The B2B Revenue Executive Experience
Episode 295: Dealing with Burnout as a Top Performer with Stephen Hardy
December 19, 2023
Feeling drained after a long day? Totally normal. But when that fatigue morphs into chronic exhaustion, constant overthinking, a downward spiral of negativity, and a narrow, tunnel-visioned outlook, burnout might be creeping in. High performers, fueled by achievement and a fear of failure, are particularly susceptible to this adversary. What's ironic is that the very tools that empower them – their work ethic, their drive – can easily become shields against recognizing burnout However, intellectual control, tapping into the mind's rational problem-solving abilities, offers a way out. To shed light on this important topic, we are joined by Stephen Hardy, Founder and Director at Navigate the Curve. Stephen is an experienced technology sales professional turned performance psychology coach & clinical hypnotherapist. After a successful career spanning over 20 years in technology sales, and gaining first-hand experience of the challenges that professionals face in demanding corporate environments, he addresses mindset issues and empowers individuals to overcome barriers that hold them back.
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Guest: Stephen Hardy, Founder and Director at Navigate the Curve

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