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How Resilient Are You? (Dr. G)
May 4, 2022
Stress is a part of life, but is that always a bad thing? Can stress be a positive facilitator of growth and change? Physician and resilience expert, Dr. G, says it can, provided your resilience is up to par. And resilience is a skill we can strengthen.
Dr. G is a practicing physician, resilience expert, speaker and author, who contributes regularly to shows like The Doctors, The TODAY Show and Good Morning America. Her work in the field of stress and resilience is widely known and acclaimed. She helps patients keep the negative impacts of stress in check by teaching strategies for responding to stress with confidence and resilience instead of fear and dread.

In this episode, Melinda talks with Dr. G about her extensive research in the area of stress and resilience. Once we switch our focus from the stressors of life to intentionally strengthening our own resilience, we can face anything with less overwhelm and more positive impact. Be sure to check out the reference links below for some terrific free content from Dr. G!

In this episode we discuss:

“And that growth mindset, we need to apply to resilience too, because it turns out, it isn't a trait, we can learn to navigate change more easily.” 
– Dr. G

Dr. G is a practicing physician, resilience expert, on-camera personality, author and parent. Considered a go-to media expert on creating resilience in your community, your team, even your own family, Dr. G travels the world speaking at conferences, businesses and universities. She is a regular contributor on The Doctors, The TODAY Show, Good Morning America, The Rachael Ray Show, and Pittsburgh Today Live. Dr. G is quoted regularly in online and print publications including Today.com, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Real Simple, and the Wall Street Journal. Author of Teach Resilience (and three other titles), Dr. G has the strategies to recruit, retain and rewire employees for resilience.

Resources or websites mentioned in this episode:
  1. Mirasee
  2. Coaches Console
  3. Dr. G’s website 
  4. Dr. G’s LinkedIn
  5. Dr. G’s Twitter
  6. Dr. G’s latest book: From Stressed To Resilient 
  7. Dr. G’s resource - Resilient Cycle
  8. Dr. G’s Stress Tracker


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