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The Housing Market
February 20, 2019 • 12 MIN
Big Picture - Is your Country on the Right Track? Brexit and the Housing Market European Housing Markets Poised for Growth Housing Market Down Under Housing in Canada The U.S. Housing Market The Interview - "Housing Market Under Attack - Values Disappearing" Articles and Advertising - The Digital Equivalent of Grocery Store Product Placement
Home Buying and Rabid Raccoons
November 17, 2018 • 11 MIN
  The Lotto Curse How Expensive Can a Home Be Where real estate is heating up Blockchain Technology and A Very Quick Loan Process 4 Out of 5 Homes in this City are 1 Million Dollars Plus
Real Estates Biggest Game Changer
November 3, 2018 • 10 MIN
  What will $125,000. buy you in France? Luxury Real Estates Biggest Drop Where is housing affordable to only 25% of the population? What an appraiser sees in a slumping market How accurate is the memory of an eye witness?
Interest rates vs Declining Values
October 14, 2018 • 11 MIN
  History - Where to find it Average Time before selling a Home Increases Benefits of Watching Cranes The Communication Conundrum The Best Month to Buy a Home and Save Money
What was – What Is – What is to Come
October 1, 2018 • 13 MIN
  The Global Real Estate Bubble Index Quess the year: Quotes from 2006 & 2018 What State had a 45% increase in number of home sales? Where do 50% of home owners not have a mortgage? When & where were 35% of all home sales less than the mortgage amount?
Where Prices Dropped $70K in 3 Months
September 23, 2018 • 8 MIN
  “Why Not” Thinking Do You Believe that the Depression of 2026 Is Coming The Best Place to Live in Europe The Swiss National Bank Warning Technology and Commercial Real Estate
Why You Can’t See It
September 14, 2018 • 9 MIN
  Why You Can't See It The Worlds Largest Shopping Mall Where have values gone up 30% in the last year. International Cost of Living Comparison Land Prices in South America I need to earn how much to move there?
Scam Affecting 150 Countries and 50 U.S. States
September 8, 2018 • 10 MIN
House Flipping Ranking for 172 cities. Wood Construction Building Reaches New Heights UK Prices and the 2009 Crisis Science and Seeing Around the Corner The School District where Students Speak 100 Different Languages
The Most Stressful Event in Life
August 31, 2018 • 8 MIN
  The International Monetary Fund Warning The California Exodus Buying a home and Senior Moments Not Just Real Estate is hot in Portland Oregon Try Scheduling Your Interruptions
Which Housing Bubble Is About To Burst
August 25, 2018 • 9 MIN
  Now against the law in New Zealand Almost half of Canada’s Mortgages going to reset Are homes affordable is the state of West Virginia? Price Comparison Portland Oregon vs Vancouver Washington Which way would you face in the elevator?
The French Riviera and Spaghetti
August 17, 2018 • 8 MIN
  The French Riviera Most Online Viewed Homes in America Where Home Values increased 95.67% Prices Reduced in Australian Why Spaghetti doesn't Break in two
One Persons Trash is Anothers Island Home
August 10, 2018 • 8 MIN
  British Artist builds a Plastic Bottle Island Italy's High Home Ownership Rates The Best Neighborhood in the US out of 10,000. Portland – Vancouver Neighborhood values Lessons from The Lily Pad
The Houses 3D Printers Built
August 3, 2018 • 6 MIN
  3D Printers Build a House in 24 Hours The Hottest Market in Asia for Luxury Homes Housing Boom or Prices Reduced? Best Places in the U.S. To Flip Houses Capuchin Monkeys and Your Expectations
The World of Real Estate and Personal Growth
August 2, 2018 • 7 MIN
  Homes $1,000,000. Buys Around The World. Why now may be the time to buy a Luxury Home in London. The State of Texas – Which cities have Prices Reduced? And which have Prices Increased? Subtle shifts in Portland Oregon's real estate market. Learn why two people looking at the same thing, see something different.