There is So Much Everything All at Once; a Tall Glass of Suck-It-Up is Not the Prescription with Geoff McLachlan
No More Leadership BS
There is So Much Everything All at Once; a Tall Glass of Suck-It-Up is Not the Prescription with Geoff McLachlan
May 10, 2023
Why don't you suck it up, buttercup, and do your job, baby like I told ya to. Current sociologic data estimates there are 235 kajillion things going on in a person's life right now. With a constant barrage of stimulus, it is difficult to simply shut that our or deal with it all. When people talk about being stressed or even having anxiety, it's very unlikely a question of work ethic; it's likely an issue with all of the inputs. For example, the computer work station is on all the time and alerts the user to every email, Slack, text, phone call, etc. That's just at work and doesn't even touch social media. Our brains can only do so much, yet we expect people to just do their stinkin' jobs. It turns out, when we treat people like people, including slowing down and reducing stressors, they do better, work longer, and have less downtime. It's in the research and the No More Leadership BS team brings info, insight, introspection, and illumination to a topic that requires investigation and iterative improvement.
On this episode of "No More Leadership BS", the host and regulars discuss how prioritizing employee well-being is more profitable for organizations. They share personal experiences about toxic work environments and encourage leaders to be mindful of employees' personal lives while still getting the job done. The episode delves into the "suck it up" mentality and how it can lead to talented employees leaving due to toxic relationships. The speaker shares insights about the importance of employee care and support, mental health resources, and loyalty. They also invite feedback and urge listeners to subscribe and leave a review. Tune in for tips on being a compassionate and productive leader.Have questions, or just a great story to tell about Leadership BS you have experienced? Let us know by emailing us . Today's Featured Coach - 

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