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Side Business Secrets - Cat Matson from Impactful Presenters
May 21, 2023
In this episode Shandra speaks with Cat Matson from Impactful Presenters as part of the Side Business Secrets interview series. Cat is a speaker, presenter, and facilitator for 25 years with a love of coffee and dirty martinis. She started her Side Business in 2020 and always intended Impactful Presenters to be a Side Business, but the universe had other plans and it has recently become her full time business.
In this interview podcast episode Cat shares with Shandra:

Cat Matson shares her journey of starting and scaling her side business while still employed, and how she made the decision to go all-in with her business when her role was made redundant.

Tune in to this episode, to hear Cat Matson’s mindset, tips, and tricks for launching a successful side business, and how she leveraged an intuitive decision-making process to ensure progress.

You can find out more about Cat Matson here:

Website:  Impactful Presenters

Facebook: Speaking Confidence

Instagram: @catmatson

Twitter: @catmatson

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