I Quit!!
No More Leadership BS
I Quit!!
March 16, 2022
What happens when your MVP hands you their resignation and says "I quit!" While you may worry about the changes this will bring not only to your organization but to your life, it might also be an opportunity to reassess and re-evaluate how you found yourself in this situation. Myra Hall of Waypoint Coaching Group leads this discussion, born out of personal experience and the rest of the No More BS Gang hit this one out of the park with their inspiring wit, insight, and holistic observations,
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Today's Featured Coach - 
  • Myra Hall - Individual and Team Coaching, Midlife Mentoring- Helping you identify and overcome the hard things that stand in the way of what you want to do and where you want to go - Owner/Founder Waypoint Coaching Group Reach Myra at Myra@WaypointCoachingGrp.com or 765-623-9711

The rest of the gang: