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Welcome to Insider Insights where you get to meet Non Executive Directors and go inside their boardroom. Listen in as they share their tips and insights for landing a paid board role.
Episode 12: An Interview with Non Executive Director Kerry Ryan
October 23, 2023 • 36 MIN
In this episode of Non Executive Director Insider Insights, we discuss maximising value through a diverse board portfolio with Kerry Ryan. Kerry has broad experience across various consumer-facing industries - retail, FMCG, sport, professional services, education, fitness, health and wellbeing, and social services. Through her diverse board portfolio, Kerry was able to embrace opportunities that challenged her growth enabling her to strengthen her skills and enhance her opportunity to add greater value.
Episode 11: An Interview with Non Executive Director Rob Hale
June 5, 2023 • 35 MIN
In this episode of Non Executive Director Insider Insights, we chat with Rob Hale. Rob is a client of the Board Coaching Institute who has recently launched his board career. Building on his stellar career in technology, Rob recently landed a board role in the mutual banking space which nicely rounds out his portfolio as a Government and Industry Advisory Board member, and fintech executive. Whilst Tech challenges are high on board agendas, there are few executives who can successfully bridge the gap between having deep operational technical insights and being able to translate this into board level knowledge to form the basis for sound decision making. For Rob, the keys to board success staying true to his value proposition for helping people, being transparent, listening closely, and translating complex technical issues into actionable business strategies.
Episode 10: The Benefits of a Purpose-Driven and Profitable Board with Sanchia Aranda AM
May 2, 2023 • 43 MIN
Managing an organisation requires strategies that can increase profitability without sacrificing purpose. Profit may be the same across organisations but the purpose varies. So how can the board encourage goal-driven values that don’t hamper profit in executives and non-executive positions? In this episode of Non Executive Director Insider Insights, we speak with Sanchia Aranda AM. Her professional career started out in nursing and has now extended to over 40 years of expertise in cancer control. At the time of this recording, Sanchia was a Board Chair for Scope Australia and Deputy Board Chair for the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre Alliance. Sanchia firmly believes that profit is not the main driver for non-profit businesses; it’s the purpose or the mission. Although a financial legacy is often seen as a valuable component, having a corporate social responsibility is what sets an organisation apart from others. When profit and purpose are used in tandem, the board becomes better mobilised to achieve its goals. They contribute better to the organisation and make a difference.
Episode 09: Getting Into the Boardroom: How To Do It And What Comes With It With Wendy Stops
April 3, 2023 • 38 MIN
Making the leap from the executive world to the boardroom can sometimes seem so effortless by some. While many others struggle to even get an interview for a board role, let alone get appointed to a board. If you’re in search of a magic button to have a successful board career, this episode sheds light on how to approach your board career and how to add value through customer advocacy. In this episode of Non Executive Director Insider Insights, we’re joined by Wendy Stops. At the time of this recording, Wendy was a Non Executive Director of the Commonwealth Bank, Coles Group Ltd and Fitted for Work, and Chair of the Industry Advisory Board for the Centre for Business Analytics at the Melbourne Business School. Since then she has also become Chair of Blackmores and Deputy Chancellor at the University of Melbourne. She completed her tenure at CBA in Oct 2020. Wendy shares her insights on how to make securing your seat on a board possible, with tips on networking and establishing yourself as a leader.
Episode 08: Finding Your Purpose and Passion in the Boardroom with Dr. Delyth Samuel
April 3, 2023 • 51 MIN
Are you looking to find your true purpose and passion in the boardroom? We all know that success comes from hard work, but without purpose and passion you’ll struggle to maintain long-term motivation or inspiration in your board role. In this episode of Non Executive Director Insider Insights, we’re joined by Dr Delyth Samuel. Delyth has spent over 20 years juggling full time work with board work. Her first role was a state appointed role as a result of her industry expertise with the International Fibre Centre. At the time of recording, she was secretary of the local tennis club and Non Executive Director at the Mulgrave Country Club. Understanding how to make an impact in the boardroom that speaks to your purpose and passion can help open up possibilities and set you on a path towards true satisfaction. It’s never too late to start making meaningful changes and building a life that you can truly be proud of.
Episode 07: Encouraging Creative and Dynamic Thinking in the Boardroom with Anita Muller
April 3, 2023 • 22 MIN
Boardrooms have been ingrained with conventional perspectives that are often difficult to challenge. This might explain why people in board positions often find themselves in comfortable, yet critically complacent situations. How can you recognise and break away from these limitations and biases and move beyond the traditional boardroom boundary? In this episode of Non Executive Director Insider Insights, we’re joined by Anita Muller, who at the time of the recording was running her consultancy business Running Tall, and sitting on the board at Matthews Steer Accountancy and Advisory. Anna firmly believes that modern-day board roles need to take a leap forward to achieve effective board leadership by encouraging creative and dynamic thinking in the boardroom. Being too comfortable has historically been a defining factor for big businesses who have failed. Reigning supreme just sets you up in the headlights of fast-moving up-and-coming competition. Think Kodak. Think Blockbuster. Think Nokia. Tension is needed to inspire creativity and innovation in organisations, to protect businesses failing from a false sense of security. In order for the board to harness different ways of thinking, it must first acknowledging the value of creative input from others. This breeds diversity and inclusion which results in openness to new possibilities and better information on which to base decisions.
Episode 06: The Five-Point Challenge of Board Roles with Robin Buckham
April 3, 2023 • 29 MIN
The transition from an executive position to a Non Executive Director involves many different types of hurdles. This exciting challenge requires you to quickly skill up in a multitude of personal and professional areas and to allow yourself to enjoy the stretch. These challenges will come from various areas - being heard, soliciting ideas, finding your style in how you govern and manage, etc. As well as building new relationships with members of the board and executive team. And not everyone is on the same page, so what are the keys to landing on your feet and hitting the ground quickly? In this episode of Non Executive Director Insider Insights, we’re joined by Robin Buckham. At the time of this recording Robin was the Chair at Gippsland Port and on the boards at Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust and the Australasian College of Sport and Exercise Physicians. She has since completed her tenure with ACSEP and joined the boards at Rice Growers Australia, and the Law Institute of Victoria. Simply put, if you’re not up for challenges, a board position is not for you. Enjoy this episode and feel inspired to take a step back and assess how you can best thrive in this environment.
Episode 05: Creating a Winning NED Portfolio and Networking For Board Roles with Michelle McLean
April 3, 2023 • 35 MIN
It can frustrating trying to get your board career off the ground, and what seemed to work like magic for you in your executive career, doesn’t open doors to board opportunities. Getting rejected after putting in so much effort in applications and interviews can be confronting and may even lead to self-doubt. In this episode of Non Executive Director Insider Insights, we’re joined by Michelle McLean who at the time of this recording was sitting on 13 boards and committees which included the CFA and East Gippsland Water. Michelle joins us to share her winning formula for building a fulfilling NED portfolio and developing a successful network of board connections. Having a great network is key to opening doors to new board opportunities. However, building a network takes time and it needs to be nurtured constantly.
Episode 04: Highlighting Social Impact as a Value Proposition for Board Opportunities with Professor Andrew MacLeod
April 3, 2023 • 49 MIN
Getting appointed to a board role will require having more than just referrals and an impressive resumé! You have to figure out how to effectively sell yourself to the business. With lots of executives vying for the position, how can you make sure you successfully land that board role? In this episode of Non Executive Director Insider Insights, we’re joined by Professor Andrew MacLeod. At the time of this recording, Andrew was Non Executive Chair at Griffin Law, NED for Burnham Global, the Outdoor Education Group, Arabian Leopard Fund and also held advisory board roles at LendSend and Keele University. Most executives who want to get onto a board put emphasis on how they can increase an organisation’s profitability by focusing on traditional metrics. But Andrew highlights the significant value board members can add to organisations when they apply a social impact lens. Andrew demonstrates his deep expertise in this space as he contemplates various board discussion scenarios and focuses on ESG and its role in increasing company value, managing risks and creating opportunities.
Episode 03: Exploring The Void: Preparing for a Transition Into a Board Role with Donna McMaster
April 3, 2023 • 33 MIN
Transitioning into any new role requires learning new things, but how do you prepare for a role that operates in a totally different arena to any other role you have held previously? The delineation between the board and the executive team can be a minefield for new Non Executive Directors. In fact, the shift from an executive position to a board role can feel like starting over again and you might even find yourself struggling to know how and when to apply your executive skills and experience to board discussions. In this episode of Non Executive Director Insider Insights, we’re joined by Donna McMaster who at the time of this recording was serving on three boards; Gale Pacific Ltd, YMCA Services Pty Ltd and Dandenong Market Pty Ltd and also held the role of Chair role in some of various board committees of these organisations. She was also an Executive Advisor to the consumer and retail sector and the proud winner of the Telstra Business Women of the Year award. Her transition into a board role initially caused her to reflect and question her value at board level. She quickly discovered how to contribute effectively and shares her insights today so you too can hit the ground running. Donna shares her story and how meeting great mentors, working with amazing people, and being a life-long learner have all contributed to her success.
Episode 02: Understanding When To Take On Board Roles with Sandra Dodds
April 3, 2023 • 14 MIN
Just like any other role, a board role requires dedication and hard work. To prepare for this responsibility, it’s important to understand whether you’re ready to venture into a board role. In this episode of Non Executive Director Insider Insights, we’re joined by Sandra Dodds. At the time of this recording, Sandra had recently transitioned from her full time operational CEO to professional full time Non Executive Director. She was serving on the boards of Snowy Hydro; a Government Business Enterprise, and think tank ‘Infrastructure Partners’ and behind the scenes was busy building a board portfolio. By immersing in a new environment, Sandra realised the importance of ensuring the role aligns with passion, interests, and values. This provides some guarantee of being equipped and prepared to handle business conflicts that may arise in the future. A board role is not an easy endeavour, so you need to be certain it’s the path you want to take. Sandra’s advice and experience help you to evaluate board positions and to gauge some of the potential challenges that come with it.
Episode 01: The Crucial Role of Authenticity in Achieving Success in the Boardroom with Lisa Chung AM
April 3, 2023 • 36 MIN
The ability and opportunity to make contributions that bring value to the boardroom require Non Executive Directors to tap into their authenticity. In this episode of Non Executive Director Insider Insights, we’re joined by Lisa Chung AM who shares her thoughts on what she describes as the privilege of serving others through the boardroom. She discusses her ideas on the crucial role of living authentically. At the time of this recording, Lisa was Non Executive Director of Australian Unity Limited, AV Jennings Limited, Warren and Mahoney, the Committee for Sydney, the Sydney Community Foundation and Artspace/Visual Arts Centre Limited, Chair of The Front Project and a Trustee of the Foundation of the Art Gallery of NSW. She has since taken the role of Chair at Australian Unity. The success of the business is highly dependent on what the board can achieve and each member has an important role to play. They need to be clear on who they really are, the contributions they can make, and the value they bring to the table. Being authentic is the starting point for most people - it resonates and attracts the right people into your network and strengthens relationships in the boardroom.
Episode 00: Unlock Boardroom Success with Insider Insights
March 31, 2023 • 6 MIN
It’s often stated that the fastest way to success is to role model someone who is already achieving it. If your goal is to become a successful Non Executive Company Director, what better way to do this than to listen to directors’ journeys and firsthand experiences? In the pilot episode of Non Executive Director Insider Insights, Sally Parrish walks us through a quick introduction to the series, what to expect in future episodes, and the three constant questions she’ll ask on every episode. What started as a private podcast between her clients blossomed into something that can greatly help executives wanting to earn their spot and create a massive impact in the boardroom. There is an endless opportunity to learn from different directors interviewed in Insider Insights, discern what resonates most with you, and work your way through your first board appointment.