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How To Embrace Your True Nature & Do Extraordinary Things: Freddie Bennett
December 3, 2023
I had an incredible convo with Freddie Bennett, a true warrior in every sense. From battling corporate stress to conquering ultramarathons, his journey will leave you inspired and ready to tackle life head-on!
In the latest episode of the Simply Fit Podcast, I had the pleasure of speaking with Freddie Bennett.

Freddie went from stressed, depressed, addicted, and suicidal corporate executive to Guinness World Record holder, ultramarathon winner, and endurance athlete who ran across the Sahara Desert and is about to run 300 miles across the frozen Arctic.

Freddie’s journey is an inspirational one and what I particularly liked about his narrative is that it wasn’t the same cliché advice that we always hear but instead much more real and to the point.

In this episode, you can expect to learn:

How to embrace your true nature instead of escaping it.

Why your childhood traumas may be leading your decision-making and sending you down the wrong path.

Along with how Freddie ran across the Sahara Desert without having full confidence that he could actually do it.

So, without further ado, Freddie Bennett.

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Episode Highlights:
(0:00) Intro
(2:15) Walking down Freddie’s 1.0 memory lane
(8:29) The path to being Freddie 2.0
(19:51) Freddie’s trigger to start his growth journey
(36:58) What did stepping on the start line look like? 
(43:37) Can you “borrow from preparation”
(49:04) Knowledge. Mindset. Habits
(56:09) When “done” is better than “perfect”
(58:27) The million people mindset
(1:02:31) Where can you find more of Freddie?
(1:03:29) Outro

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