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Nichole Nappi from The Jersey Shore Arts Center - interview
August 27, 2021
An interview with Nichole Nappi from the Jersey Shore Arts Center in Neptune,NJ She describes the mission of the arts center and the many community focused programs and services it provides the public.
An interview with Nichole Nappi from the Jersey Shore Arts Center in Neptune,NJ
She describes the mission of the arts center and the many community focused programs and services it provides the public.
"Hello and welcome to this episode of shop4a biz and I'm Daniel Triana. And today's guest is from the Jersey Short Arts Center. Her name is Nicole Nappi. She's the executive director of the Jersey Shore Arts Center and she has some information that she would love to share with us. Thanks for being with us. Nicole take it away. All right, thank you. Thank you, Daniel.  Yes, I'm Nicole Nappi. Executive director.  Jersey Short term, which is actually the old Neptune high school. It's located on the corner of Main Avenue and Main Street notion Grove just before the gates. The historic gates of Downtown Ocean Grove. And it's old. The old Neptune high School lay dormant for about 20 years, boarded up and the organization's president, Herb Herbst , took over along with a bunch of other volunteers and created the Ocean Grove Historic Preservation Society. and that group basically from the basement to the roof, did all they could to make that building usable and  sustainable for local artists, arts educators and arts organizations in the area. The classrooms were were converted into studio space. The original theater, the polio theater, now it's named is a 450 seat theater with professional movie screen. So we're able to do a variety of events in there. And then we have everybody in the building is an art space business. So they are painters, there's multimedia artists, there's art restoration expert, guitar repair. It's it's a multitude of arts art space initiatives and creatives performing artists, dancers. So we we tried to support the artists with a very affordable uh studio rental space. We consider everybody that's in the building a resident. So uh the Jersey Shore Arts Center is the building that the Ocean Grove historic Preservation maintains. So if you go to our website you'll be able to visit all those artists studios virtually and also be able to reach out to them independently as well. Um We also feature rehearsal space for dancers and musicians. And then we also have sponsored events as part of our mission uh to provide accessible, affordable uh and free events and programming. You'll be able to see that on the website as well. So we have everything from movies to um performances, to fundraising events. You could basically uh For less than $20, you can go and watch your performance without it, you know, concern of breaking your budget. And it's just so close by. The upcoming race. Our upcoming events are are passion show luncheon uh that we're having at the jumping brook Country Club on October 20th. That information is on line. And then our upcoming five K. Race a run for the arts on a run is happening on September 18th, which is oh my gosh, like feels like three weeks from now. Yeah, it's close. And that's uh run through Ocean Grove. We have a new route this year are actually, we're gonna be running through Bradley Beach a little bit, so it's gonna be a really nice run. Registration is gonna be is extended to the 30 I'm sorry to the 11th of September, so there's still time to sign up and run. The proceeds from this run event is going to go towards our building projects such as our second floor paint are building restoration. Are uh any of the money that wasn't uh that wasn't going to be that wasn't covered under the grand for the accessibility grants such as our landscaping and some of the uh beautification will be covered by that. It also will fund some of our programming that we have, some of the free programming such as the movies and concerts that we're gonna be throwing in the near future. Those come from the proceeds of the race and the more uh funds that were able to raise the better uh we're also looking for sponsorships for the three programs. That's how we also keep the programs affordable. So anything from sponsoring a movie screen to uh sponsoring a concert to sponsoring are run shirt. They go towards cutting the expenses of these um endeavors so we can devote more time and more focus on the programs and events that we're doing in the building projects. So that's that's pretty much it, Daniel. Yeah, I mean it's such an impressive building, there's so many floors and it's such a big big facility that you're interested. It's 120 years of history, like this building has been there since 1897. So this building has seen like world wars scene the Great Depression, it's seen uh everything from, you know, September 11th to today. I mean this this building is just such a reminder of where we've been and where we're going, so that's why I feel like it's such an important aspect to keep alive. I was impressed you like that dance studio space. And also um did you mention the culinary program that you're starting? Yeah, we're working on a culinary arts program uh that it would be beneficial to local uh area students, to adults wishing wishing to continue their culinary uh experience or education or people re entering the workforce would be able to come in and train. Uh so they can acquire um the uh the higher salary standings that they need to uh to uh pursue their endeavours. So you would never think that you had that. I mean that's another uh program or service that you offer. That's impressive. That's not immediately uh obvious to the person and that's why I'm glad that you're here to share that info and spread the word. Yeah, it's really important. Uh The building is is such that people don't normally take notice of it until they come inside. That's one of the things is that we welcome people to, to set an appointment to come in and take a toward the building. It's, and you've seen it, Daniel just keeps going like every, every floor and every, every uh, cranny of the building is just so well restored and it's got so much potential and, and uh, you know, the right creative person can just create a studio that is just amazing and unique that not one studio is the same as the other studio. That's what's inspirational. Yeah. Well, would you want to show your contact info? Somebody like the website? And I'd love to, I'd love to uh, our, well, our main number is 73250 to 0050. That's our main number. Um, our website is Jersey Shore Arts Center dot org. Uh, that has all the information about our organization, including the past founder or perhaps. Um, it also has, as I mentioned before, um, are different residents, uh, that have studios in the building. Um, as I mentioned, they have their artists, performers, theater professionals, people that teach senior programming, uh, likes. And then we also have our full schedule of events on the homepage, that you can also go through and also information about rentals if they wish someone wishes to come in and rent a venue. Um, we have very affordable pricing. Um, well below what you would normally have to pay. Um, any other theater. We try to keep it as affordable for nonprofits and artists, uh, to be able to do what they need to do to keep the art to live in New Jersey. That's great. And you're right there, located conveniently near Asbury Park where there are a lot of great to walk away. I can, I can basically walk to mogul whenever I want to, which is a dangerous thing for me, uh, because my, my pants sizes grows every time I walk over there. But uh, but no, it's, it's a great location. Um, we're smack dab between Bradley Beach Neptune obviously is our township, Asbury Park, which is, you know, uh, just increasingly becoming more and more culturally aware of their, uh, where their stances in the, in the music community and, and the theater community. And then we're, you know, not that far from long Branch or, uh, you know how or wall, I mean, it's just a matter of a 10, 15 minute drive supposed to happen to drive to new york or, or any other, uh, big city, we're, you know, we're trying to make it happen uh, here, uh, and trying to, trying to stay with the local scene because these are the artists that really need the support of the, especially now after, uh, you know, being closed in from the pandemic, just being able to come out and do events and be part of the arts community. That's that's something that's huge now, and you're right in front of an ocean grove there too, which is part Neptune obviously, but it's like a historical architecture there that people go to visit and wander around the streets just to see the buildings and stuff. It's just locations ideal, yep. I think our audience is really happy here. Watch, thank you so much for being with us, and I hope that this helps you fundraising efforts and, thanks for being for on a shop for a business. Thank you Daniel, and thank you for having me."