Just Between Coaches
The Power of Listening (Ellie Ballentine)
October 6, 2021
Have you ever caught yourself not being present in a coaching conversation? That can be a clue that you need to learn how to engage actively in deep listening, a skill you have to practice repeatedly. In this episode, Melinda and Ellie Ballentine talk about how listening is the cornerstone of coaching and how it will help your clients and your own business.
As a new coach, it can be difficult to keep the focus, but there are tools and techniques that will help you listen deeply and well.

In this episode, Melinda Cohan talks to Ellie Ballentine, founder of The Mindset Mentor. Ellie is a transformational coach in personal growth and leadership, and her superpower is listening. In this episode they dive into techniques and tips that can help you improve your ability to deeply and actively listen to your clients, every time. 

In this episode we discuss:

“We're not there necessarily, as coaches, to provide solutions. We're there to guide our people toward solutions. ” – Ellie Ballentine

Ellie Ballentine is a Transformational Coach in personal growth and leadership and the founder of Ellie Ballentine – The Mindset Mentor.  She works to create an alternative context for professionals and entrepreneurs to get past areas in their lives where they feel stuck. As a result, clients transcend the challenges in their lives and grow consciously and powerfully. Clients return to work and relationships with renewed purpose, more confidence and resilience, and clarity on how to bring insight to any situation.

     Ellie's sixteen years of corporate work in finance, consulting, and executive leadership and development afford her a unique set of skills that allow her to serve leaders and organizations in connecting expertise with emotional intelligence.

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  3. Ellie’s website 
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