important to be outsourced.
What Happens If We Don't Ask Big Questions? With David Kelley, IDEO Co-founder & Stanford Professor
October 15, 2021 • 26 MIN
In the first episode of The Big Question, Detria Williamson is joined by David Kelley, IDEO co-founder, Stanford professor and design maverick. David shares how his perspective on the world shifted with the birth of his daughter, how his perception of “the designer” has changed since he started IDEO almost 30 years ago and what happens if we don’t ask Big Questions.
October 15, 2021 • 1 MIN
How can we improve the U.S. food system and reduce the 40% food waste while better serving the 10% of households living in food insecurity? How do we incentivize vaccine skeptics? And what are businesses responsible for in today’s society? These are just some of the big questions that Detria Williamson will ask guests like David Kelley (IDEO co-founder), Carlos Rodriguez-Pastor (Intercorp founder) and Sandy Speicher (IDEO CEO) on The Big Question: an IDEO Podcast.