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What Foods Are Bad For Your Heart?
December 23, 2020 • 7 MIN
One of the biggest ways to keep your heart healthy is to watch what you eat and to make sure you are fueling your body with heart-healthy foods. We’ve grown accustomed to certain foods, and not all of them are good. There are some foods that are just bad for your heart and you really shouldn’t eat. Whether you’ve had heart problems before or just want to make healthier choices, avoid these foods.
Mini Heart Attack Symptoms
December 23, 2020 • 6 MIN
Heart attacks, also called myocardial infarction, happen when the flow of blood to the heart is blocked. These blockages are mostly a buildup of fat, cholesterol and other substances that form plaque in the arteries. The plaque can sometimes rupture and form a clot that blocks the blood flow. When blood flow is interrupted, it can damage or destroy part of the heart muscle.
Heart Strengthening Supplements
December 23, 2020 • 7 MIN
Our heart has one of the most important jobs of all the organs in the body. Its purpose is to pump blood throughout the body via the circulatory system. It also supplies crucial oxygen and nutrients to the body’s tissues while removing carbon dioxide and other waste material. Not an easy feat! That’s why keeping our heart strong and healthy is important. There are the obvious methods of eating right and exercising. But what else can you do to keep your heart healthy? Another way is by taking supplements. These ensure your body receives the needed nutrients while supporting the body’s overall function.
How Does Anxiety Affect the Immune System?
December 23, 2020 • 5 MIN
As you get older, it becomes more and more important to take care of your immune system, as it’s your body’s last line of defense between you and infections, viruses, and bacteria. One of the ways you can ensure your immune system is functioning at 100% is by taking care of your mental health. Anxiety, stress, and depression have all been linked to a decrease in our immune system’s functionality.
What Are Natural Immunostimulants Used For?
December 23, 2020 • 6 MIN
Having a strong immune system is crucial to fighting off any germs or illnesses that may strike. And there are some natural immunostimulants that can be used to give the immune system the extra protection it needs. To learn more about what immunostimulants are and how they can be beneficial, the team at spermidineLIFE® is diving deeper into ways to naturally protect the system that protects your body from invaders.
What is Dementia?
December 23, 2020 • 9 MIN
The older we get the more prone we are to age-related diseases, some of the most common ones being dementia-related diseases. These diseases all greatly decrease our cognitive function, making day-to-day activities difficult, and even decreasing our longevity. It’s important to understand the signs of dementia so you can recognize the symptoms in yourself or a loved one. We will go over dementia, the stages of dementia, the types of dementia, and treatment options.
How to Improve Brain Health
December 23, 2020 • 9 MIN
Keeping your brain sharp and healthy is important to live a long life. Oftentimes, heart health seems to take precedence so we put aside the importance of making sure we keep the organ on top healthy too. Keeping the brain healthy can be as simple as making healthy choices from what we put into our bodies to how we feel. Here is a brain health guide on some steps to take to keep your brain healthy:
What Causes Excessive Oily Skin?
December 23, 2020 • 8 MIN
Oily skin happens when the sebaceous glands produce too much sebum. Sebum is the oily substance that hydrates and protects skin. It’s a mixture of dead skin cells and fat lipids that protect skin from drying out. Too much and pores can get clogged resulting in breakouts. There are a few main causes that lead to oily skin.
At What Age Does Your Immune System Weaken?
December 23, 2020 • 5 MIN
As you get older, you focus on taking care of your skin to look and feel better about yourself. Unfortunately, most people are too focused on their skin to focus on something arguably more important, their immune system. As we get older, it becomes increasingly important that we do whatever we can to take care of our immune system’s health. We can do this by enacting a healthy lifestyle.
Best Exercises to Reverse Aging
December 23, 2020 • 6 MIN
Staying physically active is important, especially as we age. But researchers discovered through a study in 1966 that being sedentary, even for just a short amount of time, has detrimental effects on the body. During this three week study, all the five healthy volunteers had to do was stay in bed. Researchers tested the men before and after the three weeks discovering that they had the physiological characteristics of men twice their age including:
The Best Life Expectancy Calculators
December 23, 2020 • 7 MIN
Life expectancy looks at the overall mortality level of a population. It varies based on where people live but in 2016, the average life expectancy was 72 years of age. That number comes from the difference between men and women, since women tend to live longer. Women average 74.2 years of age whereas men live to 69.8. Life expectancy has been increasing than
What is the Bulletproof Diet?
December 23, 2020 • 7 MIN
This diet was created by Dave Asprey in 2014. Asprey had a technology background and turned into a biohacking guru. Biohacking is a DIY biology approach where people modify their lifestyle in order for their body to function better and more efficiently. It’s a way of using your body as a laboratory to find out what works for you.
What Can Cause Pimples on Your Face?
December 23, 2020 • 7 MIN
Acne is caused by clogged follicles. This can be from oil and dead skin cells leading to whiteheads, blackheads or pimples. They can appear anywhere on the body, but when they are on the face, that’s when people tend to take more notice. While it is most common amongst teenagers, it can happen to anyone.
Do We Really Need Skincare Products?
December 23, 2020 • 11 MIN
It’s no secret, we all want to look as good as possible to give off good first impressions and increase our self-confidence. The older we get, the more difficult it becomes to keep our skin looking young and beautiful. That’s why taking the steps necessary to implement a healthy skin care routine becomes very important. You can get the skincare you need through drug store products, prescribed products, or supplements, however it’s important to do your research so you know what products best suit you and your skin.
What Age is a Child's Immune System Fully Developed?
December 23, 2020 • 6 MIN
The immune system protects us from illnesses and germs. It consists of cells, proteins, tissues and organs that work together to fight these invaders. As we get older, our immune system develops and becomes stronger.
How do You Strengthen a Weak Heart?
December 23, 2020 • 5 MIN
The heart is one of the most important parts of the body. It is an organ but is considered to be a muscular organ because not only is it comprised of different types of tissues and cells; it is also largely made of a type of muscle tissue called the cardiac muscle. The heart’s primary function is to pump blood throughout the body. This blood supplies oxygen and nutrients to the tissues throughout the body and removes carbon dioxide and other waste.
How to Get Clear Skin Naturally
December 23, 2020 • 6 MIN
We all yearn to look younger. To achieve this, we spend hundreds of dollars on skin care products, most of which don’t provide the results we were looking for. However, you don’t need expensive skin care products to look and feel great. In fact, you can implement a healthy skin care routine only using ingredients found in your pantry, spice drawer, and refrigerator!
How are Neurodegenerative Diseases Treated?
December 23, 2020 • 7 MIN
When it comes to keeping up with your health, there’s arguably nothing more important than your brain health. Neurodegenerative diseases can be hereditary or they can occur after an illness or injury. While there is currently no known cure for neurodegenerative diseases, there are treatment options to limit the symptoms. Here is some important information pertaining to these diseases and popular treatment options.
Natural Immune Boosting Tea Recipes
December 23, 2020 • 6 MIN
Besides just the sensation of relaxation that comes from drinking a cup of tea, there are other benefits including giving your immune system a boost. Some teas have germ fighting abilities thanks to a chemical in them called alkylamines. Researchers tested immune cells of 11 volunteers who drank 5-6 cups of tea every day for two-four weeks. Another 10 non-tea and non-coffee drinking volunteers drank 5-6 cups of instant coffee. After two weeks, they looked at the gamma delta immune cells from both groups when exposed to germs and the 7 of the 11 tea drinkers immune cells went into action after sensing germs
How to Increase Immunity In Children Naturally
December 23, 2020 • 7 MIN
Having a strong immune system is important for anyone to fight off germs and illnesses. But children’s immune systems are still developing and any germs they are exposed to may be completely new to them. Now more than ever it’s important to make sure our immune systems are strong, especially for children whose delicate immune systems may not be fully developed.
Causes of Neurodegeneration
December 1, 2020 • 8 MIN
Neurodegeneration happens due to the progressive degeneration and/or the death of nerve cells. It can be a terrifying experience watching someone you love deal with a neurodegenerative disease or worry that you may be at risk of developing one. Because there is so much to know about neurodegeneration, the team at spermidineLIFE® is giving you information from what causes it to how you can prevent it.
What are the Nucleotides NMN and NAD?
November 10, 2020 • 6 MIN
NAD, or Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, is an enzyme derived from several different forms of the vitamin B3 (Niacin, Nicotinamide Riboside and Nicotinamide) and amino acids like tryptophan and aspartic acid (2). This enzyme is responsible for maintaining most important biological functions, like DNA repair, immune response, stress response, cellular differentiation, circadian rhythm and metabolism (6, 3). It acts as a carrier for electrons in energy production, oxidizing and reducing to become NAD+ or NADH (4). Additionally, NAD can work to trigger mitochondrial autophagy to help maintain a healthy level of mitochondria and reduce oxidative stress (2). Boiled down, NAD is important because it is present in every cell to help with almost all “biologically important systems in the body”, and the ability to maintain NAD production is “paramount for cell survival and function” (4).
What Foods Contain Biotin?
November 9, 2020 • 6 MIN
Biotin is often an underrated vitamin and not one we think of first when considering what vitamins to make sure we get enough of every day. But don’t underestimate the power of biotin. And to make sure you don’t, the team at spermidineLIFE® has more information for you on this vitamin more commonly known as vitamin H.
What Does Zinc Do?
November 9, 2020 • 6 MIN
The benefits of zinc are pretty immense. Zinc is a nutrient in the body that aids the immune system and metabolic function. It also helps wounds to heal as well as improve your sense of taste and smell (1). Zinc is found in a lot of popular foods we eat such as chicken, red meat and even fortified breakfast cereals. But some people will take a zinc supplement orally to treat colds. It is important to know that zinc can decrease the effectiveness of some drugs and does have side effects so it’s important to talk to your doctor.
What Causes Dandruff?
November 9, 2020 • 4 MIN
Dry skin and dandruff are oftentimes mixed up with one another. While they may appear very similar a lot of times, they are two totally different problems. There are many dandruff causes, such as oily skin that is irritated or not shampooing your hair enough. Not that it is caused by dirty hair, but shampooing your hair helps to eliminate the flakes instead of them building up.
What Foods Contain Spermidine?
November 9, 2020 • 5 MIN
Foods that are high in spermidine can help induce a bodily function known as autophagy. This is the body’s process of replacing old, dying, or damaged cells with newer healthier cells. As you can imagine, this process is crucial for your overall wellbeing and it can help increase your longevity.
What is a Dietary Supplement?
November 9, 2020 • 6 MIN
Dietary supplements are so popular that more than half of all Americans take one or more dietary supplements daily or on occasion. These supplements can help you get the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that your body needs to remain healthy. However, what exactly are dietary supplements? Here is a brief rundown of what exactly a dietary supplement is, the pros and cons, and the reasons why you should consider adding dietary supplements to your daily routine.
What is Alzheimer's?
November 9, 2020 • 8 MIN
Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia and the likelihood of us developing the disease grows as we get older. There is still much to learn about the disease, but recent research has given us an idea of how the disease forms and how it progresses through three major stages. There is no known cure for the disease and researchers still aren’t 100% sure how it develops. Here are some things you need to know about Alzheimer’s including how it’s diagnosed, the three main stages, and treatment options.
What is the Alzheimer's Prevention Diet?
November 9, 2020 • 7 MIN
Unfortunately, Alzheimer’s grows increasingly common the older we get. Researchers and experts are still unsure as to what exactly causes Alzheimer’s but there are things you can do to lower your risk of developing the disease. One of the big ways you can lower your odds is by implementing a healthy Alzheimer’s prevention diet.
What is the Hair Growth Cycle?
November 9, 2020 • 6 MIN
Hair loss and hair thinning is one of the most dreaded parts of the aging process. Unfortunately for all of us, most researchers are still largely unsure as to how exactly we can stop hair loss. However, that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do. Here is some relevant information to help you better understand the hair growth cycle and things you can do to slow down hair loss or speed up hair growth.
Ways to Prevent Memory Loss
November 6, 2020 • 7 MIN
One of the most dreaded side effects of aging is memory loss and forgetfulness. However, most researchers now believe that memory loss isn’t a regular side effect of aging and can actually be reversed or prevented if action is taken. Here are some things you should know about memory loss and how you can go about preventing it.
Autophagy 101
November 5, 2020 • 10 MIN
Out with the old, in with the new”; it’s a phrase we’ve heard our whole lives, whether it’s talking about a new wardrobe, significant other, or even the promise of a brand new year. While this phrase might seem like an idealistic vision looking to the future, there is a lot more science behind it than one might initially think. The biological process of autophagy, from the greek meaning “self-eating”, is a cellular clean up process that has huge ripple effects throughout overall health when either up or down-regulated. The study of autophagy, while it may still be burgeoning onto the headlines of the average american, is one we have understood as being of utmost importance to not only longevity research, but the understanding of our biology as a whole, so much so that there have been two separate nobel prizes awarded to the study behind autophagy.
What Are the Wheat Germ Benefits for Hair
November 3, 2020 • 6 MIN
When you think of wheat germ, you may first think of cereals and bread, and how nutritious these foods are to eat, which is true. But wheat germ is so much more than the grains you eat. It comes with a huge list of health benefits to match, even for your hair.
Can You Make Hair Grow Faster?
October 15, 2020 • 7 MIN
One of the most dreaded parts of aging is losing hair and the difficulties that come when trying to grow that hair back. While hair growth and hair loss are often determined by genetics, there are things you can do to ensure healthy hair growth. Here are some expert suggested tips to help you grow your hair faster and more importantly, keep it healthy.
Common Brain Aging Signs
October 15, 2020 • 8 MIN
Taking care of your brain, especially as you get older, should be at the top of your health priority list. An important part of making sure your brain is healthy is recognizing common brain aging signs. Understanding these signs will help you look out for warning signs that things may not be going as planned up there. Here are some common brain aging signs, things to look out for, and things you can do to reverse the negative side effects of brain aging.
Does Wheat Germ Oil Tighten Skin?
October 15, 2020 • 6 MIN
The older we get, the more and more important it becomes to take care of our skin. After all, we want to look as young as possible for as long as possible. One of the best ways to take care of your skin is by implementing wheat germ oil into your skincare regimen. Here is some information on wheat germ oil, how it benefits your skin, and ways you can implement it into your everyday skincare routine.
October 15, 2020 • 13 MIN
Intermittent fasting triggers “evolutionarily conserved, adaptive cellular responses that are integrated between and within organs in a manner that improves glucose regulation, increases stress resistance and suppresses inflammation” (7). Cells activate pathways that help to bolster defenses against stress, both oxidative and metabolic, and “remove impaired or damaged molecules” (7). Intermittent fasting also has extremely powerful effects on the modulation of development and severity of potential disorders, including obesity, cancer, diabetes, neurodegenerative disorders and cardiovascular disease. Biologically, what happens during a fast is the breakdown of triglycerides into fatty acids and glycerol, both of which are used as energy. The liver then converts the fatty acids into ketones, which are also important energy sources, particularly for the brain, in periods of fast.
What are the Benefits of a Healthy Heart?
October 15, 2020 • 8 MIN
Our heart is more than just where we store our emotions and feelings. It actually has a bigger responsibility. The heart is responsible for pumping blood throughout the body. This blood carries oxygen and nutrients to the tissues which need it for survival. It also helps to remove carbon dioxide and other waste.
Do Brain Exercises Really Work?
October 8, 2020 • 7 MIN
Aging. It is the natural process for our bodies--and our brains. There are ways to slow it down and to maintain active lives along with reasonably good cognitive function. It is even within the realm of possibility to improve our physical abilities as well as our brain health. To do this, we have to be proactive regarding brain health and our physical bodies. The use of supplements can be included in the pursuit of maintaining a healthy brain and body as we age.
How do Environment and Lifestyle Choices Influence the Aging Process?
October 8, 2020 • 10 MIN
Advancing in years and aging are not the same thing. Advancing in years is what happens in regard to the calendar. Aging is what happens to our bodies as the years progress. While we have no control over the calendar it is within our power to have control over the aging process and longevity.
Can the OMAD Diet Help You Live Longer?
September 29, 2020 • 8 MIN
We owe it to ourselves and our body’s to do everything we can to live as long as possible. The one meal a day diet has grown in popularity over the years as many people believe the diet helps them live longer. Here is all you need to know about the OMAD diet and how it can impact your longevity.
What is a Fasting Mimicking Diet?
September 29, 2020 • 10 MIN
We are all searching for ways to live longer, healthier lives. With all of the recent dietary trends, it can be difficult to find one that will help you both lose weight and improve your longevity. The fasting-mimicking diet has shown promising results and helps induce autophagy and ketosis throughout the body.
Top Tips on How to Treat Dry Skin
September 29, 2020 • 9 MIN
Dry skin not only looks unpleasant, but can feel really uncomfortable. Plus our skin can reflect our life, from aging to health. So it’s important to take care of it and there are a lot of ways to keep your skin in tip-top shape.
What Causes Premature Aging?
September 29, 2020 • 10 MIN
We all age. It just happens as time passes and we grow older. But people age differently. Some people look younger than one would expect. While others look older. The team at spermidineLIFE® is taking a closer look at aging from what it really is to how to take care of yourself to stay young on the inside and out.
How the Keto Diet Plays a Role in Living Longer
September 29, 2020 • 9 MIN
The Ketogenic Diet, or Keto for short, has gained in popularity due to its reported ability to help various ailments while leading to substantial weight loss. But what exactly is the keto diet and how does it help people live longer? The team at spermidineLIFE® takes a closer look at this popular diet, including the dos and don’ts and how it affects the aging process.
What Are the Top 5 Vitamins to Boost Immunity?
September 29, 2020 • 6 MIN
Having a strong immune system is the foundation for staying healthy. With the recent pandemic taking over the world, people are looking for ways to stay healthy. A healthy immune system is able to fight off germs and illnesses. There are many ways people can keep their immune system strong with one popular method being vitamins and supplements.
Foods to Strengthen Heart Muscle
September 29, 2020 • 7 MIN
The heart is actually a muscle and just like all muscles, it requires particular care to keep it strong and healthy. It is considered a muscular organ because an organ is a group of muscles that work together to perform a certain function. For the heart, it is pumping blood throughout the body.
How to Take Care of Your Skin
September 29, 2020 • 7 MIN
We know how important taking care of your skin can be but what’s the best way to implement a skincare routine? It can be difficult, especially if you’re coming in blind. Here are some things you need to know about skincare and products you should try out.
Top 3 Anti-aging Diet Plans
September 29, 2020 • 9 MIN
What we eat has a direct impact with our body’s aging process. And there are certain diets that can increase longevity especially through the autophagy process. Autophagy means to self-eat and is the body’s natural way of getting rid of damaged cells in order for new, healthier cells to be formed. Certain diets help stimulate that reaction. The team at spermidineLIFE® is taking a closer look at the top three anti-aging diets.
How to Improve Memory and Concentration
September 29, 2020 • 8 MIN
There are many different things that you do in your daily life that can affect your memory and concentration. When you take specific steps throughout your daily routine you can put an emphasis on improving your brain health. Taking a few specific steps to help you maintain information can make a huge difference in what you retain.
Top Anti-aging Foods to Add to Your Diet
September 29, 2020 • 6 MIN
We all dread the unwanted negative effects of aging. That’s why we try anything that we can to limit the aging process. Luckily for you, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on skin care products. There are foods you can add to your diet that will help with aging. Best of all, most of these foods are already in your pantry or refrigerator.
Can Boosting the Immune System Help with Allergies?
September 27, 2020 • 6 MIN
When dealing with allergies, there are times when you would do anything to find a treatment option that works. Luckily, researchers believe that you can help fight off allergies by boosting your immune system. In order to do this, you will need to implement healthy lifestyle choices into your everyday routine. Here is some info you need to know about allergies and how you can fight them off.
What Immune Boosting Home Remedies Are There
September 25, 2020 • 9 MIN
The search for optimal health is one we all strive for. Besides eating right and exercising, we can strengthen our immune system with some home remedies. Some of these remedies are also supplements that provide the boost our immune system needs to fight off any illnesses that may strike.
Ways to Naturally Boost Your Brain
September 25, 2020 • 6 MIN
It’s incredibly important that we do all that we can to take care of our brains. Think about it, all we are is a sack of skin, organs, and blood all working to protect and serve our brain. That’s why it’s so important to take care of it, especially as we get older. Luckily, there are several things that you can do to improve your brain’s health and your overall health as well.
How Food Affects the Brain
September 25, 2020 • 6 MIN
Junk food is something that everyone can get consumed in, but it really isn’t something that is healthy for you. When you experience things like brain fog, it can be a direct effect of eating too much junk. A healthy diet is needed to boost brain health and eliminate brain fog. When we choose to eat healthy, we are making a choice to use food for brain power. It is best to have a diet that contains fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to ensure that you are giving your brain everything it needs to thrive. Some of the recommended foods to eat for optimum performance are salmon, kale, garlic, blueberries, and olive oil.
Which Exercise is Best For the Brain
September 25, 2020 • 7 MIN
Your brain is the most important part of your body. Unfortunately, as you get older, cognitive decline is something that’s common. You can actually prevent cognitive decline and diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease by taking proper care of your brain. Brain exercises paired with a healthy diet and supplements can help keep your brain as healthy as possible for as long as possible.
How to Improve Your Skin With Age
September 25, 2020 • 6 MIN
Skin is a barrier. It’s a shield for the body protecting everything inside from a myriad of exterior influences. It helps us to keep the right temperature internally and sense the outside world through touch. But oftentimes it is underrated.
What is the Average Life Expectancy by Country
September 25, 2020 • 9 MIN
As we grow more advanced as a society, it should come as no surprise that life expectancy is steadily increasing across the world. Even if the gap of developed and undeveloped countries is starting to grow smaller, there are still some countries that live much longer than the rest of the world on average. What are these countries doing differently? How do people in these countries increase their longevity and how can you mimic it?
What Foods Are high in Polyamines?
September 25, 2020 • 8 MIN
We should be doing everything in our power to ensure we live longer, happier, healthier lives. Polyamines, such as spermidine and spermine, help the body induce autophagy, which is the body’s process of cellular renewal eliminating old proteins and organelles that are no longer valuable. This process can help us live longer, boost our immune system, and improve our brain’s health. There are several ways that you can consume polyamines like spermidine.
What Do Polyamines Do?
September 25, 2020 • 9 MIN
Humans and plants have many things in common, one of those things is that we both do all that we can to ensure we live as long as possible. One of the ways we can achieve that is through the intake of polyamines and polyamine synthesis. This process promotes autophagy, which is our body’s process of replacing damaged cells with new, rejuvenated cells. As you can imagine, this process can help us live a longer, happier, healthier life. Spermidine is an example of a polyamine that can help promote autophagy.
What is the Longevity Diet by Valter Longo?
August 21, 2020 • 9 MIN
The Longevity Diet, developed by biochemist Valter Longo, Ph.D., is meant to help people live both longer and healthier lives. It’s a set of guidelines focused on healthy eating that includes eating more plants, less protein and includes fasting.
Popular Longevity Diets
August 21, 2020 • 20 MIN
If you’re willing to do everything you can to reduce the dreaded effects of aging, you’re not alone. Millions of people across the country are trying new diet trends, workout routines, supplement cycles, and more just to look and feel younger. One of the greatest benefits of longevity dieting is promoting autophagy in the body. To do this, you need a diet that either limits the number of calories you eat, the amount of time you eat, and/or limits the types of nutrients you eat. Here are some of the diets that can help you achieve that.
Are There Signs of Autophagy?
August 21, 2020 • 11 MIN
It’s no secret that we all want to live longer, happier, and healthier lives. It’s also no secret that we want to live longer while looking great in the process. One of the best ways to achieve anti-aging is through a physiological process known as autophagy. But what is autophagy and how can you know whether or not your body is going through the process?
How Does Age Impact Your Immune System?
August 21, 2020 • 5 MIN
No two individuals have the same immune system. It’s important to keep that mind when discussing the effect aging has on our immunity. With that established, there are experiences the majority of adults share as they age that affect the productivity of their immune system.
Healthy Ways to Live Longer
August 21, 2020 • 9 MIN
While many of us believe that genes play the primary role in how long we live, it may be surprising to learn that diet and nutrition may be more important. A proper diet, while restricting the amount of calories consumed can not only reduce or maintain weight and belly fat, but it can protect against acquiring a deadly disease. Diet is so important because it provides the nutrients to support cells which are the building blocks of the human body.
How to Boost Immune System Naturally
August 21, 2020 • 10 MIN
The older we get, the more and more important it is to take care of our immune system. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us how important it is to take care of our immune system. Luckily, there are immune-boosting techniques available to keep you healthy. Diets rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and spermidine can help induce autophagy, which keeps the immune system healthy. Here are some crucial immune system information and tips and tricks to boost your immune system.
Spermidine, Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
August 21, 2020 • 1 MIN
Currently, there are no effective clinical treatments available to recover the neurological symptoms of post-traumatic brain injuries. This study researched if spermidine could help reverse some of the negative effects of a traumatic brain injury by stimulating the regeneration of cells with concentrated amounts of spermidine.
What Is the Mediterranean Diet for Longevity
August 21, 2020 • 10 MIN
Given the long and healthy lifestyle people in Mediterranean countries live, we should be doing all that we can to imitate them! The Mediterranean diet focuses on longevity by boosting compounds such as spermidine, which promotes autophagy in the body. Here is a brief guide to help you better understand the Mediterranean diet and why it can help you boost your longevity.
What are the Signs of a Weak Immune System?
August 21, 2020 • 4 MIN
A strong immune system is at the core of any healthy individual. Therefore, it’s important to understand how it works and the signs that indicate something may be wrong. It’s also important to know what can lead to a weaker immune system and what you can do to strengthen it.
What is the Blue Zone Diet
August 21, 2020 • 9 MIN
We are all looking for ways to improve our longevity. That’s why so much research has been conducted on the five blue zones in recent years. These blue zones feature some of the largest populations of centenarians in the world.
Diet and Lifestyle Changes to Boost Your Immune System
August 21, 2020 • 4 MIN
In the midst of the pandemic, people are more worried about their immune system than ever before. Poor diet and lifestyle can keep your body from being able to fight illnesses. Here are the top ways you can boost your immunity through diet and lifestyle changes.
How Does Stress Impact the Immune System
August 21, 2020 • 4 MIN
With your hectic schedule, it’s hard not to constantly feel stressed out. You’re more than aware of the negative effect stress has on your mental and physical health, but did you also know it can negatively affect your immune system? Here are some ways stress impacts the immune system and some ways you can combat it.
What is an Autophagy Diet?
August 21, 2020 • 6 MIN
Over the millennia of evolution, our bodies learned to adapt to many different conditions. One of the challenges ancient humans had to adapt to was the intermittent availability of food. One of the processes that developed to deal with that is a process called autophagy.
What is a Longevity Diet and How Does it Help You Live Longer?
August 21, 2020 • 7 MIN
It’s no secret, we all want to live longer. We may view ourselves as invincible machines in our younger years but the older we get the further we move from that distorted perception of ourselves. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be doing everything we can to ensure a long and happy life.
Does Autophagy Tighten Loose Skin
August 21, 2020 • 12 MIN
We all dread the side effects of aging, but the one we may dread the most is loose skin. Loose skin can make you look much older than you are and can greatly reduce your self-confidence. Luckily, there are ways you can avoid loose skin and ensure long-term skin health. Bodily functions such as autophagy help reduce the effects of aging. There are steps you can take to induce autophagy.
What is the Traditional Okinawa Diet?
August 21, 2020 • 9 MIN
The Okinawa Diet is becoming more well-known and is being explored for its vast health benefits. The diet stems from people who live in Okinawa, which is an island located off of the coast of Japan between east China and the Philippine Seas. It is the largest of the Ryukyu Islands and is one of the five regions of the world known as a Blue Zone.
What We Can Learn from the Naked-Mole Rat’s Longevity
August 19, 2020 • 1 MIN
The naked mole-rat lives 30-40 years and is fertile up until they die The life span of a lab mouse is three years (Strength and fertility diminish with age), A naked mole-rat living 30-40 years is equivalent to a human living about 800 years!
What Are The Effects Of Intermittent Fasting?
August 12, 2020 • 9 MIN
Intermittent fasting has a wide range of health benefits that researchers are looking more closely into. With an intermittent fast, the body is able to use up its energy stores while a person takes in very little to no food. It’s done in a way that a person is still providing their body with needed nutrients but allowing the body to use up its energy stores. Listen to the audio article to learn more...
What Is Nicotinamide Mononucleotide?
July 10, 2020 • 4 MIN
Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) is a nucleotide derived from ribose and nicotinamide. Nicotinamide is a form of vitamin B3, Niacin, and is often used as a dietary supplement and medication. NMN research in mice has found that it may be a productive anti-aging agent.