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A Fresh Approach for Adding Online Courses to Your Business (Abe Crystal)
October 18, 2021
In this special episode Abe Crystal, CEO of the online course platform Ruzuku, shares with co-host Danny Iny a fresh approach for adding online courses to your business. A detailed description of this approach can be found in Abe’s new book, The Business of Courses.
To Abe Crystal, CEO of the online course platform Ruzuku, books are written to be read.  Trying to simply translate a book directly into a video course may wind up creating something that’s too long, too digressive. So what should you do instead? You need a fresh approach to how to fit courses into your business. Abe writes in-depth about how to implement such an approach in his newly published book, The Business of Courses.

     In this special episode of Course Lab, Danny and Abe discuss Abe’s book, what business owners should think about when creating courses today, and what the coming years may look like for the online course industry.

In this episode we discuss:

“Over the past year, we've seen a wave of prominent thought leaders, as well as new startups, really highlighting the value of intensive group learning.” – Abe Crystal

Guest bio:  Abe Crystal is the CEO and co-founder of Ruzuku, an online course platform focused on student engagement. He’s also a strategic advisor to Mirasee

     Abe helps authors, coaches, speakers, and other independent experts create their own online courses and learning communities. He and his team at Ruzuku are on a mission to usher in a new wave of independent, authentic teachers around the world and invest them with the tools and support to succeed—everything the clients need to create, sell, and teach amazing courses.

     Abe is also the author of The Business of Courses, about the process of adding online courses to your business’s product and services offerings.

     Abe is an adjunct professor in the School of Education at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.  He specializes in learning design and user experience research and earned his Ph.D. in human-computer interaction at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Resources or websites mentioned in this episode:
  1. Mirasee
  2. Abe Crystal’s Ruzuku website
  3. Abe’s  LinkedIn
  4. Abe’s book


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