Is How We Handle Stress Our True Self, or the Right Personality for the Moment with Myra Hall
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Is How We Handle Stress Our True Self, or the Right Personality for the Moment with Myra Hall
May 15, 2024
In the work world, if you're not busy, stressed, frantic, or otherwise frazzled, it's seen as a slight or even a weakness. Ever tell someone you're NOT busy? "Must be nice!" "I've got some work you can do!" Didn't say I was disengaged, had free time, or was bored... just not crazy stressfully busy. And who we are when we're stressed isn't always the person we want to be. Imagine being that person in crisis mode all the time! As you think about your stressors and how you respond to them, also consider how you might respond even more successfully. Empowerment Through Self-Recognition - Recognize your stress triggers and personality shifts to manage reactions effectively. Self-awareness in stressful moments can dramatically improve your decision-making and interpersonal relationships. Strategic Stress Management - Implement proactive strategies like preparation and environmental changes. Getting ahead of potential stressors and altering your surroundings can significantly lower stress levels and improve overall performance. Cultivate Constructive Outlets - Find healthy ways to release stress without impacting your team negatively. Techniques such as stepping outside, deep breathing, and even momentarily redirecting your focus can help dissipate stress and reset your emotional state. If you happen to be thinking, "Yeah, but, you don't have MY boss." You're absolutely right. Our experience has taught us over years that there are some techniques and methods to dealing with or even reducing stress. Since people rarely quit their job but frequently quit their boss, we know the stress is real. How you react and respond is up to you. The No More Leadership BS team is here to serve. In fact, let us shoulder some of the burden for a minute. Relax for a little less than 20 minutes and hear how 5 other experienced leaders deal with stress. Then when you're ready to tell us your story of stress management, let us know!
This episode features the No BS Gang discussing the impact of stress on leadership behavior and the manifestation of different aspects of your personality under pressure. The dialogue covers personal anecdotes about managing stressful situations, the importance of structured stress management, and the consequences of stress on leadership quality. It also delves into how leaders can effectively confront and mitigate stress through self-awareness, adaptive leadership styles, and practical strategies for stress relief, such as getting outside and quick emotional releases. The episode emphasizes understanding and managing one's responses to stress to enhance leadership effectiveness.

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