Following the Threads
The Call of Winter
December 17, 2021
What do the seasons teach us? Can we find the rhythm of nature to call us back to the rhythm of life?
Join me, Rosie Velasquez, owner of The Mystic Rose in these weekly conversations and thought-provoking musings.
I will share stories, insights, and welcome guests who also share how their life journey has unfolded. 

After a retreat from social media, I return with a powerful new 3rd season called the Empath Series, where the conversations are a way to shed some light on those who are opening up to their gifts but may feel alone. In my reemergence, I will continue to shine a spotlight on uplifting people as we stand firm as Lighthouses, shining Love in these confusing times.

In this episode, I explore how Winter is calling us to go inward and slow down.  Can you feel the pull to hibernate or go into the darker places to allow the birth of a new year?
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Either way, I'm so glad you are here and never forget you are not alone!

Thank you for listening.

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