Getting to Aha! with Darshan Mehta
[Greatest Hits] Balancing the Digital Scales: Ethics, Inclusivity, and Accountability with Katrina German
December 29, 2023
In this Greatest Hits episode of Getting to Aha!, Darshan Mehta is joined by Katrina German as they delve deep into the realms of digital marketing, underscoring the crucial roles of inclusivity, ethics, and accountability.
In this Greatest Hits episode of Getting to Aha!, Darshan Mehta is joined by Katrina German as they delve deep into the realms of digital marketing, underscoring the crucial roles of inclusivity, ethics, and accountability. Katrina sheds light on the dual-edged sword that is social media: its unprecedented power in connecting individuals and championing pivotal causes, and its potential detriment to mental health. She passionately advocates for mindful and limited usage, offering invaluable tips for striking a balance. A fervent believer in the internet's promise to drive positive change, Katrina underscores the need for ethical guiding principles and a chorus of diverse voices to navigate its future.

Katrina German is the Founder and CEO of Ethical Digital, a company that is changing the trajectory of the Internet through inclusive digital marketing, strategy, research, training, and certification. An accomplished entrepreneur, she has won numerous awards such as CBC Future 40 Under 40, YWCA Women of Distinction Award for Entrepreneurship, Startup Canada Prairie Award for Innovation, and the prestigious International Women in Tech award for "Women in Communications''. Katrina is passionate about using technology to solve problems and make the world a better place, and is dedicated to increasing diversity in the technology industry and ensuring that the Internet is a positive and inclusive space for all.


👉 One of the most significant concerns surrounding digital marketing and social media is its impact on mental health. Research conducted by Ethical Digital has shown a clear correlation between social media use and anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, and sleep problems. This has led to a growing awareness of the need for individuals to be conscious of how their online experiences affect their well-being. Katrina emphasizes the importance of limiting social media usage and being mindful of the reasons behind one's online presence. By understanding why we use social media and ensuring that it aligns with our personal goals and values, we can create a healthier relationship with these platforms. Additionally, she highlights the need to consider the impact of social media on children and the importance of guiding their online experiences to promote positive mental health.

👉 Diversity is a crucial aspect of digital marketing that is often overlooked. While women are active users of social media platforms, there is still a lack of representation and inclusion in the creation and development of digital marketing strategies. Only a small percentage of technology companies are founded by women, and even fewer receive funding. This lack of diversity limits the perspectives and experiences that shape the digital landscape. Katrina believes that increasing diversity in the technology industry is essential for creating a more inclusive and ethical Internet. By including more diverse voices in the decision-making process, we can ensure that the products and services being developed meet the needs of a broader range of people. This, in turn, will lead to more innovative solutions and a more equitable digital space.

👉 Artificial intelligence (AI) plays a significant role in shaping the human experience online. Algorithms analyze vast amounts of data to make predictions and recommendations, but they are not without their ethical challenges. Bias can be inadvertently introduced into AI systems, leading to discriminatory outcomes. It is crucial to address these biases and ensure that AI is used in a way that is fair and inclusive. Katrina emphasizes the need for diverse perspectives in the development of AI systems to prevent the perpetuation of bias. By involving people from different backgrounds and cultures, we can create AI systems that are more representative and ethical. 

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