Listening Between the Lines for Meaning and Purpose with Myra Hall
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Listening Between the Lines for Meaning and Purpose with Myra Hall
December 14, 2022
Any person can share their credentials offered by a college or university. It requires true introspection and humility to declare one has earned a Master's of Mistakes (MM). Myra has enjoyed successes via vocal talents, being a chef, raising pretty awesome kids, selling real estate, and now, serving women who want to truly live through their mid-life awakening. A part of this awakening is Myra being able to empathize with women who have earned some wisdom and are starting to interpret their world in new ways... and they need help making meaning of that experience. Myra's own experience gives her a point of view that is centered on service, support, and moving to the next adventure. While the words Myra uses can be applied to a lot of different people, Myra works with women to help them understand that their self-worth does not come from others, but from within themselves. What happens then? Hope. Hope that is new and worth that is newly realized. Whether it is Myra being a piano prodigy at 4 years old, a world-traveler, running a donut shop, or jumping on the Leaded Bean Train a touch later in life, there are so many new ways to enjoy and learn from Myra that we just touch on in the next 25 minutes.
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  • Myra Hall - Individual and Team Coaching, Midlife Mentoring- Helping you identify and overcome the things that keep you from loving your life. - Owner/Founder Waypoint Coaching Group Reach Myra at or 765-623-9711

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