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Episode 282: Navigating the Nuances: Security Compliance as a Sales and Business Imperative with Susan Walsh
September 19, 2023
In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, security compliance has become a critical concern for organizations of all sizes. With the increasing prevalence of data breaches and the growing emphasis on risk management, clients are now prioritizing security assessments as part of their engagement process. For sales teams, this can either make or break a deal, depending on how well-prepared they are to address security compliance requirements. But this begs the question... What strategies can organizations adopt to seamlessly integrate these security measures? And how can they ensure ongoing adherence to these ever-evolving standards? To shed light on this important topic, we are joined by Susan Walsh, former compliance director at Snowflake and security compliance advisor to various startups. With over 20 years of experience in operational security, compliance, risk management, and sales, Susan is well-equipped to provide valuable insights into the world of security compliance.
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Guest: Susan Walsh, Security Compliance Advisor

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