Intentional Collaboration Does Not Mean Everyone in the Pool
No More Leadership BS
Intentional Collaboration Does Not Mean Everyone in the Pool
March 1, 2023
"Soft skills, we need people with soft skills, people who can connect and collaborate." *hires employee with only technical qualifications* What is it about humans that we generally thrive when working with one another? There's camaraderie, power in numbers, diversity of thought, and... purpose. It's a wonderful experience to bring the right people to a conversation. The team is thriving, work is getting done, and the initiative is advancing toward the goal. In some cultures, more is better so... We've got a good thing going, let's get more people in on this or Super Boss will be very cranky if they're not involved. No, we all know they won't actively contribute, will miss most of the meetings, and will throw stink bombs in the meetings they do attend, but they need to be at the table. Good collaboration requires clarity of thought. Who NEEDS to be included to advance the goal? If someone is to be included by virtue of title or disposition, why? If they cannot or will not contribute, do they need to be there? Being able to identify the needs and then get the right people involved requires soft skills, otherwise and more accurately known as Foundational Skills or Professional Skills. There's nothing soft about telling your boss you don't need them at the next meeting; it requires knowledge of effective communication in a professional setting; sound a little broad, right, it's difficult but necessary. Join the discussion as No More Leadership BS explores the highs and lows of collaboration and how you can make your next collaborative effort successful.
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