20//Series 1 - Dealing With Addictions In Our Relationships - With Guest Joe Bailey
June 30, 2021
So many people struggle with addictions with todays fast paced lifestyle. I have dealt with addictions often in my practise and find that it is something still very much misunderstood. For those people in a relationship with someone who has an addiction or if you are the person in the throws of one it can really scary to navigate and extremely taxing on our lives and relationships. What many people don't understand is that addiction really is an innocent attempt to find wholeness. In todays episode with guest Joseph Bailey who works in and has specialised in the field of addictions for many years we look at another way of relating to and understanding addiction in our lives and the lives of our loved ones.
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Joe Baileys Details
Joes Books mentioned in todays episode:
The Serenity principle - Finding Inner Peace In Recovery
Slowing Dow To The Speed Of Love
Thriving In The Eye Of A Hurricane - Finding Your Innate Resilience In Challenging Times
Coming out in October and available for preorder now via Amazon and Barnes and Noble and Joe's website.

Joe's wife Michael: