The B2B Revenue Executive Experience
Episode 291: Refining High-Performing Leaders and Teams with Matt Phillips
November 21, 2023
You're a business champion, excelling in your game, with remarkable career progress. But you feel there's so much more you can achieve. If only you wouldn't get distracted so often by immediate tasks that distract you from your main goals. And how about your personal life? Is it possible to fulfill your professional aspirations without sacrificing too much on the personal side? The answer is yes. However, transforming this vision into reality requires a shift in mindset and action strategies. So, the critical question that arises is: What does it take to build mentally tough revenue leaders and executives ready to exceed their strategic and financial goals? To shed light on this important topic, we are joined by Matt Phillips, a High-Performance Sales Leadership Coach and Mental Toughness Expert at Matt Phillips Leadership Coaching. Matt is a former professional baseball player in Austria's Bundesliga (first league) and a Division-1 college baseball player in the United States. He also has an extensive background in operations, accounting, and business development, having worked and consulted for multiple Fortune 500 companies worldwide.
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Guest: Matt Phillips, High-Performance Sales Leadership Coach, Mental Toughness Expert, Speaker, and Author at Matt Phillips Leadership Coaching.

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