Improvement for Thee, Not For Me
No More Leadership BS
Improvement for Thee, Not For Me
September 21, 2022
A It can be so easy to observe the improvement opportunities in others. In fact, when a team is not doing well, it can be so easy to try to figure out what to do with... those people. Frequently, we see a return on what we cast out. If a team is performing badly, it might be best to look at the leader. But the leader frequently cannot accurate look at themselves AND assess what they're doing, how it's affecting the team, and how to change behavior to yield the expected outcome. While it can be enticing to take on the frustration and dissatisfaction and offer a solution, it is more effective to listen to the frustration, understand, and move together rather than just declare a solution that may cause more struggle than already exists. Listen for battle-tested approaches to leadership development when the team is not doing well, and the problem really doesn't reside with the team.short summary
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