Random Acts of Leadership are Actually Purposeful and Intentional, Discuss with Jeff Geier
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Random Acts of Leadership are Actually Purposeful and Intentional, Discuss with Jeff Geier
March 27, 2024
Randomized behaviors in humans (perhaps all animals) is rare. It seems random that a housecat would be scared by a cucumber... but if just reading the words, you know what is being referred to, the behavior is common enough to likely not be random. Functioning in a leadership role, by definition, means that every day is going to have knowns, unknowns, predictability, and surprises. The unknowns and surprises offer the easiest opportunities for "random acts of leadership." With an effective leader, very little is actually random. Please consider that: - Leadership is about intentionality and being intentional with our actions and choices can elevate our leadership impact. - Recognizing and acknowledging moments of random acts of leadership can serve as a tool for identifying upcoming talent within an organization. - Developing leaders within our own culture requires a continuous and intentional effort to foster and encourage leadership behaviors. This episode takes the idea of randomization of behavior and sends it on an undesignated course to elsewhere. Effective leaders will have moments of making quick decisions in a moment without a lot of depth to their rationale. They will also, over time, earn enough wisdom to be able to make a quick decision that is backed by their experiences and understanding of the situation. Leaders will not always have thought about every repercussion many steps removed from their decision, but leaders most people want to follow will try to make decisions that will serve their team and the team's purpose. This includes developing leaders and leadership qualities among their team. It goes far beyond scheduling a single professional development opportunity. Effective leaders are continually looking for opportunities to help each member of their team grow. The No More Leadership BS team takes you on a brief journey of the rationality of random acts of leadership based on their experiences and observations. Spoiler Alert: leadership is rarely random, but the moment may well be.
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