Following the Threads
The stories of our life create a beautifully colored tapestry, interwoven by connecting threads. When we follow these threads that are tugging at our hearts, we are open to each other's creativity and higher artistic frequencies. Keep following those threads!
Interrupting the Pattern with Leo Treadwell
November 7, 2022 • 72 MIN
In this episode, I am joined by the founder of I AM THE MATRIX and inventor of Autobiographical Feedback, Leo Treadwell. Join us in learning how to live in Reality 2.0 by Interrupting the old Patterns and creating the world we are meant to live in.
Sacred, Wild Leadership with Valerie Stanton
September 12, 2022 • 78 MIN
In this episode, Valerie Stanton joins me as she shares her Sacred, Wild Leadership offerings and how navigating life with the archetype of a Light Leader can be nurtured through community. Find Valerie's offerings -
Are You Fully Embodied?
August 7, 2022 • 16 MIN
New Season! Welcome Dream Weavers and Seekers! I just come off a bout of a stomach bug and share how I see this as a reminder to ask the question, "am I fully embodied?" What does that even mean and how do I know if I am? Join me as I share ways to become Embodied and look for messages within.
Find Ways to Give Yourself
July 10, 2022 • 10 MIN
Giving your time and energy to things that really matter to you help you cultivate the life you desire.
Confessions with a couple of Enneagram 4's
May 24, 2022 • 140 MIN
In this episode, Zach Griffin, creator of Enneagram 4 Confessions shares how his journey began.
Your Relationship with Food, Body and Self with Amy Civica
April 17, 2022 • 50 MIN
In this episode, I am joined by my friend and fellow graduate of The Institute for the Psychology of Eating, Amy Civica. Amy is the founder of The Food Is Love Experience where Amy will help you discover your relationship with food, so you can fall in love with foods that heal you inside and out. You can follow her on Instagram at @amycivica
Who Am I?
April 9, 2022 • 15 MIN
In this episode, I have a quick musing on the powerful question of "who am I?" and how everything external to us is an invitation to go back to self.
Rhythm Of Our Lives
March 24, 2022 • 17 MIN
In this episode, I have a quick musing of how we can find the rhythm in the balancing act of our daily lives. Find my offerings at
Turning Pain Into Her Passion with Aimee Takaya
March 11, 2022 • 155 MIN
"trigger warning: episode contains mention of suicide and mental health challenges* In today's episode, Aimee tells the story of her psycho-spiritual awakening at 19 years old and how it turned from breakdown to breakthrough and set her on the yogic path. The thesis of her work is based on the belief that deep transformation happens when you have the will in the right environment with the right tools. This vision is what she brings to her clients and around which she has built her program.
Chatting with Mindfulness Business and Life Coach, Hicunni Chandler
February 22, 2022 • 72 MIN
Join me in this fun and insightful conversation with my dear friend and Mindfulness Business and Life Coach, Hicunni Chandler. We chat about staying mindful while building a business and life that stays centered on what is most important to us and how that can look for you as well.
Can Boundaries Be Fluid?
February 7, 2022 • 20 MIN
Can boundaries be fluid? Is it possible that when we get so strict with our boundaries we box ourselves in and push others out?
Staying Present With Your Future Self
January 30, 2022 • 15 MIN
We oftentimes need to be reminded that we are capable of reaching our dreams. When we only look at the future as a wish and the past as the reason not to try, we are stuck in the eddy current of life. This is how to get out of that cycle. *** I’d love to hear from you! Fill out this short survey and help me know how you feel about the podcast!
Part 2 of the Empath Series- A Conversation with Taheera Maat
December 25, 2021 • 40 MIN
In Part 2 of the Empath Series, I have an amazing conversation with Taheera Maat. Taheera is a powerhouse, one of my teachers, and how now become a friend. We dive into how to recognize signs which help lead you to your higher purpose. Taheera shares how she recognized the signs which allowed her to truly expand and continue to step into incredible work in her new home in the Dominican Republic.
The Call of Winter
December 17, 2021 • 7 MIN
What do the seasons teach us? Can we find the rhythm of nature to call us back to the rhythm of life?
Creating Your Dream Life
December 7, 2021 • 19 MIN
Can we really step into the responsibility of being the creator of our lives? I have adopted a motto now of "I choose". Every moment there is a choice to be made. Some choices we recognize as monumental, but we are always at a crossroads in the ever-present moment. Learn how to flow with the choices.
Do you receive messages from Spirit?
November 12, 2021 • 20 MIN
In this episode I go back to some shorter clips with my Mystic Musings. How do we receive messages from Spirit? I share how the messages can come in various ways and how to tap back into ways we may have forgotten.
The Empath Series- Phallyn Folse
November 2, 2021 • 118 MIN
In this first interview of the Empath Series, I introduce you to Phallyn Folse, an engineer in her "Clark Kent" job. We discuss how we navigate everyday life as empaths, how it looks different for each of us, and how we feel the call to step into more. Follow and connect with Phallyn at
Improv(e) Theater
October 5, 2020 • 32 MIN
I used to pretend I was in a sitcom or drama and have conversations with my imaginary co-star. Now I have you! I hope you aren't imaginary. Can we see that this life we live in is just an improvisation? We are just making it up as we go along. All of us! Even those who make it look like they have a script. Listen in and I'll share my thoughts. (If you are real that is :)
Balancing Time
September 6, 2020 • 9 MIN
When we think of balancing our lives some things might come up like the perfect ratio or maybe fitting everything in just right. Sometimes things flow just right, but if you notice, when you feel most in flow, it's when things aren't perfect, you are just staying in the present moment.
Destiny and Listening to Body Wisdom with Autumn Schumacher
August 31, 2020 • 99 MIN
Spiritual Alchemist Autumn Schumacher shares with us her incredible life's journey of true Body Wisdom.
Can we listen more?
August 17, 2020 • 17 MIN
Our days can become so full of talking at each other instead of listen, learning and witnessing each other. I share my thoughts on how we can use the less words and more open hearts like the Mystics to help us connect with the Holy Spirit.
Re-emerging as a (W)Holistic Business with Coach Hicunni Chandler
August 9, 2020 • 47 MIN
As we strip away what is no longer necessary or even relevant in this time of uncertantity, we can find ourselves with unique opportunities to actually reemerge as a Whole and Powerful being. Join me as my dear friend and colleague Hicunni Chandler and I share how we have taken the leap to unplug from all the ways we were taught a thriving business is supposed to look like and find ourselves in the way we decide it will now BE.
This is an Evolution
June 5, 2020 • 81 MIN
very raw and unedited. I speak from the Heart.
Dogs and Ancestors
May 29, 2020 • 28 MIN
Find out how the lessons our pets share with us are great ways to remember who we are.
Conversations of the Heart with Nico Zuluaga of Waking Seed
May 22, 2020 • 112 MIN
Conversations of the Heart are interview-style episodes sharing insights and stories from Artists and Spiritual Teachers.
Accidental Heroes
May 15, 2020 • 16 MIN
Sometimes we are asked to do what seems like the impossible. That's the story of the underdog. The story of the everyday hero. Will you say yes?Join Rosie Velasquez, owner of The Mystic Rose in these weekly conversations and thought-provoking musings. ...
Dot to Dot
May 8, 2020 • 14 MIN
What can we learn from following those who have gone before us?
Following the Threads- Meet Rosie
May 5, 2020 • 16 MIN
In this first introductory episode, Rosie Velasquez, owner of The Mystic Rose invites you these weekly conversations.