If We Never Play Together, Would We Ever Connect with Geoff McLachlan
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If We Never Play Together, Would We Ever Connect with Geoff McLachlan
October 25, 2023
We all see the world differently. Maybe not significantly, but different. At the intro to this episode, Geoff asks The Team about their most fun at work. With 4 inputs, there are 4 different types of fun. It doesn't mean one is better than another. It means that the value of play is pleasant everywhere AND the type of play is not a one-size-fits-all. Recall who you played with as a kid. Sometimes it was whomever was in close proximity. As kids grow up, they tend to gravitate toward people who like similar things. Even then, each person has their own strength, and preferences which makes the play fun. The connection to leadership at work is not a big jump to make. Effective leaders bring in many different people with different types of strengths and preferences in order to cooperate toward a common goal. People who are learners and enjoy professional development are playing constantly. When people approach problem-solving and even tasky stuff, they tend to inject play. Gamification, taking a challenge as a problem to resolve, or simply exploring the wild array of possibilities holds the same components of play. As you listen, think about... 1️⃣ Play is more than just games and team building activities; it's about the connection between people that fosters a sense of camaraderie and humanity. 2️⃣ Finding joy and play in your work environment leads to increased productivity and improved teamwork, as it allows individuals to attune to one another. 3️⃣ The brain's default mode network activates during moments of play, emphasizing the importance of social connections and interactions at work. What's one way you can incorporate play into your work (daily, over time, for a single event, etc)?
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