When Being Heads Down is Not Productive, but Protective with Jeff Geier
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When Being Heads Down is Not Productive, but Protective with Jeff Geier
May 24, 2023
"I've just got to be heads down on this project to get it done." Is different than... "I've just got to keep my head down and do my work." The difference is not subtle. In the first instance, there's a start and a finish. The implication is when the project is done, they will come up for air and get back to a regular cadence. The second instance has durability. It's a statement about the culture, not a project. Do you have pain when you go to work? If pain isn't the right word for you, how about; stress, frustration, anxiety, stomach ache, headache, despair, isolation, or no feeling at all, whatsoever. If you have any of these types of discomfort, you get to choose. You get to choose whether the discomfort continues, gets worse, or gets better. There is no singular answer for how to alleviate the pain, but one way is talking about it with someone. "Someone" is not the person who writes your evaluation, shares your bed, or relies on you in some way. "Someone" is an interested and engaged third-party who provides accountability, reflects what you say so you can hear it, and asks questions to force you into thinking more critically about your circumstances. Our non-recommendation recommendation is to NOT wait until the breaking point. That's too late, you've already broken. Think about the indicators that you know things aren't going well. Raising your hand and asking for help demonstrates wisdom and self-care FAR beyond trying to force your way through a bad situation that you know will likely only get worse. The No More Leadership BS team has been there, helped others who have been there, and know there's a bright light at the end of this tunnel that is neither a train nor The Bright Light. Among our experiences and client stories, you will likely find a nugget that you can apply today to help you deal with your situation that may not be as fulfilling as you deserve.
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