Author to Authority
Training Brief: Finding Your True Potential: Navigating Through Impostor Syndrome with Kim Thompson-Pinder
March 16, 2023
In the 'Author to Authority' podcast, hosted by Kim Thompson-Pinder, listeners learn practical tools to overcome impostor syndrome and develop their unique full potential. Kim helps them understand that they don't need to be everything to everyone, but they can be something to somebody and that is when they will shine. Comparisons to superstars who are further down the road should be avoided as this is comparing apples to oranges. Join Kim by visiting the website for a chance to experience her insights and engage in this journey of becoming the professionals we were meant to be.
On the Author to Authority podcast, Kim Thompson-Pinder explores how to get past the feelings of impostor syndrome. Kim helps listeners understand that they don't have to be everything to everybody, but they can make a difference in someone's life by focusing on the areas they feel they can shine best. She encourages listeners to remember that superstars have been in the trenches and have paid their dues, and that it's unfair to compare their current success with the listener's current level of achievement. Listeners of this podcast acquire the tools and knowledge they need to feel more empowered and confident  that they are working toward their own successes and individual excellence. Visit the website at to join Kim each week and gain success today.

[00:00:02] Overcoming Impostor Syndrome
[00:04:41] The Benefits of Not Comparing Yourself to Others