The Ham-Fisted Leader
No More Leadership BS
The Ham-Fisted Leader
August 3, 2022
Watch nearly any representation of results-oriented leadership in pop culture. Not all, but for the most part, they are cold, calculating, often very yelly, and they “get it done.” Why is this how leadership is represented? Because in some ways, it’s true. Ugh. Even though these leaders are out there, they are not the only model of leadership. They are also not the model for effective leadership. The “it” might be making money, but for leaders who want to generate a profit AND treat people like actual humans, you can have it all. All of our experiences may have brought us into proximity to ham-fisted leaders. We may have been them. All of our experiences may have brought us into proximity to thoughtful and effective leaders. We may have been them. Reflect on what you’ve learned, positive and negative to get you where you are. Then, try to imagine yourself in your next leadership challenge using what you’ve learned and are currently are learning.
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