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Ep 308 How To Use Blogging To Create Passive Income With Chris Myles
December 27, 2022
Chris Myles in 18 months was able to retire his wife so she could be the best Mom ever with niche blogging, YouTube and affiliate marketing and in today's episode he tells you how he did it.
Chris Myles got married in 2013 and found out they were pregnant with their first son in 2016. 
 HIs wife sat him down and explained why she needed to quit her $40k a year job so she could provide "mommy-care" and not have to resort to "day-care".  
 So, he started with niche blogging, YouTube and affiliate marketing. 
 18 months later, they were making enough to pay off our debt and retire his wife. 
 On today‚Äôs episode he shares how he did it.


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