You can't're FIRED!!
No More Leadership BS
You can't're FIRED!!
March 23, 2022
Termination, an invitation to be happier somewhere else, or just plain "You're fired!" is probably not the part you like best about being a leader. It's never easy. In fact, it may be one you put off if you don't have an HR dept. to take on the task. Geoff McLachlin, owner of Professionals at Play leads the rest of the No BS Gang in a lively discussion spanning major organizational policies to Mom and Pop shop's gut instincts. Letting someone go may be bitter medicine, but when it's the best option for your company and team, it could be just what the Doctor ordered for the health and growth of your team.
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Geoff McLachlan - Motivational Speaker, Trainer and Coach, Bringing Fun Back Into the Workplace,  Owner/Founder of Professionals At Play  Reach Geoff directly at or 509-869-4506

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