Author to Authority
Ep 298 - How To Leverage Google To Gain Authority With Ant Blair
November 22, 2022
Kim welcomes Ant Blair to the show to discuss how you can make Google work for you as an entrepreneur.
Kim welcomes Ant Blair to the show to discuss how you can make Google work for you as an entrepreneur.

Your Google presence is important. When people are checking you out the first thing they do is Google you and what comes up will help determine if they want to work with you.

Highlights include:
* What is the one thing you are known for?
* Is you messaging clear?
* How to change what people see when they Google you?
* What content do you need to post?

With the help of my grandmother; who rode in a Model-T Ford, experienced Jim Crow, and saw America’s first African-American President get elected I developed my life philosophy.
I got access to what was then high-speed internet, the newest fully equipped Apple computers that tuition money could buy, and helly deep software discounts.
I’m in my dorm room sending products to customers all over the world, debiting credit cards for thousands of dollars, and downloading free music off Napster and IRC.
Online classes made it easy to make the Dean’s List, run an online business, and build a social network.
I became the first college graduate from my grandmother’s lot.
After graduation, I quickly founded a start-up during the dot-com boom.
I scaled the first African-American-owned web development company in Michigan to six figures in 8 months.
I eventually sold that company to a 110-year-old printing company after making a few million along the way.
After I sold my agency, I decided to leverage my marketing skills to become a regional craft beer authority.
I parlayed my authority into a first of its kind craft beer fundraiser that raised enough funds to supply 800 children in low-income households with christmas presents.
Today, I inspire young leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators to find freedom through capitalism and marketing.
I also, help C-Level executives command a room, provide clarity, align effort, and hold people accountable for achieving key business results and objectives with high performance speaker coaching.