Author to Authority
Ep. 353 - Become Bingeable: Attract More Leads and Sell Even More Stuff with Tracy Hazzard
April 28, 2023
Are you struggling to get your business off the ground? Are you tired of competing with a sea of other entrepreneurs in your niche? Then listen up, because Tracy Hazzard has some powerful insights on how to become an authority in your field.
Tracy Hazzard is a seasoned media expert with over 2600 interviews from articles in Authority Magazine, BuzzFeed, and her Inc. Magazine column; and from her multiple top-ranked video casts and podcasts like The Binge Factor and Feed Your Brand – one of CIO’s Top 26 Entrepreneur Podcasts. 
 As CEO and Co-Founder of Podetize, Tracy brings diverse views from what works and what doesn’t work in marketing and media from thought leaders and industry icons redefining success around the globe. Tracy’s unique gift to the podcasting, marketing, and branding world is being able to identify that unique binge-able factor – the thing that makes people come back again and again, listen actively, share as raving fans, and buy everything you have to sell.