Author to Authority
Ep 382 - How To Sell When Nobody’s Buying With Claudine Pereira
July 5, 2023
Join the Author to Authority podcast, hosted by the incredible Kim Thompson-Pinder, as she kicks off their summer-long celebration of their 400th episode coming in August with the top 25 episodes of the show! This episode features the amazing business coach and consultant Claudine Pereira, who shares her expertise on selling in a crisis environment. Claudine has helped countless people grow their businesses and achieve their personal and professional goals through her inspiring and motivating approach.
Join the Author to Authority podcast, hosted by the incredible Kim Thompson-Pinder, as she kicks off their summer-long celebration of their 400th episode coming in August with the top 25 episodes of the show! This episode features the amazing business coach and consultant Claudine Pereira, who shares her expertise on selling in a crisis environment. Claudine has helped countless people grow their businesses and achieve their personal and professional goals through her inspiring and motivating approach. 

In this highly informative episode, Kim and Claudine discuss the challenges and fears that come with entrepreneurship, emphasizing that resilience is paramount. They also explore ways to adapt to the current situation and make long-term business decisions during times of uncertainty, including the importance of conducting an audit and thinking creatively to keep the sales funnel full. 

Claudine offers practical sales advice for small businesses during and after the pandemic, prioritizing customer experience, and building relationships. Additionally, she shares the importance of not cutting prices and focusing on value instead, adapting to the online platform, and taking necessary precautions to maintain a safe environment. 

Kim and her guest remind listeners that experts like Claudine are genuinely there to help and encourage them to connect with her on social media or the phone with any questions about their business. This episode is a must-listen for any entrepreneur, professional, speaker, or coach looking to move their business to the next level. Don't forget to like, rate, and review the show, and visit the website at Get ready to be inspired, motivated and take your business to the next level with the Author to Authority podcast!

An experienced professional business coach, and leadership development trainer, Claudine Pereira assists people with fundamental behavioral change. Her consistent and captivating approach stretches her clients to move beyond a limiting sense of self and achieve their desired personal and professional goals. An inspirational speaker, certified life coach, and internationally bestselling co-author of Live out Loud, Claudine is passionate about her work!
 Claudine works with small business owners and leaders, through coaching, training, and consulting she brings laser focus and strong structure, allowing them to stand out as confident, proud, and polished professionals.
 With over 25 years of coaching experience and through engaging one-on-one sessions, Claudine’s boundless energy, fire, and compassion catapult people's learning experiences into active self-improvement. She not only promotes self-discovery but instills lasting confidence.

For a free 1 hour deep dive discovery session into your business email Claudine at

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[00:00:02] Using Authority and Influencer Marketing to Improve Business

[00:04:41] From Employee to Entrepreneur: A Journey of Grit

[00:08:16] Entrepreneurial Challenges and Resilience

[00:11:42] Investment and Sales Strategies amid Economic Uncertainty

[00:15:00] Adapting small businesses to uncertain times

[00:17:49] Client Outreach during Pandemic for Brick and Mortar Businesses

[00:21:12] Tips for Business Owners during Pandemic

[00:24:32] Financial Resilience During Crisis

[00:27:56] Selling during COVID-19 pandemic

[00:31:46] Selling in Challenging Times

[00:35:25] Empowering audience to learn from successful guest

[00:39:01] How to Use Books as Marketing Tools



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You are an entrepreneur, a professional, a speaker, or a coach.

And although you come a long way.

It's time for you to take it to the next level.

We've got you.

This is the Author to Autority Podcast

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We'll help you use authority and influencer marketing to build your business stronger and faster by publishing a book.

You'll hear from guests that are thought leaders in sales, marketing, networking, communication, social media, promotion, and business leadership.

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This is the author to authority podcast.

now your host, the extraordinary word Ninja, Kim Thompson-Pinder

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Speaker1                                                                                        02:02

to the Author to Authority podcast on your host, Kim ThompsonP-nder.

And I'm so excited to announce that in August, We will be having the 400th episode of the author to authority podcast And in celebration of that, I have decided to do the top 25 episodes of the author to authority podcast for the whole summer.

And we will celebrate the 400th about mid August, so there'll be a couple of episodes after that.

And I chose these episodes because they were the ones that I just personally felt were the ones that gave tremendous amount of value that we're going to help you as an entrepreneur, professional, speaker, coach, to move your business forward.

These were value packed episodes that are just going to give you action steps that are just going to really propel you to the next level.

Speaker1                                                                                        02:30

So I'd love for you to sit back, relax, and enjoy this top 25 episode.

Welcome to the author to authority podcast.

And today, I'm very happy and pleased to have on the podcast, Claudine Pereira.

And you know what?

I feel like she's like this kindred spirit.

Speaker1                                                                                        02:47


And the first time we spoke together, our our conversation went on forever.

Usually, you know, the introductory ones are, like, about 15 minutes long.

And yet, I don't know.

I think we spoke for probably about an hour.

Speaker1                                                                                        03:05


Just such a connection, and we really feel the same way about a lot of things.

So that's why I'm excited to have her on the show today.

And you know what?

We're gonna talk about a topic that's near and dear to every entrepreneur.

Speaker1                                                                                        03:20

And that's how to sell.

But, you know, with this current crisis that's going on, we're gonna shift it up a little bit today And we're going to talk about how do you sell in a crisis environment.

Speaker2                                                                                        03:22


Speaker1                                                                                        03:47

Because there's so much fear going on.

And we wanted to dispel some of that fear.

Now Claudine is an experience, professional business coach and consultant.

She assists people with growing their business.

Her consistent and captivating approach stretches her clients to move beyond a limiting sense of self and achieve their desired personal and professional goals.

Speaker1                                                                                        03:54

She's also an inspirational speaker, a professional George Brown College in is that in Toronto?

Speaker2                                                                                        03:56


That's in Toronto.


Speaker1                                                                                        04:06


m c an international bestselling author Claudine's passionate about her work and believes that there is no limits.

So welcome to the show, Claudine.

Speaker2                                                                                        04:17

Thank you.

Thank you for that warm welcome, Kim.


And it's true what you said when we did speak for the first time.

The time just ran on, and it was almost like we we felt like we'd known each other for many, many years.

Speaker2                                                                                        04:22

great start to our relationship.

So thank you for having me today.

This is wonderful.

Speaker1                                                                                        04:26

You're very welcome.

So, Claudine, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Speaker2                                                                                        04:55

So, originally, I'm from the UK, as you can hear by this funny British accent.

And, you know, grew up very poor in the UK, and came to Canada originally back in the seventies with my parents.

Went back to the UK to do all my studying.

And fast forward to now, returned to to Canada in February of 1995 in in the dead of winter.

No money in two suitcases went to go live with my father in the north end of Toronto, and it was dead dead of winter.

Speaker2                                                                                        05:22

There's snow everywhere, certainly not like the, you know, the winters that we get right at the moment.

So had no job, no money, and in the May of 95, I got fortunate enough, and I landed a job.

At the big green bank, where I stayed for the next 19 years.

And that's really where my my coaching journey began coaching very large teams country and coaching for strong sales results.

And, you know, I learned the good, bad, and the ugly, and all of that.

Speaker2                                                                                        05:23

And in

Speaker0                                                                                        05:23


Speaker2                                                                                        05:43

I was blessed enough to start my own business coaching and consulting company.

And we're going in 6 years strong, and it's it's a wonderful journey, and I'm so blessed to be able to serve the entrepreneurial community in helping them to to grow their business.

So that's a quick quick high level of of me.

Speaker1                                                                                        05:58

What was it like for you transitioning from In in many ways, you were an entrepreneur in your career, but what was it like for you transitioning from a career to just strictly being an entrepreneur?

Speaker2                                                                                        06:20

Honestly, Kim, it was it was hard.

It was hard.

And I hired a coach the minute I left the bank who sort of helped me work through some of that mindset stuff because you really go from being around lots and lots of people every single day to being home alone.

You don't have clients yet because you're in growth mode.

You're not getting a regular paycheck.

Speaker2                                                                                        06:25

So, you know, the mind really does play a lot of tricks on you -- Yes.

Speaker1                                                                                        06:25

It does.

Speaker0                                                                                        06:25


Speaker2                                                                                        06:48

which is I'm pretty strong, I would say.

It was it was a struggle.

It took me a good full four seasons of 1st year you know, to really work through all of that muck and transition into the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

And I never forget hearing Arlene Dickinson speak in those early days.

And she said, you know, you need to have an insight made of Teflon to be an entrepreneur.

Speaker2                                                                                        07:02

It's not for the faint hearted.

You need to have grit, and you need to have determination, or it just may not be the career for you.


really did stick.

Unfortunately enough, you know, I saw myself through it, and and here I am still today.

Speaker1                                                                                        07:27

You know what?

You you were so correct.

They you know, you have these goals, these dreams, these aspirations to be this entrepreneur.

And, you know, you think it's gonna be this easy road and, you know, no bumps.

The road just goes straight up and And then the reality of being an entrepreneur hits, and it does.

Speaker1                                                                                        07:38

Like, it stretches you.

there there are some things in life that stretch you way beyond who you are.

I mean, the first is becoming a parent.

Like, that is like -- Oh,

Speaker2                                                                                        07:39



Speaker0                                                                                        07:39


Speaker1                                                                                        07:40

of growth for you.


Speaker2                                                                                        07:44



The first the first snack in the side of the cheek, parenting

Speaker1                                                                                        07:59

And, I mean, here's the thing, and you you you almost have to think of entrepreneurship as the same way.

You know, when you become a parent, there's no getting out of it.

You have to deal with it.


And you have to learn and grow and stretch.

Speaker1                                                                                        08:19

And it it's kind of the same as being an entrepreneur.

Now I'm not saying that anybody who gives up on being an entrepreneur or maybe take needs to take a break from entrepreneurship or maybe takes a job for a while while they're building their business, you know, doesn't mean you're not successful.

I'm not saying that, and I I hope nobody would ever feel that way.

Speaker2                                                                                        08:20


Speaker1                                                                                        08:26


But You know, entrepreneurship, you have to be in it for the long haul.

Speaker2                                                                                        08:27

That's right.

Speaker1                                                                                        08:51

And you have to be to grow and you have to be able to develop and you have to be able to change.

And like you said, you spent that 1st year with a mentor you know, exploring this whole new side of things that you had never experienced before.

You had a lot of entrepreneurial skills, talents, and abilities.

But, you know, you had that career.

You had that constant paycheck.

Speaker1                                                                                        09:00

You had the support of other people around you.

And and now you found yourself, you're an entrepreneur by yourself, and it's a totally different ballgame.

Speaker2                                                                                        09:13



And, you know, it's funny because, you know, even I'm 6 years in, sometimes, you know, people say to me, You're so successful.

What's your secret?

And, you you know, you don't look like you're fearful.

Speaker2                                                                                        09:25

And I said, honestly, we we all get fair in it.

No matter successful you become?

And, yes, the business is very successful, but I still do get fearful.

I still have to work through through these things.

And, you know, I I never forget.

Speaker2                                                                                        09:44

I went to a seminar when I first started the business and the guy drew a bit of a pipe rope, and he says this is what entrepreneurship is like.

It was a guy walking on a tight rope with pitfalls and some straight lines and then pitfalls, and I'm, like, looking at that going, wow.

I was a real creature of habit used to my paycheck and benefit.

how am I going to adapt?

But you do.

Speaker2                                                                                        09:55

You do.

Because you just you just love it so much.

And here we are again in a time of uncertainty where now we need switch again.

We need to switch and become agile and and do another adjustment.

Speaker1                                                                                        10:03



And and You know, every business has its good years and it's it's harder years.

Speaker2                                                                                        10:04

I know.

-- events.


Speaker1                                                                                        10:08

You know, 2019 was a harder year for me.

Speaker2                                                                                        10:09



Speaker1                                                                                        10:39

I had to make decisions that I really did not want to make.

And But I'm so glad that I did.

You know, I I had to step back on some things that I had planned on doing, and I didn't do and really just focusing down onto the key elements of my business.

And it was actually a really good thing because I realized I had spreading myself out way too far away too fast, and I couldn't handle it all.

Speaker2                                                                                        10:58




Be and, again, that's we all fall into that trap of too quickly, too soon.

But the one thing that I remind my clients of all the time when we all go through this journey of troubling times, And, you know, it hits us all at different various times in our in our business cycle is that this is not linear.

Speaker2                                                                                        11:14

you know, it is it's it is not linear.

It's not going to be the same all the time.

We're gonna have the highs, and we're gonna have the lows.

And somehow, we need to work on building that interior muscle that during when the tough times do hit, like, now we are not gonna fall apart and crumble even though it is dire straits and very bad.

Speaker1                                                                                        11:15


Speaker2                                                                                        11:16


Speaker1                                                                                        11:30


So we wanna take a look at sales in a crisis environment.

And I I think both you and I agree that One of the biggest things that you cannot fall into is fear.

Speaker2                                                                                        11:32

That's right.

That's right.

Speaker1                                                                                        11:46

You know, I I'm watching a lot of people right now, and not that this has anything to do with sales, but just as an example, is the stock market.

You know, you've got people freaking out because the stock market is dropping.

Speaker2                                                                                        11:46


Speaker1                                                                                        11:48

It always does.

Speaker2                                                                                        11:48


Speaker1                                                                                        11:59

You know, like, Not that I invest in stock market, but I have studied it a bit.

And the one thing I learned about any type of investment like that is you have to be in it for the long haul.

Speaker2                                                                                        12:00

That's right.

Speaker1                                                                                        12:05

You know, you can't panic when things drop because they're going to drop.

Speaker2                                                                                        12:21


I Absolutely.

So, again, there's no the the thing is with life even in general, even if you are in a corporate career, that there is no certainty about anything.

We always used to say the only certain things in life are what death and taxes.

And right.

Speaker2                                                                                        12:33

And it's true because really everything else is uncertain.

Now I used to look at my corporate job as this is a, you know, a solid job.

I had a great job.

I'd been there.

19 years as a badge of honor.

Speaker2                                                                                        12:49

When, really, it was no more stable than what I'm doing right now.

And in fact, I find myself in a position, and this is what I coached you, is that you are able to control your business much more than if you are working under somebody else's somebody else's umbrella.

That's for sure.

That's for sure.

Speaker1                                                                                        13:07


So, Claudine, why don't you share with us a bit of your expertise in sales and what should entrepreneurs be doing right now in this environment to ensure that their businesses stay healthy financially?

Speaker2                                                                                        13:50


And it was funny, you know, this morning, I I was having my tea thinking about today and knowing that we were going to talk about sales and kinda thinking about how we could put a little bit of a a pivot into it to, you know so it's not my typical sales sort of spiel about following up and having a know, following the pin coach sales chain.

And really thinking about what are some of the things right now that are, you know, key for all small businesses, no matter whether you're selling in person or selling online that we can do from a sales perspective.

And When I think about sales, it's not just about selling right this moment.

But I think at the end of the day, yes, there's still some transactions that may very well be taking place at this very moment in time.

Speaker2                                                                                        14:19

But at the moment, you know, we cannot expect the with the economy as it is and as you were just saying the stock market, for people to be pulling out their wallets and just spending cash, left, right, and center.

And one of the things I'm anticipating from a sales perspective is that Once we do come out the other end of it, I feel that, you know, just based on my own knowledge and what I've been reading, I'm no expert.

But I think we'll be feeling the after effects of it when we come out the other end.


And that's maybe when there'll be some uncertainty.

Speaker2                                                                                        14:41

So One of the things I've been working on with my clients, and I encourage you to do so, is to come up with a bit of a contingency plan for your business.

So from a sales perspective, sales and revenue and and customer experience, I would roll them all together perhaps in 1.

because, really, sales is customer experience.

Sales is service.

And really think about what can you do now?

Speaker2                                                                                        15:12

What some of the activities that you can do now, the business building sales activities that you can provide your clients with now or provide yourself with for when we get back into the saddle a few months down the road, whether it be 2 or 3 or 4 months.

So you're, you know, you're keeping those fires burning.

And how can we prevent some of this from happening in the future?

So one of the things I want you to think about is you're sitting down to do this I call it an audit.

I feel that small businesses now are under the gun of audit.

Speaker2                                                                                        15:25

And if you come from a corporate environment, you'll understand what I mean by that.

It's like someone is coming in now and they're saying, okay.

Universe and, you know, corona.

Whoever they're coming in saying, right, you are being tested.

And let's see how good your business is.

Speaker2                                                                                        15:45

Let's see how bulletproof it is to see you through the times when the economy does come back.

So you know, I I think that, really, it's a good time for business.

And, you know, I was like, what will you mean?

It's a good time for business.

I think it's a really good time for small I think that this is the time now where you can make a difference in your industry.

Speaker2                                                                                        16:00


You can make a difference with your clients and not asking for the sale right away, but you're just gonna be there.


What are some of the solutions that you can think about and come up with now?

in your business to keep the momentum going.

Speaker2                                                                                        16:10

So if I said to you, okay.

You know, someone's coming to me and said, oh, my business is failing.

I'm losing clients.

it's not we we can sit and cry about it.

It is a a reality.

Speaker2                                                                                        16:37

But my question is, do you want to have a business in the next year?

So at this point, next year, is used to want to be in business.

And if so, we need to put a plan in place.

So some of the ideas and just to give you some tactical things that, you know, that I'm sharing with my clients that you can do to really get creative during these, you know, uncertain times and really flexing our we gotta be agile.

We gotta You know, as my my one of my good friends who runs our mastermind group says you gotta come up with parallel thinking.

Speaker2                                                                                        16:58

It's it's not a time for you know, every day every day and living fears who said take over, we class to come up with some creative things.

So think about it this way.

A couple of things.

Number 1, Depending on how you sell, if you're selling in person, let's say you're selling clothing, how can you take your business online right now?

What can you do to take your product or service online.

Speaker2                                                                                        17:20

And not to say that you're gonna push it, but let's say, for example, with me, I coach in person, how am I going to continue my practice?

And how could I explore various options to take my business online or encourage my clients to take their business online?

So what are some of the things you can do?

Let's say if you have a bricks and mortar store and people are not walking in.


Speaker2                                                                                        17:49

Instead of shutting the door and putting the clothes sign up, how can you move this to where where everyone's playing right now People are playing online.

People are playing in the online platform.

And, you know, whether we like it or not, this is the future at the moment.

And I I, you know, hearing recent talks on videos and an online presence, this is gonna be the future.

So this is a very good test for us now to take what we're doing and say, How can we move our business to an online platform so we don't completely shut the doors?

Speaker2                                                                                        18:08


Secondly is instead of, you know, I, you know, I've considered doing a big email blast and communication to my clients, and then I decided not to because I didn't want to heighten this already instilled panic.

And I'm not saying we shouldn't be panicking, and this is very real.

People are getting sick.

But I'm not going to help by doing that.

Speaker2                                                                                        18:34

So think about if you do have clients, one on one clients, individual clients that you are servicing or have serviced this past year, How about reaching out to them on a 1 to 1 basis?

So instead of a cookie cutter, big blanket email, and like I said, there's nothing wrong with it if that suits your business, But to me, I think in these troubled times, we need this one on 1.

We we need people that are gonna pick up the phone and say, hey.

How are you doing?

How is your business?

Speaker2                                                                                        18:42

Are you okay?

And how can I help you?

You know?

And I spent a lot of time over the weekend doing that with some clients who will say, okay.

I've got this event.

Speaker2                                                                                        18:51

I've got stuff going on.

How are we going to continue?

And I say, right.

One door closes.

Let's see how we can go around the door and find another solution.

Speaker2                                                                                        19:07


Putting your creative hat on and helping your clients on a one on one basis will not only just give them that service they need right now and that little bit of hope, You are also planting that sales seed for when this crisis is over that they are always going to need you.

Speaker1                                                                                        19:08


Speaker2                                                                                        19:30

But remember, service is sales.

Services is sales.

What other business building activities can you do to keep your current clients warm?

It might be appropriate that you send out some personalized videos.

It might be appropriate that you put together some, you know, concrete planning and ideas and suggestions for them to heads work better than than 1.

Speaker2                                                                                        20:00


So you may say to me Claudine, like, what is you're not telling me how to sell.

But my my point is what you do now will pay off just like you know, I tell my clients.

What you do now will pay off in the next 90 days.

So if you do a little bit every single day, a little bit of business building activities, some sales teas, keeping in touch with your clients, this will help you to stay top of mind once the pandemonium dies down and we're starting to get back into into business.

Speaker1                                                                                        20:13

And I had a couple of thoughts there as you were talking.

I wanted to share as well.

You know, just because you have a brick and mortar business doesn't mean there aren't steps that you can take.

You know?

Like, here's the thing.

Speaker1                                                                                        20:27

If you show the customers that are coming in, that you're taking whatever precautions are appropriate for the type of business you have.


So -- Yeah.



Speaker1                                                                                        20:43

You know, like, are there things that you can do if you own a clothing store?

you know, people may be hesitant to try on close.

But if you can be showing your customers that, hey.

You know, I've got a steam machine.

The steam kills the viruses.

Speaker1                                                                                        21:05

Anytime someone tries on clothes, they're being steamed before they're put back on.

You know, have a hand sanitizer, have wipes, You know, make it very clear that you're wiping down different things in your story as an extra work for you.


But if you can show people that you're taking the proper precautions okay?

Now maybe some countries not.

Speaker1                                                                                        21:11


But most of the listeners are here in the can, the United States.

You know, if you show you're taking the proper precautions

Speaker0                                                                                        21:12


Speaker2                                                                                        21:12


Speaker0                                                                                        21:12


Speaker1                                                                                        21:14

people are still gonna come to your store.

Speaker2                                                                                        21:23




And, actually, I'm glad you talked about that because a prime example, Mondays is my business building day.

I'm at home.

Speaker2                                                                                        21:47

And I always take my break at lunchtime, and I head downtown Toronto to my bar class, my pure bar class.

And it's a class.

It's a small class, but I still went today because they really convinced me that they are doing the utmost things possible you know, to keep the place clean.

And, you know, we also have access to online classes if we need it.

And so I'm sold.

Speaker2                                                                                        21:58

I'm going to my classes normal.

to be honest with you, it's probably much cleaner than it was before all the disciplines.

So it's maybe this is a safer time to be out.

I don't know.

I know.

Speaker2                                                                                        22:11

I I know I'm trying to do different things.

Tell me that.


So I am taking it very seriously, but also to Trying to look on the light side of things.

Maybe there's a better time to be out.

Speaker2                                                                                        22:14

Everything is super clean.

People are cleaning everything, scrubbing fingernails,

Speaker0                                                                                        22:15


Speaker2                                                                                        22:16

know, and sanitizer.

Speaker1                                                                                        22:29


And and you can't run your business in fear.



And You know, you can't go either way this tight right now either.

Speaker1                                                                                        22:38

So what I mean by that is you can't raise your prices and try to price gouge.

But nor do I think that you should be cutting prices either.

Speaker2                                                                                        22:38


Speaker1                                                                                        22:53

You know, don't don't cut your prices to try and get sales in now.

Because what happens is is that, you know, you've now conditioned your clients that they can get lower prices from you?

Speaker2                                                                                        23:10


I I I completely completely aligned with what you're saying.

this is a lot of time to lower prices.

You can give more.

There's there's ways that you can give value with your time and other things that you can do, but you don't need to your prices.

Speaker2                                                                                        23:23

I mean, unless you feel really compelled, like, if you, you know, you're running an organization and you have to shut the doors and, you know, your practitioners might need to, you know, do things remotely, then, yeah, maybe give your clients a bit of a break.

It really depends on your business model.

Speaker1                                                                                        23:23


Speaker2                                                                                        23:30

But in the case price for something, I think that we still we start to come out of the gate looking desperate if we start to stash prices

Speaker0                                                                                        23:31


Speaker2                                                                                        23:31


Speaker0                                                                                        23:31


Speaker2                                                                                        24:06

during this time.

I I think it dilutes business, and I think it it's not gonna be any good for the for the economy.

Now, you know, you may say to me, Claudine, I've got clients dropping left, right, and center.

And to me, that's a bigger conversation of a a, we need to continuously keep our sales funnel full year round.

So having your list, your, you know, your generate list, your people that have worked with you in the past, keeping track and now might be a good time to revisit your list just to see who's on it, who's who's where, and when will you pick up the phone and call person number 1, person number 2, Maybe it will be in 2 months, maybe it will be in 3 months.

Speaker2                                                                                        24:24

It's just to revisit that funnel and see who's poking around in there.

Because, yes, we're gonna be we're all gonna be in to buy this and losing clients varying degrees.

But now it's a time to strengthen our funnel for the future.

And how can we and how can we do that for the time?

current circumstances.

Speaker2                                                                                        24:40

And then the second thing is a bigger picture, and I know this is not really sales.

But and look at your business.

We are all being audited.

And if someone's auditing up, this right now, and you don't have enough money to live on maybe for the next month.

Then that's another conversation to have with yourself to say, okay.

Speaker2                                                                                        25:00

May maybe yourself.

You know, if I'm bringing in a $1000 a month, I'm putting away 200 in an account somewhere for this type of crisis because chances are happen now, and it's gonna happen again with something else.

You know, we went through the bird flu, went through SARS.

And now this one has been a disaster.

And maybe the next one would be even worse.

Speaker2                                                                                        25:11

So what can we do to have a bit of a cushion behind us?

Be able to support ourselves even just for a little bit.

financially -- Yeah.

-- when troubled times do hit.

Speaker1                                                                                        25:37

Well and I think a couple of other just thoughts that occurred to me while you're talking was, first of all, Why are your clients leaving?


So are there things that you can do to keep those clients.

Or are you just accepting the fact because it's a crisis situation that there's nothing you can do these clients are going to leave?

Well, You know, maybe if you're having that conversation with your client about, you know, why are they leaving.

Speaker1                                                                                        25:52


And are there things that you can do to maybe reverse that so you don't lose as many clients, first of all, in the first place.

because maybe sometimes they're just reacting out of fear.

And if you can assure them

Speaker0                                                                                        25:52


Speaker1                                                                                        26:18


-- right, here's the things.

people buy outcomes, and people still need those outcomes.


So if you can show them that you can continue to supply them with that outcome and help calm their fears and and let them see that, you know, there's still results to be had, then maybe you won't lose as many clients to begin with.

Speaker2                                                                                        26:31

absolutely spot on spot on because that's giving that's giving value.

And, yes, some may bite, and some may still say, look.

I just can't afford it.

and, you know, take a backseat for the short term.


Speaker2                                                                                        26:56

But you need again, this goes back to my you have to be creativity.

You have you have to have some creative in these times, but your creative hat on, you know, google some ideas, think about something that's outside of the box that, you know, how can you continue this client relationship?

Because, again, in a year's time, they're still gonna want to have a business.

And, yes, you might scale back on whatever it is you're doing it with them.

but you need to keep that momentum going.

Speaker2                                                                                        27:03

It's like the rocket ship is up there.

In the minute you start to do less and less and less, and guess what?

You're gonna come out as a responsible.


I really have no business.

Speaker2                                                                                        27:25

So I love this idea, and that is just really giving as much value as you can to your clients at this time which will solidify the sale when things do turn around.

Unless you are in an industry right now where, you know, your product is well needed, like, hand sanitizer, let's say.



Speaker0                                                                                        27:25


Speaker1                                                                                        27:27


But you know what's gonna happen?

Speaker2                                                                                        27:30

Oh, yeah.

Speaker1                                                                                        27:41

You know, they're getting a lot of sales now, but a couple of months down the road, they're not gonna be getting sales.

because what's happening is everybody is super stocking up.


Speaker2                                                                                        27:49



So them is a that's a great point and and how can they they're doing great right now.

But what's gonna happen in

Speaker0                                                                                        27:49


Speaker2                                                                                        28:06

or 4 months when people don't need their product anymore?

What are what what innovative you know, if I was sitting in a room with them, I'd be saying, okay.

What innovative idea can we come up with now that you can roll out in 4 months time when no one wants hand sanitiz anymore.

What is it that you can sell at that time?

Speaker1                                                                                        28:07


Speaker2                                                                                        28:39

So so, again, there's no, you know, ideal formula.

I feel this time, I think that, yes, going out with this again, trying to really deliberately sell is gonna be an absolute turn off.

And I highly don't think that it's the right time or appropriate to doing that at the moment because people really are feeling it.

But coming from a place of service building that relationship because building relationships ultimately will in the sale.

Maybe not right this second, maybe not next week, but in a month or 2 months or 3 months.

Speaker2                                                                                        28:50

You know, you just you just never know by keeping in touch whose life you're gonna touch.

And then when things are good again, they're gonna come back and want to purchase for you in your in your business.

Speaker1                                                                                        29:19


And I think an important point is is that, you know, yeah, I think, like, some of the ways we do things have to change a bit.

But by the same token, I still think that you can't be afraid to ask for the sale.

Because I think that there's still a lot of people who are not reacting in fear who are still moving forward in life.

So, you know, I think it's a combination of not giving into fear yourself, still asking for the sale.

Speaker1                                                                                        29:23

Again, I mean, sales should never be high pressured anyway.


Speaker0                                                                                        29:24


Speaker1                                                                                        30:04


-- you know, I don't think things should change there.

And if you find that you're getting a lot of nose, then, you know, you are gonna need to step up your prospecting and step up and starting those starting those relationships.

And, I mean, if you can't meet face to face with people, like, you know, if one of your main ways of you know, getting sales is, you know, through conferences and and face to face networking, then learn a new skill.

Learn where people, you know, your clients, your customers hang out online, start hanging out out there.

Speaker1                                                                                        30:31

Start learning how to have those conversations online that lead to sales.

you know, it it can be done.

You know?

I have sold quite a bit using LinkedIn and just developing those ships, not spamming people, but having good conversations.

And, you know, from those conversations, you know, some of them lead to sales.

Speaker1                                                                                        31:17

So there are ways of learning how to sell in a different environment.

But another thought that I had, if you've been in business for any length of time, you have those really good client clients and customers.

You know, the ones that money's never an issue for them, who love you, who love what you do, consider, are there additional services that you could be offering them at this time?

You know, every business has those really good clients that the economy doesn't seem to affect.

And so, you know, if you were thinking of adding on an additional service, now is a great time to do that and approach those really good customers and just say, hey.

Speaker1                                                                                        31:27

You know what?

Some of my times freed up.

I was thinking about offering this.

You know, you're my good client customer.

I wanted to give you the opportunity to be the first one to have it.

Speaker1                                                                                        31:42

You know, how can how can you expand what you're offering to your current customers?

Because it is always easier to sell to an existing client than it is to try and get a new client.

Speaker2                                                                                        31:57



Basically, you've already built the relationship.

And as you said, you know, if they're not fumbling and it's trying time and they're still you know, treating their business seriously and doing everything they can to move the needle forward.

Chances are they may still be in a position to buy from you.

Speaker2                                                                                        32:12

something, anything, an emergency session, an emergency something.


And so, yes, some people to to your point, some people will still be buying, but you really just gotta treat each case very separately

Speaker0                                                                                        32:12


Speaker2                                                                                        32:22


-- very separately.

and not with fear and and and, again, it's the whole fear 1.

There's a whole other podcast on the whole fear piece because it is frightening.

It is it is scary.

Speaker2                                                                                        32:29

So you know, what can you do to strengthen yourself against some of that fear that it's creeping into our lives every single day?

Speaker1                                                                                        32:35

And I think one of the biggest thing is to recognize that this too shall pass.

Speaker2                                                                                        32:37



Speaker1                                                                                        32:57

You know?

Like, if if you look at it I mean, even just like for Canadians when SARS hit Toronto, like, it was this big thing.

And, you know, up till about this year, we hadn't heard anything about SARS and I don't know how many years.


So -- Mhmm.

Speaker1                                                                                        33:06

You know, it it does pass, and life does go back to normal.

Now sometimes normal changes.

Speaker2                                                                                        33:07



Speaker1                                                                                        33:12

But it does level back out again.

And so, you know,

Speaker0                                                                                        33:13


Speaker1                                                                                        33:20

months from now, we will be in the middle of summer.



Starting summer.


Speaker1                                                                                        33:40

Here in Canada.

And, you know, a lot of these, you know, viruses and stuff like that will be on hiatus until next fall again.

So, you know, like, there will be another upswing of of business.

And here's the thing.

You know, if you're on travel right now, I know you're being hit hard.

Speaker2                                                                                        33:41


Speaker1                                                                                        33:42


Speaker2                                                                                        33:43


Speaker1                                                                                        33:57

And here's the thing, though.

Once people can travel, Let me tell you, you better already be prepared because people are gonna be so sick and tired of staying at home.

Speaker2                                                                                        34:03




The flood gates were absolutely open.

People are not think about it this way.

Speaker2                                                                                        34:12

In the economy, people are not spending money.

We're not going out to eat.

yes, we've ordered a few groceries, but we're not doing anything.

We haven't we haven't taken our winter vacation.


Speaker2                                                                                        34:30

So a lot of people went once the floodgates open are going to be ready to to travel.


That's a fact.

So we better be ready.

Because, you know, it again, each industry has been has been hit differently, but this is your this is your staying power.

Speaker2                                                                                        34:38

This is really see how how bulletproof can you be?

You know, how much grit and determination can you have to really pull it through in these difficult times?

Speaker1                                                                                        34:39


Speaker2                                                                                        34:49


And what can you do now from a sales perspective that you've ordinarily have not had time to do in the last of the while because you've been busy with the business?



Take that take that time to do that.

Speaker2                                                                                        35:11

What what new do you need to build new material for a workshop that you can release in the fall?

Do you need to write a few new more chapters in your in your book?

That's what I'm taking some time to do is to try and finish my first draft of my workbook.

So, you know, what what are some of the things that you can do that you have ordinary lot had time to do in in this sort of sort of a bit of a downtime?

Speaker1                                                                                        35:17


Well, Claudine, we're we're pretty well out of time.

I think we've gone a little overtime.

Speaker2                                                                                        35:20

Oh, good.

Well, I'm not surprised with us.

Speaker1                                                                                        35:33

So you know what I wanna do is I wanna have you back on again.

We'll have to book a time, and, you know, we'll we'll talk a little bit more about sales, but I also wanna talk about your book, your writing journey, and all that kind of stuff.

Speaker2                                                                                        35:34

So -- Wonderful.


Speaker1                                                                                        35:37

In the meantime, how can people connect with you, Claudine?

Speaker2                                                                                        36:03

So I'm everywhere on social media under the pink coach.

So you can find me on Twitter, instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn under the pink coach.

My website is

And you can also find me on Google page or just pick up the phone and call me.

If you need to have a chat about your business, if you're listening to this going, man, I just don't know.

Speaker2                                                                                        36:24

She said some things here that sounds alright, but I think she's she's smoking something.

I don't know about the sales.

Like, just call me or send me a note through my website or email me at info, and I will set up a time talk to you just to see if we can walk you through a few key points in your business.

I'll be more than happy to do that.

Please do reach out.

Speaker1                                                                                        36:40

That is so awesome.

So audience.

I've said this before.

I'm gonna say it again, and I'll probably say it another time.

These experts that I have on the show here, they truly care.

Speaker1                                                                                        36:54

They've come on to share their expertise freely and be able to help you.

And so when they offer to do a call with you, this is not get on the phone, and they're gonna try and sell you something called -- Oh.

Speaker0                                                                                        36:54


Speaker1                                                                                        37:17

this is a you know, they're here to help you.


So please take advantage of these of these opportunities to connect with these people, learn from them, ask them questions, Believe it or not, the higher up somebody is okay.

And I'm not most.


Speaker1                                                                                        37:26

There are some people who are just very selfish and greedy.

But most people you know, who are higher up on what we consider the success ladder

Speaker0                                                                                        37:26


Speaker1                                                                                        37:29


-- love to share what they have learned with others.

Speaker2                                                                                        37:31


Speaker1                                                                                        37:45

So take advantage of it.

Learn those things.

I went to a conference when I was first starting RTI Publishing.

And the speaker there and it was a free day.

Like, he taught all day for free.

Speaker1                                                                                        38:10

He said he taught a one section, which, first of all, like, totally blew my mind, and I was fighting it like crazy.

but it didn't take long for me to realize that it was the truth, and it revolutionized my business.

So you never know what one session can do to totally change who you are, how you run your business.

Speaker2                                                                                        38:19




And, you know, and to echo your sentiments, it's yes.

We're all talking about sales, and we need to sell to have a viable business.

Speaker2                                                                                        38:35

However, for me, 1st and foremost, it is about service.

If I can give you one thing in your business that can help you move your needle, During this next little while, I've done my job, and I do not need to be compensated for it.

Your success in your business will be compensation enough for me.

So please please do reach out.

Speaker1                                                                                        38:40


Well, thank you so much, Claudine, for being on the show.

Speaker2                                                                                        38:43

Thank you.

This is excellent.

Thank you for having me.

Speaker1                                                                                        38:53

So this has been Claudine Pereira and Kim Thompson Pender on the author to authority podcast.

and we will see you on the very next show.

Bye now.

Speaker0                                                                                        39:29

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