Author to Authority
Ep 381 - Speak on Stage and Build Your Business With Alexandria Agresta
July 3, 2023
Get ready for an exciting episode of the Author to Authority podcast. This week, Kim welcomes the brilliant Alexandria Agresta, with whom she shares a synergistic connection. In this episode, they reveal the secrets to aligning purpose and profit in your business, share personal stories of how they got lost in the online madness but found their purpose, discuss the importance of speaking to the right audience, provide tips for speaking success, and encourage entrepreneurs to take action to grow their business. So, what are you waiting for? Tune in to this incredible episode to make your business soar with the powerful words of Kim and Alexandria!
Get ready for an exciting episode of the Author to Authority podcast. This week, Kim welcomes the brilliant Alexandria Agresta, with whom she shares a synergistic connection. In this episode, they reveal the secrets to aligning purpose and profit in your business, share personal stories of how they got lost in the online madness but found their purpose, discuss the importance of speaking to the right audience, provide tips for speaking success, and encourage entrepreneurs to take action to grow their business. So, what are you waiting for? Tune in to this incredible episode to make your business soar with the powerful words of Kim and Alexandria!

[00:00:02] Using Stages to Build Your Business

[00:04:27] Leveraging Speaking for Business & Impact

[00:07:52] Guest's Entrepreneurial Inspiration and Lessons

[00:11:08] Embracing Authenticity in Business

[00:14:34] Target Audience Identification for Effective Speaking

[00:17:57] Mastering Speaking Engagements with a One Sheet

[00:21:11] Taking Action for Success

[00:24:26] Embracing failure and growth on stage

[00:27:40] Finding Fulfillment through Hard Work


Speaker0                                                                                        00:18

You are an entrepreneur, a professional, a speaker, or a coach.

And although you come a long way.

It's time for you to take it to the next level.

We've got you.

This is the Author to Authority Podcast.

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We'll help you use authority and influencer marketing to build your business stronger and faster by publishing a book.

You'll hear from guests that are thought leaders in sales, marketing, networking, communication, social media, promotion, and business leadership.

Let's do it.

This is the author to authority podcast.

now your host, the extraordinary word Ninja, Kim Thompson-Pinder.

Speaker1                                                                                        02:02

Welcome to the authentic authority podcast on your host, Kim Thompson-Pinder.

And I'm so excited to announce that in August, We will be having the 400th episode of the author to authority podcast And in celebration of that, I have decided to do the top 25 episodes of the author to authority podcast for the whole summer.

And we will celebrate the 4th 100 about mid August, so there'll be a couple of episodes after that.

And I chose these episodes because they were the ones that I just personally felt were the ones that gave tremendous amount of value that we're going to help you as an entrepreneur, professional, speaker, coach, to move your business forward.

These were value packed episodes that are just going to give you action steps that are just going to really propel you to the next level.

Speaker1                                                                                        02:10

So I'd love for you to sit back, relax, and enjoy this top 25 episode.

Speaker2                                                                                        02:44

Welcome to author to authority.

And today, I am really excited to have on the show Alexandria Agresta.

And She's just someone I just met recently, but already, just sensing such an amazing synergy between the two of us And I think we both have the same heart to help people just really get out there and just become the best that they can be and let the world see how wonderful they are.

So welcome.

Speaker3                                                                                        03:02

Thank you, Kim.

That was that just gave me all the feels.

I couldn't agree more.

I think, yeah, we we we just met over the past couple weeks but I think the beautiful part about humans having a very of the word they said synergy.

Having a synergistic connection, it's it feels like oh my goodness.

Speaker3                                                                                        03:11

I've known this person forever.

I feel like I can talk to them.

I feel like I can connect with them, and I feel that that same way with you, and I'm so grateful we got to connect Thank you, Internet.

Speaker2                                                                                        03:49

So just before we get in today's show, I just wanna remind our listeners.

that if you're looking for a way to be able to speak to potential clients and do it powerfully and using amazing words, Then go check out my free book called Power Words, attract high paying clients and customers, and you can get it at forward slash free book.

So, Alexandria, how did you get into teaching people about being on stages and using that to build their business.

Speaker3                                                                                        03:58


That's an awesome question.

So I wanna give a little bit of a backstory.

So it gives all the the people listening right now, some meaningful context.

So I started my company.

Speaker3                                                                                        04:22

It's called Purpose Pioneers.

almost 3 years ago now, and we are all about creating a world where people fully align what they do to make money with what they do to experience, meaning, and fulfillment.

So That Those seemingly contrasting things that has always driven me, like, we can do what we love.

and we can run our lives and our businesses and our careers in a way that's meaningful to us.

So it's -- Yes.

Speaker0                                                                                        04:22


Speaker3                                                                                        04:27

we call that sweet spot between purpose and profit.

So My business purpose is not.

You like that?

Speaker0                                                                                        04:28


Speaker2                                                                                        04:31

between purpose purpose and profits.


Speaker3                                                                                        04:54


We we like, well, sayings and little monikers.

That's our thing.

So the work that we do is all around purpose and profit alignment So we actually got started leveraging the stage, use going to networking events, working with big corporate clients in person.

and it was amazing, but we came to this point of growth, and we wanted to grow, and we wanted to scale this movement.

Speaker3                                                                                        05:11

So we were told you gotta go online.

That's the only way to do that.

You have to go online, you have to create an online program, like all that stuff.

So we thought that was the answer.

So we went online, and and this is where me me going into teaching people how to use the stage, how this came to be.

Speaker3                                                                                        05:22

I got a little bit lost.

I got lost in the online madness.

I got so far away from where I started, which is in person human connection.

That's what I'm all about.

I love being in person.

Speaker3                                                                                        05:30

I love even this right here, this Zoom.

This is the closest thing that we can get to an in person connection in the online space.

Speaker2                                                                                        05:32

So -- Considering we're in 2 different countries.

Speaker3                                                                                        05:48


So I got lost in the sauce.

I I started losing my marbles behind the screen And this thing, purpose pioneers that once brought me so much joy, I was so fucked.

I was like, I'm not fulfilled anymore.

Like, I'm I'm really miserable, to be honest.

Speaker3                                                                                        06:04

And it wasn't my purpose, and it wasn't the way that I was helping people and transforming people.

I call it my how.

How I was running my business was completely misaligned.

lately misaligned.

And I recognize you know, I was speaking throughout, you know, my misalignment phase.

Speaker2                                                                                        06:05


Speaker3                                                                                        06:18

But it wasn't my main thing.

So When I took a step back and I I I had enough I was like, oh my goodness.

Every time I speak, I brings me joy, it brings me fulfillment.

It's magical, and guess what?

I change lives and I get clients.

Speaker3                                                                                        06:39

So I I wanted to share the whole story because I went through this.

I went through my pain.

I went through my contrast.

to then come out on top and say, you know what?

I'm now using the stage 100% to to grow my business, to grow my impact, and I'm so connected to this and and the story that I've been through that I was just so inspired to help other people do the same.

Speaker3                                                                                        07:09

So now in in alignment with my purpose and profit alignment work.

I now have another branch for the company where I help thought leaders, experts, coaches, consultants, doesn't matter what industry you're in for all of you listening, the stage is the greatest place for you to be.

Just like Kim said, using the power of your words, using your energy, I believe that is the greatest way to grow any business.

So now that is a big part about what I do.

It's so meaningful to me, and it's just such impactful work.

Speaker2                                                                                        07:12

That is so cool.

Speaker3                                                                                        07:18


I agree.

It's it's pretty cool, and I enjoy it so much.

Speaker2                                                                                        07:27

So what did you do before that?

Like, what really drove you to this to to becoming that entrepreneur and and just being so purposeful and helping others?

Speaker3                                                                                        07:36



Great question.

I come from a long line of entrepreneurs.

My grandpa, my uncles, my dad, even my mom.

Speaker3                                                                                        07:58

So both sides of my family, it I got really lucky.

I I think I have the entrepreneurial spirit, like, in my DNA.

So I feel very fortunate to be bored into two sides in a family that that's what I saw growing up.

And and I'm I'm so lucky that's what I saw.

I saw my dad running businesses that he loved growing, you know, impacting the world the way that he wanted.

Speaker3                                                                                        08:21

I saw my mom doing such she used to run like this really successful eBay store and It was awesome.

So I got the offline entrepreneurship, the online entrepreneurship, and I think I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur.

I think I only I know as little I would say, I wanna be a CEO and a motivational speaker.

He might have.

So I definitely tested this life

Speaker0                                                                                        08:22


Speaker3                                                                                        08:34

But, yeah, I think I always knew I wanted to lead change.


And I I always knew I wanted have freedom, you know, if you do it right, entrepreneurship can bring you a lot of freedom.

Speaker2                                                                                        08:34


Speaker3                                                                                        08:49

And once I got to college, I wanted to go to college.

And then when I got there, I was like, oh, no.

This isn't for me.

I don't wanna I don't wanna do this.

I did follow through, and I did get my degree because I I changed my college experience to fit me.

Speaker3                                                                                        09:00


But quickly, and I was like, yeah.


I wanna I don't just wanna get this degree and build a skill set and get a job.

Like, I want to be I wanna be in the arena.

Speaker3                                                                                        09:09

I wanna fall.

I wanna learn.

Like, I wanted to actually do something really meaningful to me.

And I don't know where that came from.

Maybe I was born with it.

Speaker3                                                                                        09:23

Maybe my my dad installed it.

But yeah, that that purpose and that impact was here, like, as long as I can remember.

So I dove in.

I just I started doing stuff, and it unfolded and unfolded, and here I am talking to you.

Speaker2                                                                                        09:36



So I always love to ask this question at some point during the podcast.


But what was your your biggest struggle so far in terms of being an entrepreneur?

Speaker2                                                                                        09:54

Because you know what?

Most of my listeners are entrepreneurs, professionals, coaches.

You know?

And and it I love asking people this question because Sometimes as entrepreneurs, we think that the problems that we're going through, the struggles we're going through, nobody else has gone to.

We're the exception.

Speaker2                                                                                        10:06

And you know, for me, on my entrepreneurial journey, when I heard what other people went through, I'm like, wow.

If they went through that, And this is where they are, then maybe what I'm going through, I can make it through.

Speaker3                                                                                        10:14




We're we're not alone.

I think it just comes from we gotta speak our truth in some way, shape, or form.

Speaker3                                                                                        10:35

It's okay if you don't wanna be on a big stage in front of a lot of people, but Speak your truth in individual conversations.

Start a podcast.

Write a book like, share your story because there's absolutely at least one other human out there.

that is relates to it and has been there.

And then we start to form support groups and and communities, and and it's like, we don't have to do this alone.

Speaker3                                                                                        11:02

So, yeah, I I totally agree with you there.

I I mean, man, I've been through a lot.

I've been I have a a whole long list of struggles, but What what's coming up for me right now and what I'd like to share of where I'm currently at in my journey?

I think the greatest lesson that I've learned here is I have to run my business in a way that's meaningful to me.

And I have to stop listening to what everybody else is telling me to do.

Speaker3                                                                                        11:22

I know they have good intentions, and I know a lot of them are very successful, and they have a a lot of money, and and they've been doing this for a while.

But what works for other people may not work for you.


I say this because I got caught up and I I am about alignment.

Like, that is, like, a core of my keeping my business, and I got misaligned.

Speaker3                                                                                        11:23

So -- Yeah.

Speaker0                                                                                        11:23


Speaker3                                                                                        11:40

it can happen.

Like, you could preach alignment, and then somewhere along the the way, you're like, what the heck happened?

I'm totally misaligned.

So what I found is when I stopped comparing and when I stopped thinking I, quote unquote, had to do it the way someone else did it,

Speaker2                                                                                        11:41


Speaker3                                                                                        11:54

All the resistance went away.


So now, the opportunities that have been coming in my way, the clients that I've gotten over the past month or 2, it's been effortless.

It's been expansive.

It's been I'm like, wow.

Speaker3                                                                                        12:15

Business can really be this easy.

It all it only it really only came down to me living in alignment and doing things the way that I wanna do, it's it's the secret sauce.

So that's that's the biggest struggle that I went through this year.

And the answer is simple.

Like, do what feels true for me and to to reflect that back to you listening, do what's true for you.

Speaker3                                                                                        12:24

and don't even think about it.

Don't let your brain get in the way.

Don't look at everybody else.

Just do it and you'd be surprised at how aligned and expansive you feel.

Speaker2                                                                                        12:28

That is cool.

Thank you so much.

Speaker3                                                                                        12:29

I love that.


Speaker2                                                                                        12:35

So I know you've prepared some really great hints and tips for my listeners today.

Speaker3                                                                                        12:53


So I I mean, there's so many different things that I could share.

But I think the biggest thing is first understanding that this new year, this new decade that we're moving into in person human connection is gonna be your superpower in your business.

Speaker2                                                                                        12:53


Speaker3                                                                                        13:09

That's where this starts.

I want everyone listening to understand the foundation of why speaking and speaking on stage even matters at all.

So the online world, it's incredible.

It brings us it brings us connection, but it also has brought us disconnection.

Speaker2                                                                                        13:10


Speaker3                                                                                        13:28

So now we're moving into this time, this era where human connection has always mattered.

but it matters now more than ever before.

And if you are an entrepreneur, you have the most beautiful opportunity to capitalize.

And like I was saying, if you don't if you don't wanna speak on the stage in front of a bunch of people, that's okay.

We have the virtual stages.

Speaker3                                                                                        13:31

I mean, a book is a stage in itself.

Speaker2                                                                                        13:32


Speaker3                                                                                        13:48


There's so many fun ways to look at the stage now because of the Internet, but it comes back to the first tip is you must put human connection at the core of your business strategy.

Like, no ifs or buts.

I don't wanna hear it.

You gotta do it.

Speaker3                                                                                        13:56

You gotta do it.

because what is business built on?

Relationships and trust.


Relationships and trust.

Speaker3                                                                                        14:10

We buy from people that we trust.

So That's my first tip.

And then leaning more into tangibly, like, using speaking on stage.

My second tip to everyone listening is you gotta get on the right stages.

with the right people in the room.

Speaker3                                                                                        14:23

And what I mean by yes.

So what I mean by that is it's not about quantity.

It's not about I wanna get on every stage ever.

I wanna speak in front of everyone because speaker burnout is a real thing.

You will get quick burnout.

Speaker3                                                                                        14:32

There's a lot of traveling involved.

There's a lot of talking to a lot of people.

So We don't want you getting burnt out because guess what?

Your gift is no longer gonna be shared with the world.

Speaker2                                                                                        14:33



Speaker3                                                                                        14:56

It's about identifying what stages does your message and your energy fit best on, and are your ideal clients gonna be in the room?


We want the people that you wanna work with, right, because we're using speaking to grow the business.

We wanna make sure that they're gonna be in the room.

So now if you're on the right stage with the right people in the room, your message is gonna be received.

Speaker3                                                                                        15:16

And that's that's the number one thing we we wanna know.

Like, is our message gonna be received?

And then the next part of it is you're gonna have people coming up to you and asking you how they can hire you because you're saying the right things to the right people in the room.

And usually, you know, eight times out of 10, I'd say people go to conferences and events to change their life.

Speaker2                                                                                        15:17


Speaker3                                                                                        15:35

You have all the ingredients.

all the ingredients to make the the the transaction and ignite the transformation.

It's in the room.

So I'd say those are my my mindset tip, my foundational tip, and then a more tangible tip to really make this a reality so it it starts clicking for all of you.


Speaker2                                                                                        15:55


Like like last week, I was at an event where you get to share your story.

And I thought that it would it would be really good because I've one of the areas I've been working on in my speaking is really narrowing down my story to the key elements.

because I can go on for half an hour, but my story not actually get to the main point.


Speaker2                                                                                        16:16

So, you know, I've been on two stages where you share your story where you only had 10 to 11 minutes.

and so it had to really refine it down.

So I did this event, and it it really wasn't the right audience.

because every time I've told the story before in front of a group, there's certain points people always laugh.


Speaker2                                                                                        16:41

Or, you know, like, when I say my mother died at 4, you can see everybody kinda go, oh, right?


And so, you know, this happened to be at, like, the it was at, like, a Irish pub, which had, like, a backroom with the stage.

So a lot of the people in there, I don't really think were, like, entrepreneurs in that.

And I was finding it hard because I wasn't getting the normal feedback I normally did.

Speaker2                                                                                        16:56

Like, not even the little giggles and laugh the normal places that people do.

Like, when I when I talk about the fact that, you know, my dad was captain, patience, and, you know, it's like, kick Alberta.

Well, that's what happens.

People like

Speaker3                                                                                        16:57





Speaker1                                                                                        17:00

Or, you know, I would talk, you know, I

Speaker2                                                                                        17:20

share my story about you know, the time that a gullible girl captain patients asked gullible girl to run the dishwasher, and she realized there was no dishwashing powder, and so she put a half a bottle of liquid dishwashing soap in.

And you say, you laughed.

And -- Yeah.

Speaker0                                                                                        17:20


Speaker2                                                                                        17:26

this last like, that last Monday, nobody laughed.

And I almost didn't even know what to say.


Speaker3                                                                                        17:39


Well well, Kim, this is just it.

Not only will someone get speaker burnout, but what happens when the audience isn't responding?

We immediately go, What what's going on?

What did I say that was wrong?

Speaker3                                                                                        17:57

Like, right, we go into that self doubt mode, and that doesn't have to happen.

as speed.

We don't have to be in that that self doubt cloud as as a speed.

If we're to scan in front of the right audiences, it's it's gonna be incredible every time, like, in some way, shape, or form.

So, yeah, I I I've been there.

Speaker3                                                                                        18:08

I totally get where you're coming from, and we can avoid that by being very intentional with the stages that we're reaching out to.

And again, it's it's quality over quantity.

Speaker2                                                                                        18:29

So what would be some things if people haven't spoken before and they're looking on stages?

What are some things that people should prepare.

Because, like, if you're going to apply to be on the stage, then, obviously, I guess there's things that they ask you for.

So what what kind of things, you know, should a a potential speaker have in mind?

Speaker3                                                                                        18:38


Great question.

I actually just answered this question in my community.

So I'm totally I'm like, oh, just answer that.

Let's go.

Speaker3                                                                                        18:47

So Now this this response apply applies to when you're wanting to speak on an in person stage.

So with the virtual stage, it's it's a little more lenient.

Speaker2                                                                                        18:47


Speaker3                                                                                        19:10

So within person stages, if you don't have a it's called a demo reel, which is like a video footage of you speaking on stage.

If you don't have that don't worry.

Don't get too hung up on it.

I've gotten so many speaking engagements prior to me having footage of me.

And the first video that I got was on my iPhone, and I I I sent back to people.

Speaker3                                                                                        19:23

So just wanna start there because I know a lot of people they come to me and they're, like, I don't have a demo reel.

I'm not gonna apply.

Don't worry about it.

We'll put that off to the side.

Now with that, what I do 100% recommend is a speaker one sheet is what it's called.

Speaker3                                                                                        19:35

So it's just a simple one pager.

I mean, you can create it on a Google Doc, or if any of you like Canva, I I love Canvas.

It's like a templated graphic design platform.

And it's free.

And it's free.

Speaker3                                                                                        19:41

Oh my god.

It's yeah.

It's amazing.

If you don't know what Canvas, just go check it out.

It's it's absolutely amazing.

Speaker3                                                                                        20:00

So on this speaker 1 sheet, of course, you want a picture of you, a very vibrant picture, one that captures your energy.

you want a little blurb about you, so, like, you know, a 1 to 2 sentence bio, and you want your talks and your topics laid out.

If you only have one signature talk, Guess what?

That's even better.

You don't need 3, 4, 5 talks to look better.

Speaker3                                                                                        20:19


To to make it seem like you you have all these things to talk about?

one top, one core message, one topic hits home beautiful.

So you wanna have a little bit about you, you wanna have a picture of you, you wanna have your talk, a little outline of it.

If you're able to fit, like, a little testimonial quote on there, if you're able to get that, that would be incredible.

Speaker3                                                                                        20:41

And then your contact information.

So super simple to the point.

But what this does, although it's such as a simple one pager, you go above it's it's above and beyond in the event organizers Yes.

Like with me when I've sent this out, I've gotten responses like wow, I'm really impressed with this one pager that you sent me.

In my mind, I'm like, really?

Speaker3                                                                                        21:05

It's so simple.

So, right, it's it's the little things that help you stand out to event organizers and go above and beyond.

So I I would really say that's the only thing that you need if you're just getting started because you don't wanna overwhelm yourself You'll get to the point where you have demo reels and speaker websites and all that stuff.

But starting out, just create a simple one pager, and I promise you Event organizers will be totally wowed.

Speaker2                                                                                        21:19

That is amazing.

Thank you so much.

because kinda what?

It's like so many things that, you know, you think you gotta have all these things in place to move forward.

Like, even as an entrepreneur, sometimes you think, oh, you gotta have this.

Speaker2                                                                                        21:34

You gotta have that and gotta have that.

You know what?

When I started ghostwriting now the only prerequisite was for me as I already was an author.

I didn't start ghost rating not having been established as an author.

So I was already doing it.

Speaker2                                                                                        21:49

But when I went to start ghost rating, I just did it to earn money so that we could buy a couple of new cars and pay for my son's wedding.

Like, I had no intention of the starting a publishing business.

I just was doing this on the side.

And you know what?

I started my business.

Speaker2                                                                                        21:58

I went on a freelancing site.

I just started getting jobs.

You know, I didn't have a website.

I didn't have this.

All I could say was, you know, I'm an author.

Speaker2                                                                                        22:00

I can prove I'm an author.

I've got some books on Amazon.

Speaker3                                                                                        22:02

Super simple.

Speaker2                                                                                        22:09


And, yeah, they got hired right away.

I didn't need all those other things.

Now I've developed all those other things over time.

Speaker3                                                                                        22:10


Speaker2                                                                                        22:20

So, you know, I think as a speaker and somebody said something to me and they said, you know what?

If you wanna get out there and speak, and be good at it, just do it.

Speaker3                                                                                        22:36

Oh, amen.

Just get like get your brain out of the way and just do it.


I I think I think we overcomplicate things sometimes, and I think it comes from a good place.

Like, with the entrepreneurs that I know, it's because we care.

Speaker3                                                                                        22:49

We care so much.

We want it to be perfect and amazing, but start simple.

Start simple.

take action and the beautiful thing of taking action, it will breathe the feeling that you wanna feel.


Speaker3                                                                                        22:55

So people come to me.

They're like, I wanna feel confident I wanna feel this.

I wanna feel that.

I'm like, okay.

We'll do the thing.

Speaker3                                                                                        23:04

Oh, no.

I'm scared to.

Like, well, then you're never gonna feel the feelings that you wanna feel.

So we gotta the Mel Mel Robbins 5 second rule, if anyone knows that.

Count to 5.

Speaker3                                                                                        23:17

Turn your brain off.

Do it.

That is such a cool mindset hacked because our our mind is an incredible thing, but it is also a double edged sword.

It can get in the way and actually hold us back.

from doing the thing that we wanna do.

Speaker3                                                                                        23:23

So I I love that story.

I completely agree with you.

Start simple.

Magic will happen.

Speaker2                                                                                        23:31

Well, it's funny.

There's a Facebook post.

Like, I have quotes and Facebook posts that I just kinda keep and I repost them every once in a while.

Speaker3                                                                                        23:32


didn't say

Speaker2                                                                                        23:44


There's one I love.

It's it's says it it's like a book cover, and it says, how to be amazing at anything?

and you opened up the book and it only has one word and it's practice.

Speaker3                                                                                        23:53

Ah, it's so good.

That author is witty.

I love that.

That's so good.

Speaker2                                                                                        24:03

And I mean, here's the thing.

I mean, I've been speaking well, okay.

I've been performing since I was little.

I've been, you know, speaking off and on for the last few years.

Not a lot.

Speaker2                                                                                        24:03


Speaker0                                                                                        24:03


Speaker3                                                                                        24:03


Speaker0                                                                                        24:03


Speaker2                                                                                        24:18

you know, I do speak on a semi regular basis.

And what I learned is is that You know what?

There's times I go on stage, and it's absolutely amazing.


And there's been times I've been on stage where I bought it up a bit.

Speaker2                                                                                        24:25


But you know what?

It didn't really matter.

Like, people still enjoyed it.

They didn't know I botched it up.

Speaker2                                                                                        24:40

And every time, you know, I went through that experience, it caused me to learn and grow.

Like, this experience last week, what I realized was was it wasn't how I was delivering it because I was delivering it the same way I always delivered it.

Speaker3                                                                                        24:41


Speaker2                                                                                        24:43

It just the audience wasn't receptive.

Speaker3                                                                                        24:44


Speaker2                                                                                        24:59

But I recognize what I did afterwards is I tried to make it funny by explaining it.

and I didn't need to do that because it it didn't actually work.

So, you know, the learning for me and that this is the thing.

When you go on stages, each stage you go on, learn something from the experience

Speaker0                                                                                        25:00


Speaker3                                                                                        25:00


Speaker0                                                                                        25:00


Speaker2                                                                                        25:14

and and to grow.

So I learned next time, if I tell my story and I'm not getting the reactions I want, I'm just gonna continue tell my story and not stop.

because I stopped and tried to think of what could I say to actually make this funny.

Speaker3                                                                                        25:18



You just gotta keep going, keep flowing.

Speaker2                                                                                        25:19


Speaker3                                                                                        25:28



I love that.

I think, to me, the stage is a playground.

Like, it's a place we're on to try new things and and share new stories.

Speaker3                                                                                        25:38

And, yeah, it's not always gonna hit home, and it might not be received, but Here's what school doesn't mean that stage is can't be profitable for you.

Like -- That's right.

Speaker0                                                                                        25:38


Speaker3                                                                                        25:51

you can totally watch it up and Maybe you didn't think you did great, but the audience is like, that was amazing.


Remember, the audience doesn't know this talk and your story.

Even a percentage as much as you do.


Speaker0                                                                                        25:51


Speaker2                                                                                        25:51


Speaker0                                                                                        25:51


Speaker3                                                                                        25:57

when you quote, unquote mess up, they don't know that.

So just don't point it up, and you'll be fine.

Just keep going.

Speaker2                                                                                        26:05

So do you have one more thing with that you would wanna share with our listeners for today?

Speaker3                                                                                        26:18

as it relates to using speaking to grow your business?


I honestly thank you and I talked about it.

So I I was thinking about, like, what's what's one more thing I wanna share.

It's to start.

Speaker3                                                                                        26:32



The longer that you push off your speaking gift and push it off to the 2nd year business.

If that's important to you and you love speaking and you love human connection, you're always gonna feel like there's a little piece of you missing.


Speaker3                                                                                        26:39

because I felt that.


Like speaking, I say this all the time.

Speaking is about building momentum and planting seeds.


Speaker3                                                                                        26:48

And momentum it takes a little bit of time to build a powerful momentous force.

So why not get the momentum started now?

Speaker2                                                                                        26:49



Speaker3                                                                                        27:01

now build the momentum now.

Start planting seeds now, especially because we only have 2 months left at at the time of this recording.

It's a little it's early November.

We only have 2 months left of the year.


Speaker3                                                                                        27:13

So start now, build the momentum now, go into 2020 strong, go into 2020, with your values of connection and speaking at the more of your business, I promise you.

You will be thanking me later.

Speaker2                                                                                        27:28

I remember one time I was at a business conference, and the the speaker was talking about momentum.

And they related it to a plane and how it takes 60 to 70% of the fuel in a plane to get it up into the

Speaker3                                                                                        27:30



That's a

Speaker2                                                                                        27:49

really cool part.

It made me think, like, you you have to just You just have to pay the price to get the momentum.

You just have to keep you know, like, you're not getting any results.

Like, you know, your energy, energy, energy, energy, Not a lot of results, not a lot of results, not a lot of results, a little bit more results, a little bit more results, and then you hit that tipping point.

Speaker3                                                                                        27:50


Speaker2                                                                                        27:55

When it's like, nothing can go wrong.

But you have to pay the price of it.

Speaker3                                                                                        28:02

I love that.

What a beautiful analogy.


Like, you will get to the tipping point.

You will get to a point where you're so fulfilled.

Speaker3                                                                                        28:15

It's like you don't even know what to do with yourself.

You love the amount of money that you're making.

You're changing lives the way what you will get to that point.

But like Kim said, you gotta pay the price, you gotta do the work, and it's not always fun.

And sometimes it's really hard.

Speaker3                                                                                        28:18

but I will tell you this it is always worth it.


Speaker2                                                                                        28:22


So how can people get a hold of you?

Speaker3                                                                                        28:37

So I am super active on Facebook.

If you were active on yes.

That's how I came up with my dad.

So if you were active on Facebook too, please shoot me a friend request.

I will give Kim the link so you could just easily find it in the show notes.

Speaker3                                                                                        28:56

But shoot me a friend request.

Also, I do have a community for people entrepreneurs and and speakers who wanna use speaking as a way to grow their business.

So I will share that link with Kim as well if you feel inspired and you wanna part of our community, please please please join us.

And then, of course, I have my websites.

I'm on LinkedIn as well.

Speaker3                                                                                        29:01

Like, I'm very visible.

you can find me.

But Facebook is my main jam.

Speaker2                                                                                        29:04

So what's the name of of your group on Facebook?

Speaker3                                                                                        29:06

It's called the main stage.

Speaker2                                                                                        29:08

The main stage.


Speaker0                                                                                        29:08


Speaker3                                                                                        29:09



Speaker2                                                                                        29:12


Well, thank you so much, Alexandria.

Speaker3                                                                                        29:18


This was so awesome.

Thank you so much for for having me on.

This was totally jazzed right now by your conversations.

Speaker2                                                                                        29:35

And I think our audience will really appreciate it too because many of them are gonna wanna get on stages.


This has been authored to authority.

Take you, Alexandria, and we look forward to seeing you on the next episode.