The Leadership Conundrum: Can You Lead Without Liking? with Jeff G
No More Leadership BS
The Leadership Conundrum: Can You Lead Without Liking? with Jeff G
April 17, 2024
Imagine how you feel about a coworker. That coworker is in another part of the world. That coworker reports to a different boss. You have never met this coworker and likely never will. Yet, your paychecks come from the same company. Do you feel the same way about this coworker as the one you do who is your go-to person for projects, peer leadership responsibilities, and to shoot the breeze about the weekend? Why or why not? Odds are, you like the person you talk to and are rather indifferent about the person you've never met who wears a matching company polo. But, does that make you more effective as a leader? Are you required, or compelled, to like the people you're leading? We've got some thoughts on this... - The essence of leadership transcends personal likes or dislikes, focusing on respect and contribution to team success. - Compatibility with the organization's culture holds significant importance; a high-performing individual may yield results but could disrupt team dynamics if not aligned with cultural values. - Constructive communication and understanding individual motivations drive effective leadership, regardless of personal affinities. In our collective experiences and observations, the No More Leadership BS team has seen when leaders liked their people, when they haven't, and what has been more effective. This candid discussion about leadership dynamics, effectiveness, and the crucial distinction between personal preference and professional respect just might get your gears turning. Do you need to like the people you're leading?
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