Getting to Aha! with Darshan Mehta
Making Good Decisions with Gerard Ibarra, Author of "Good Decisions, Better Outcomes”
March 18, 2022
In this episode of Getting to Aha!, Darshan Mehta is joined by Gerard Ibarra, Author of "Good Decisions, Better Outcomes.” They discuss Gerard’s insights, and aha! moments. They also talk about his journey to becoming an author, how to make life-changing decisions you won’t come to regret, putting the ego aside to seek others’ opinions, using the P2 mode for decision-making and much more.
Gerard Ibarra is a consultant, author, speaker and a serial entrepreneur, who uses his experience across multiple spheres of life to help companies and businesses make well-rounded and informed decisions for companies. Using several methods and analyses, he helps to bring company stakeholders together to improve their processes and reduce costs. Gerard, the Principal Consultant at Ibarra & Associates Business Consulting, received his Ph.D. in Logistics Systems Engineering and Operations Research from Southern Methodist University’s (SMU) Lyle School of Engineering.


👉 Perform risk analysis; it is a method of making decisions in order to eliminate risks and evaluate the risk/benefit ratio of every task
👉 “Don’t let your emotions get the best of you”
👉 In every decision you make, have your true goal in mind. Have a clear image of what it is you’re trying to accomplish, as it will help you achieve that goal
👉 Consider the totality of all the factors that will make your final decision a good one, i.e., put everything into consideration and leave no stone unturned
👉 Negotiation is a great skill to have in decision-making. It helps narrow your options down, thereby giving you a clearer picture of the choice you're about to make
👉 Avoid walking into the confirmation bias trap. Get your  ego out the door and evaluate your options objectively in order to make the best possible decision
👉 “...There are things that you know, there are things that you don't know. But the worst ones are, there are things that you don't know that you don't know…”
👉 Getting people involved in a decision-making process helps create a balance because "if everybody's guts put together, then you'd make a better decision" 
👉 Get perspectives, viewpoints, and opinions different from yours from key players in your business or life. Doing so will help you make informed and better decisions and reduces the risk of making a wrong decision
👉 Draw up a chart to separate your needs from your wants so you can easily tell if the decision you're about to make is rational or emotional
👉 Have an exit strategy; a plan B. “...Part of that exit strategy should be, if this is not what was right, what do I do next?”
👉 During the process of critical thinking, when you’re making a life-changing decision, you have to stay focused

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