Which Comes First...People or Profit?
No More Leadership BS
Which Comes First...People or Profit?
November 16, 2021
If you are falling behind in key business metrics like profitability & productivity, your customer service is in the toilet and competitors are eating your lunch, first of all, you're not alone. And I'm willing to bet you are working hard to fix this mess and have even considered how great your business would be if there just weren't people involved! Jeff Geier, owner and founder of Phoenix Coaching LLC has some very specific advice for you today - with a little help from his friends - that he says can't fail!! If you follow the process.
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Jeffrey Geier - Motivational Speaker, Trainer, and Coach - Helping You Win in Work & Life  Owner/Founder of Phoenix Coaching LLC If you would like to contact Jeff directly, you can reach him at Jeffj@phoenixcoachingllc.com or by phone/text 509-553-9248

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