The French Riviera and Spaghetti
August 17, 2018
  The French Riviera Most Online Viewed Homes in America Where Home Values increased 95.67% Prices Reduced in Australian Why Spaghetti doesn't Break in two

The French Riviera and Spaghetti

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You have some money and are trying to decide where you might get the highest return on it if you buy a rental property. Now, where in the world would you go? What Country would you choose?

Can you guess who number one is? The Philippines with a 6.13% rental yield.

Canada comes in at number 17 with a rental yield of 3.9%. Learn about the other 23 cities from this Business Insider article.

When you think of the French Riviera, what comes to mind? Your last vacation? The Mediterranean Coastline? A movie set on the French Riviera? How about home ownership where 25% of the buyers are British, 20% French, and the balance from a host of other countries. This may be in part because France has no restrictions on foreign buyers other than the amount of time spent in their second home.

Want to buy a home in South America? How about Panama? Kent Davis is an agent in Panama and he has some excellent words of wisdom for you if you want to buy a home there. One piece of advise is the concept of time. That new construction home just might take a couple of years rather than the one to one and half years you are quoted. Who should you trust. How many ways can you be taken advantage of? Should you believe what you are told?

What are the most popular homes in the U.S. people bookmarked or saved during their searches? Trulia pulls back the curtain so you can learn more about these homes, whether the $71,534. home in Hunstville, Alabama or the $10,750,000. home in Washington D.C.

Prices Reduced in Sydney Australia by 4.5%. An article in Forbes explains why the Australian real estate market is declining, including the fact that 40% of all mortgages are interest only.

Let’s talk about real estate in the State of Montana.

You might consider the two ranches offered by Mort & Donna Fliescher for $50 million dollars. Of course only 7,000. acres of those acres are located in Montana.

Montana is the fourth largest State in the U.S. yet only has a little over a million people.

With good appreciation and mortgage delinquency rates two thirds of the national average, there is a lot to like here. With it’s “A” rated schools Bozeman is the top place in the state to live as well as one of the top 100 in the nation.

Billings, the largest city in Montana with a 2016 population of just over 110,000 has seen values increase 95.67% between the first quarter of 2000 and the first quarter of 2018.

Going west, what is happening in the Portland Oregon Vancouver Washington area?

A new record has been set for the most paid to buy a home in Portland’s Multnomah County . The Eastman-Shaver house in the west hills of Portland sold for close to $7,000,000. Learn more about this Mediterranean Style home. You might ask, “Just how much are the Property Taxes on this home?” The answer: A mere $65,000. per year.

Can you break a piece of raw spaghetti in two?

What typically happens?

When you bend the two ends and the piece of spaghetti snaps, it will in most cases break into three pieces.


That is the question first asked by physicist Richard Feynman and explained by two French physicists who received a Nobel Prize in 2005 for their theory.

The initial break would cause a “snap back” effect which would travel along the piece of spaghetti. It was how the spaghetti would fracture.

Two MIT students just became the first to be able to consistently break those pieces of spaghetti into two pieces after building upon the mathematical model of the French physicists.

What does spaghetti have to do with anything other than a great meal?

It could have a positive impact on a better understanding of steel struts used in buildings and bridges.

I think there is also an analogy here as it relates to real estate negotiations and personal disagreements.

We need to learn how to stop fracturing relationships and negotiations when we are at different ends of the proverbial piece of spaghetti.

We need to realize there is a point at which expectations snap and the negotiation process can be slowed down or abruptly ended.

It is only as we decide to stick together toward a common goal or understanding, that we are thrown into the pot of boiling water, become flexible in our attitude, and often come full circle so that the ends of the warm pot of spaghetti pieces are not so far apart.

How do we know when the spaghetti or negotiations are successful? I was always told to throw a piece against the wall and if it sticks, it is ready. I guess the same might be said for negotiations and interaction. When both parties have come together, softened their positions, and come to a mutually acceptable position that sticks, it is time to have some dinner.

Thank you for listening to and always remember, financially speaking, “When it comes to real estate, the best time to buy or sell, is when you don’t have to.