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Somatic Course Design (Anne Bishop & Chantill Lopez)
November 28, 2022
In this episode, a dynamic duo offers a unique approach to course creation normally reserved for in-person classes. Anne Bishop and Chantill Lopez bring a fresh new perspective for helping students succeed using practices of mind-body connection.
Anne Bishop and Chantill Lopez are the creators of The Embodied Course Creation Program. They help embodied movement teachers design courses that can be completed entirely online. 

In this episode we discuss:

“One of the most powerful components of embodiment, is that it’s not necessarily that you're moving, but that you're sensing.”
– Anne Bishop

“And the truth is, specifically for a movement practitioner, if you are constantly putting your hands on somebody, they are reliant on your feedback to make choices and decisions that hold your students hostage to your expertise.”
– Chantill Lopez 


Anne's love of teaching began in grade school when she supported other students in math and ballet class. She has over 20 + years of educating Pilates and movement leaders working with a range of clients from Olympic Athletes for the 2008 Beijing Olympics to connecting brain science to movement practice for professionals working in rehabilitation. As a forward thinker, Anne weaves the principles of education, embodiment, and entrepreneurship to support others in building businesses and lifestyles that design for more time and financial freedom.

Chantill is a 20-year movement educator, international presenter, and mentor. She is the founder of the education company, Skillful Teaching, the creator of the Thinking Pilates Podcast and author of two books on teaching, Moving Beyond Technique, and soon to be released Teaching (Movement) Matters (2020).

Chantill’s work currently focuses on teaching and learning from the whole-person and whole-body perspective, drawing from brain-based learning frameworks, motivation and communication science, somatic and humanistic psychology, and other cutting edge models such as the Polyvagal Theory and those promoting full-body tissue integration, fascial-oriented training, and nervous system regulation. She’s recently created and launched a new teaching framework called Integrative Movement Facilitation.

Chantill is a master trainer for one of the largest Pilates education companies in the world, Balanced Body Inc, a featured presenter for Fusion Pilates EDU, and the creator of one of Pilates Metrics’ original movement libraries.

Her BIG PASSION is supporting movement teachers of all kinds in taking their work to the next level both personally and professionally through two flagship projects: the Skillful Teaching Mentorship Program and the Science + Psychology of Teaching Master’s Program

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