Customers Who Click
Behind the Launch of PaddleSmash with Scott and Tim
October 25, 2022
In episode 134 of the Customers Who Click podcast I catch up with Scott Brown and Tim Swindle, co-founders of one the latest outdoor games: PaddleSmash. We discuss the challenges and opportunities of launching a product in today’s world, go-to-market strategy, and how to reach and engage with your target audience. With a wealth of experience between them, you’re sure to pick up a few tips in this podcast episode. Scott and Tim are the co-founders of PaddleSmash, and you can find both of them on LinkedIn, or head to
Key highlights:

0:49 - Intro to Scott & Tim
01:23 - What is PaddleSmash?
03:36 - Why PaddleSmash is taking off
06:04 - How the idea for PaddleSmash came about
11:43 - The difference between mass-market retailers and small D2C startups
16:11 - The strategy behind PaddleSmash’s launch
17:45 - How D2C ecommerce today shortens the cycle to get to market
20:29 - PaddleSmash’s G2M Strategy
24:28 - Using racquet sports players as low-hanging fruit
26:48 - How PaddleSmash got their first sale
28:17 - Figuring out who the decisionmaker is and discussing PaddleSmash’s main USP
30:37 - Mistakes made so far
34:00 - The complexities of selling on Amazon
38:30 - Learning from trial by fire & the kind of people who succeed at entrepreneurship
44:40 - Scott & Tim’s ideal lunch guests
46:31 - Scott & Tim’s recommended marketing tools

 If you’d like to hear more from Scott and Tim you can connect with them on LinkedIn or head over to