When Someone Points Out a Barrier, Do You See a Blocker or an Opportunity with Geoff McLachlan
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When Someone Points Out a Barrier, Do You See a Blocker or an Opportunity with Geoff McLachlan
January 17, 2024
Imagine you're new to a geographically natural area. As you're exploring, you see a mountain. Is the mountain a blocker, opportunity, or something else? It depends on the nature of the interaction. When water contacts a mountain, the mountain is a barrier and the water finds the path of least resistance to the lowest elevation possible. When a person is hiking and contacts a mountain, they might go around, they might go over. If the person is an engineer trying to set a path for a train, they might go through. When you're leading your team, there will be barriers of various size, duration, and condition. There are opportunities to avoid (like water), to maneuver (like the hiker), and to dive in (like the engineer). What you choose to do is dependent upon the mission of the organization and must have characteristics and considerations for effective decision-making: 🌟 Engage Your Team: Creating an engaging environment where team members feel valued, included, and are given ownership of their roles is essential. This engagement helps them push through mental barriers and contributes to collective success. 🌟 Confrontation and Communication: Fear of confrontation can hinder team dynamics. Encouraging open and respectful communication within a team can help overcome misinformation, polarization, and ultimately strengthens relationships and productivity. 🌟 Leadership is About People: It's crucial for leaders to realize that effective leadership is not about individual glory but about the people they lead. Just as you take care of your team, remember to give importance to your own well-being as a leader. As a leader, there can be temptation to make a decision and then stick to it. If you start your path around the mountain and interrupt a bear den, best answer is to change the plan. If you get into your leadership journey and something is not working, even if you've agreed as a team, it is imperative to call out the change and make a new plan. Worst case scenario is to stay the course while ignoring credible and clear information begging you to do otherwise. The No More Leadership BS team has been around the mountain of barrier and chosen to avoid, engage, or dive in based on the situation. As you hear points of view that resonate, let us know how we're in alignment. If you think we are off-topic; bring the debate! We're all about learning through discourse. Most importantly, we hope you enjoy and learn a little from the episode!
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