What Happens When Personal and Company Values Clash?
No More Leadership BS
What Happens When Personal and Company Values Clash?
February 16, 2022
When personal values don't match up with organizational values, there will definitely be stress for both the person and the organization. And that translates to extra stress for you as their leader. Myra Hall with Waypoint Coaching Group digs around in this possible conundrum of conflicting values while the rest of the No BS Gang offers insight into how this can affect various industries and what solutions have worked, always with an eye on how to open eyes and minds to greater leadership opportunities.
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  • Myra Hall - Individual and Team Coaching, Midlife Mentoring- Helping you identify and overcome the hard things that stand in the way of what you want to do and where you want to go - Owner/Founder Waypoint Coaching Group Reach Myra at Myra@WaypointCoachingGrp.com or 765-623-9711


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