The B2B Revenue Executive Experience
Episode 266: How to Find, Attract, and Retain Five-Star Employees with Heenle Turner
February 7, 2023
If you aim for the stars, you'll need to build a five-star team. Great businesses never settle for average. They look for the best. And if you want to be a part of the club, you'll need to find and recruit five-star employees. However, we were thinking: What are the characteristics that they have? What do you do to find them? And how do you keep them? Heenle Turner, an expert in recruiting, hiring, and people management and Vice President of Content and Consulting at The ALL IN Company, joins us today to answer the questions.
Now that you know how to find, attract, and retain five-star employees... learn how to apply other tactics and tools for a disruptive B2B marketing and sales strategy. Check out the full list of episodes here: The B2B Revenue Executive Experience, and instructions on how to rate and review the show are here.

Guest: Heenle Turner, Vice President of Content and Consulting at The ALL IN Company

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