Talent Talks
Objective-Based Interviewing
July 12, 2016
This podcast episode features Russ Riendeau, partner at Jobplex, a DHR International company based in Chicago, where he’s been active in the executive search sector since 1985. He is the author of seven books on executive leadership, peak performance and sales strategies. With a Ph.D in behavioral psychology, Dr. Riendeau has served as an adjunct instructor at Northwestern University and General Electric’s in-house university. Increasing the odds of successful hires – and then finding ways to retain them for longer periods of time – is now the holy grail of talent management leaders. Dr. Riendeau takes us through the hiring spectrum, focusing on the need for better training and how to get more value, while reducing risk, using proven interviewing techniques. His objective is to create a system of accountability for hiring managers – and to increase their success in hiring at all levels within their organizations. His insight is compelling, straightforward and is likely to reset how many hiring professionals approach the one task that they do every day: speaking with candidates.