What is the Little Goal that is Blocking Your Way to Your Big Awesome Goal with Myra Hall
No More Leadership BS
What is the Little Goal that is Blocking Your Way to Your Big Awesome Goal with Myra Hall
February 28, 2024
Those giant goals are so fun, creative, shiny, and powerful. Wouldn't it be great if... Once we achieve this, we will be able to... The great big goals capture people's imagination. It's fun to think about all the ways to achieve a fantastical goal. Then once we start doing it, we put pencil to paper to figure out exactly HOW to get there. It's more than "Go. Do." We get to think about different paths, points along the way so we know we're on track, and intermediate successes that will open us up to the next series of successes. Some things to consider as you get to moving on your audacious goal... 1. Embrace Big Dreams, Celebrate Little Goals: Big dreams can be inspiring, but when they don't materialize, they can become burdensome. Shifting the focus to celebrating and consistently achieving little goals can bring long-term success. 2. Consistency & Flexibility are Key: Consistent small steps can pave the way to success. Embracing a flexible mindset and being open to adjusting your approach is crucial in the pursuit of your goals. 3. The Value of Coaching: Working with a coach goes beyond receiving instructions; it's about being guided to overcome obstacles and be your best self. Coaches help you celebrate progress, mitigate self-doubt, and stay focused on the journey. Whether your awesome goal is to increase your team's productivity by 25% on the year or to have an element of your fund-raiser modeled after an international disaster, you get to decide a path, and how you know you're on track from Day One to the Final Day. Every person on the No More Leadership BS team has taken a team from the baseline to the big goal. Each person has helped others do the same. The insights and recommendations, as always, come from experience supported by theory, not just ideas alone. As you join this week's journey with The Team, consider your Big Awesome Goal and then sketch out how you're going to get there and how, along the way, you'll know you're on track. (Psssst.... it's the little goals and celebrations that will help the most)
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