From Prediction to Prevention: Leadership Lessons in Crisis Management with Dr. Sam Jennings II
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From Prediction to Prevention: Leadership Lessons in Crisis Management with Dr. Sam Jennings II
May 8, 2024
No one could have seen that coming. In retrospect, a lot of people THOUGHT they knew something was going wonky. How do we take those inklings seriously to prevent having to call the clean-up crew later? One of the best components of leadership is spending enough time to earn the wisdom to engage in preemptive problem-solving. The downside is that it looks like prediction or premonition when it's really just prevention. If you recall man-made disasters, there are generally two common elements: 1) people who thought no one would listen to them and didn't speak up (maybe not boldly enough) 2) people who disregard the insights and concerns of those who speak up It doesn't have to be this way and effective leaders know of a better path. Some ways to implement prevention as a matter of practice include: 1) Proactive Crisis Management - local-level project catastrophes can be fueled by disorganization and thankfully there are strategies to anticipate and avert potential disasters. 2) Leadership Communication - empowering middle management rather than bypassing them can transform organizational functionality and morale. 3) Cultural Accountability - transform your company’s mission and values from mere posters into daily practiced mantras that align actions across all staff levels. Whether it is preventing a significant issue for a team, or preventing your own health crisis, there is a lot we can do if we pay attention to signals, communicate, and act effectively. One of the important portions of communication is listening for meaning versus formulating one's response. the No More Leadership BS team shares examples of how they listened to attend to the problem as opposed to reacting to the person. What is your favorite technique for preventing crises in your work?
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